"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, December 27, 2003

drive me into the city where the crazies come out at night

And I’ll be one of them..I’ll be one of them this time. (rb)

I am at work right now detoxing with mint tea and falafel. Went to NYC last night. I swear my body hates me.

After some radio time - ugh stupid callers, more on that later - I went up 95 to Summit NJ to catch the train into the city with Melissa, Rick, and Gabe for an evening of bar hopping. We started drinking at a bar near the train station in NJ and apparently DE licenses are a novelty and took them about 15 minutes to figure out if it was fake or not. Annoying.

Hopped the train and took a cab to our hotel, the Marriott on the East Side, to pregame. Nothing ever changes. We're in the 40's and want to go to the Village, so instead of cabbing it, we decided to walk and hit bars on the way there. Melissa and I wanted to go to these Irish pubs we kept passing, but Rick and Gabe did not, forcing Melissa to yell out "alcohol is alcohol BITCHES" in front of everyone. Classic. Went to one place to consume the usual premium malt beverages, jager & red bull, and jack & coke before busting a move to "whoomp there it is" and the milkshake song. Went to some more bars, including Rodeo and The Hairy Monk, where we stole a glass.

Between the bars we caused a ruckus in the streets, all captured on film and posted soon. Apparently I thought I was superman and found it necessary for my drunk ass to jump over every box laying out in the sidewalk. I also think I hung off of some construction railings. I am quite limber when inebriated. We ended up at Burrito Loco, yes again, for foodage and more drinkage. I think Melissa and I danced in the aisles again, but it was way more crowded than last time, so we were a bit hindered. Ew, what is wrong with us - I just now remembered that Rick and I were toasting and taking "shots" of jalapeno peppers. I have a high spicy tolerance and I think I abused it last night at the Mexican restaurant and now I wonder why I don't have any skin on the rough of my mouth.

Melissa wasn't feeling well at this point - she actually shouldn't be drinking at all - so I went back to the hotel with her while Gabe and Rick still wandered around the town. We run through the hallways of the 19th floor and discover that the utility closet was left open. Bad idea! I took a broom and handfuls of other stuff while Melissa raided the blankets and toilet paper. We didn't bring anything overnight related, so we stripped down and claimed the bed. 10 am came way too early.

Stupid assinine freaking holiday traffic. I swear to god, people need to live by my rules of the road. Some 80 year old woman putt-putting in the fast lane caused a 45 minute snarl. And it took me another hour just to get over the DE Memorial Bridge. Not good for my road rage. I had to be at work at 5 and I rolled up at 5:10 and here I am now writing online because no one is in the store right now.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

tis the season to be jolly!

Merry Christmas all!

Last night I went to midnight mass at the church across the street with Becca and it was enjoyable. The church was decorated beautifully and it was just a good experience.
And today I slept in then went home for some holiday fun. It was odd going home, I don't think I have been to my mom's house in about a year. Trees were gone, roads were paved, and walls were painted. Strange! It was weird seeing all of the pictures of me throughout the years, granted they have always been there, but I noticed them again for the first time. Made me really happy about everything I have gotten to experience in the past few years. So funny, my mom has this wall of fame kinda thing with various pictures of stuff I have done with music in college and it reaffirmed my notions that NYC is the best decision I have made recently.
These past few months have been the only time I have really been on my own fending for myself. Granted I lived in an apartment in college, but hell, that was college and my apartment then was 80 times nicer. Everyone had a hoot on my recent endeavors here in 54. I find it funny, whereas everyone else is worried about me. Its normal to me to turn on my oven and leave the door of it open for heat when my radiators don't kick in. Or having Squeeze Cheez and crackers for dinner when all I have is moldy stuff in the fridge. Speaking of which, I still haven't thrown out those containers. I'm afraid to look at them. Or how I haven't cleaned my silverware in over a month and now the left part of my sink is full of utensils that I am just taking to Melissa's dishwasher instead of attempting to clean them. They especially didn't enjoy how I fixed my broken window with some gaff tape and paper bag. They shouldn't worry, my other window is propped open with a stick whenever the heat goes into overdrive. Sigh. :-) But hey, home is where you make it and for me, this is perfect. And speaking of perfect, no other way to end Christmas than with a jaunt to the bar with Karen. See ya.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

the man who would be santa

If God is sending me messages, I am getting them loud and clear...
Don't take your life for granted, and he is teaching me through Rainbow.

One of my Rainbow stalkers killed himself last night. Ok, he didn't really stalk me, but each one of the Rainbow girls has a creepy male following that has become quite absorbed with what we do. I actually knew this one though. I met him last Christmas Eve, which is quite ironic, at our annual holiday dinner. We always have the Christmas Eve festivities with the family of my mom's best friend. Better than our actual family, and we've been doing it for about ten years now. He was the son of the sister of the cousin of someone or something like that. Can't really recall how he fit in somehow. He was in his mid thirties and they all tried to set me up with him because "he's a nice guy and plays music - give him a chance". No. He was a bit creepy and followed me all around. Nice guy, but way overbearing. So overbearing that he started travelling out of his way to visit my store, and me. Jen always seemed to work with me everytime he visited, so she knew the story and she would always save me from the weirdness. He would always order clean rap music and stay in the store for a while listening to it. And he always said bye to us strangely, with his half wave and wide eyes.

In a few hours, I'll be leaving for PA for the usual Christmas Eve festivities. They didn't want me to know, but I found out anyways.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

why us?

I don't know how detailed I can get, but I will share with you a little of what has been going on...

I feel like I have been violated, that the one thing in my life that has been stable and secure has been tarnished. I feel absolutely sick.

Rainbow was robbed sometime between the time I left it at night and the time I came in in the morning the next day. Whoever it was was smart about it and took way more than we can afford, and did it with barely a trace. It made me double check myself to see if we did everything right, if we locked all doors, etc. I was the last one to check the back door, but I remember that it was locked. It sucks that I have to doubt myself. The Rainbow family is so tight it's unbelievable. We've all been together for about 3 years and have gone through a lot of changes together. Our friendship transcends beyond the store. Breaking into our store is more like breaking into our home, and I guess more so for me.

The part that disgusts me the most, is how it probably happened. The only thing that makes sense, is if someone hid in the back and waited till after we closed to do their thing. In the back where we were after we closed. Someone could have been watching us and waiting for us without us even knowing it. It gives me the chills and I am nearly in tears thinking about what could have happened that could have been extremely worse. We are so lucky to be unharmed. It turns my stomach to realize that this all happened literally right beneath my feet. I didn't even hear anything.

I hung out with my neighbors last night because we all didn't feel like being alone. I could barely sleep, awakening with every odd noise I heard. I've always felt safe around here, nearly everyone I encounter I recognize or know someone who knows them. I always love Newark around the holidays - the town is always in high spirits and everything looks so nice. But its hard to enjoy that now.

I just feel so uncomfortable. I don't know how long we were being watched, I don't know if I had looked at the robber at one point, I may even know this person, so much more could have happened, why us and why at this time? I'm afraid. I'm nervous to go up to my apartment at night, and even more afraid to go to my car, which is parked right next to the door in question.

This is the kind of thing that you expect to happen to someone else...but to everyone else, you are someone else.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

and i've been living my life longing for a city

What an amazing weekend.

I know I have a penchant for writing detailed, sordid, and lengthy blogs, so bear with me. I was at the record store in the morning then went on to have a great radio show with lots of callers - thank you, you rock. But that isn't the fun stuff - ROAD TRIP!!

Karen, Melissa, and I decided to go to New York City for thirty hours of music, drinking, dancing, shopping, and randomness. We met and exceeded our expectations.

We left around kickoff - 7pm - and listened to the UD football game until we lost signal in Jersey. Before 95, we partook in the customary Wawa stop for dinner, which consisted of a pretzel and coffee. Did you know that they have naked M & M's at a Jersey rest stop? The M & M's seemed to have lost their colors. Karen wouldn't buy them for us, she bought mentos instead. We had to fill up the tank at the rest stop and being slow around someone who has an extreme sense of road rage is never a good idea. First off, it took 10 minutes for me to even get to a pump since the pumpers were extremely slow. Second, I told him to fill it and after he ran my card through, he only put 5 gallons in my car. Ass. While the gas was pumping, I kept rolling down Karen's window at the skeevy guys next to us. Melissa and I thought this was a riot, then proceeded to play the penis game since we have the maturity of two twelve year olds.

We were on the way to Hoboken until I got us lost...oh come on...melissa says that i allow her to value her life more since i threaten it so often. The Darkness carried us through New Jersey. Awesome awesome awesome CD that I broke the girls into. We ended up driving around and in the Newark Airport where I almost hit someone. I didn't slow down, dude, I had the green light - hence my acceleration. I saw the whites of his eyes emblazened with fear. After a few trips back and forth between all of the 14 A, B, and C exits, we got to Hoboken and onto the PATH. We were seperated on the subway, Karen sitting across from Melissa and me. Our giddiness still has not worn off and a few minutes into the ride we decided to be scandelous and make crude motions to each other from across the train. I don't think the other passengers enjoyed our sexual advances towards each other in public. Off to Desmond's...

I've heard the stories of Desmond's and finally I got to experience the essence that is this fine establishment. We got there a little after Green to Think started their set and quickly noticed the crowd and how very old we felt, though we're not that much older than of legal bar age. The sound of the room was sub par, along with the static of the young, chatty, flamboyant acting students, but Maryellen and I still found the sounds enticing enough to make us dance. Unfortunately for Karen, and Melissa, their first GTT show, the sound wasn't that good and the crowd we were around were too self absorbed. Ken lost his glasses in the heat of the moment. I can't remember if that was before or after the bra was thrown on stage. Craziness. Oh, I should keep a drink count while I write this as well. By this time, there were two mixed drinks consumed. Maryellen wanted to hear "Its Christmas Eve" so I helped her yell it and they played it. Aw!! They played Sundays and Maryellen said how it reminded her of Dewey, so funny because now everytime I hear it to, it reminds me of that crazy time at the beach. And how a certain lead singer forgot the words to the song he wrote - haha. Another drink was had while we ogled at the happy gay guys dancing. The girls know how much I love gay men, so I was pretty much in heaven. Ok, so now the best part of the story is coming up, so I need a new paragraph, your shifting eyes will give you a moment to brace yourself.

So after the show, Karen and Melissa go to the bathroom while I talk to Dave. Holy crap, I just had to stop for a few minutes because I was laughing so hard that I couldn't type, oh geez my sides hurt. Ok, I am back and composed. So Melissa runs out and tells me she needs my tissues - Karen had dropped stuff in the toilet. So the girl was in one of the nastiest bathrooms in NYC, and of course there is no toilet paper in the nastiest bathroom in NYC. Intead of shaking it like a polaroid picture, she searches for "a reciept or something" in her purse. Items in her purse slip out and into the toilet, yes, the tainted unflushed toilet. Caught up in the frantic moment, she plunges in to save her keys, cell phone, and a twenty dollar bill. She left the change. They rush out and immediately Karen douses herself in my gel hand sanitizer. Her cell phone is drenched and ceased to operate. So of course I had to tell everyone around what just happened in the Desmond's bathroom. I plan to make Desmonds and GTT legendary by spreading the pee phone story.

So we're on stage all talking, well except for Chris, he doesn't speak to me :-P. I can't remember much of the convo now because I am really tired now and slightly inebriated then. On the GTT message boards, Ken's nationality has been mentioned, so I questioned. He is in fact Italian (Adessa sure does sound Italian), and not Asian. He claims he just "looks squinty" which confuses people and he is in fact a stunt cock and could not be if he was not italian. It was decided that the night was not over and we would regroup at Siberia.

We hail a cab, and Karen got us a Rolls Royce to drive us in style to the club. Karen whips out the pee soaked twenty then proceeds to tell the cabbie that the bill is wet because it was in alcohol and she saves those for special occasions. Very seductively she added that the bill dropped in a pool of sex on the beach. Melissa and I were laughing so hard we were crying. We told Steve we wanted to dance and be crazy and he sent us to Siberia, though it had an awesome atmosphere, it was chill. So we found residence at a corner couch and talked. Now we are onto beer. We make some phone calls and find out the DE won the national title game 40-0 so we celebrate and we celebrated a bit too loudly. Steve also warned us that the club has two rules: no hitting on women, and no cussing. The girls yelled at me because I broke rule number two many many times. So we're hanging out massaging each other - kinky, but apparently I give good head massages and I'm like a pillow, so yeah we are draped on each other when Steve, Ken, Jodie, and some other people meet us. We talk for a bit then decide to leave and find food, specifically eggs since Melissa was craving them. I was trying to find my jacket, so I would reach down and thought I had my jacket but I was actually grabbing Kens hand. This wouldn't be funny if I didn't try doing it like five times and kept forgetting that his hand wasn't my jacket.
We stumble and jump around on the streets of NYC in search of an open late night eatery. En route we played with my Rainman like mind with its uncanny ability to remember mundane things - or things that I just find important. And I remember laughing and smiling a lot.
It just felt so awesome to feel so free and unrestrained, that everything was right there within my grasp. Amazing; the sky was dark, the buildings flickered with the fire from construction, the lights dazzled, and Steve said the sidewalk sparkled just for me.

As we were riding the subway to Hoboken, there was a man who was well dressed and a bit intoxicated holdingonto one of the bars. The subway jerked and the guy spun around and SLAMMED into the wall. It was so damn hilarious because he never let go of the bar, he just swung around. then he acted as though nothing happened. It wouldnt have been funny if he was hurt, but he acted so nonchalantly about it as if he didn't just cause a commotion on the subway. I had directions to Steve & Dave's, but somehow during my drive I forgot them. As I am driving, I am thinking I go turnpike to 78W to 3 to Bloomfield. How in the hell did I just remember that? Regardless, we got off on Bloomfield Ave (sidenote....who puts Bloomfield Ave in Nutley, the town next to Bloomfield!!??!?!) and we drove around for a while. A long while. We got the scenic route and I sobered up which was a good thing I suppose. And my park job in front was excellent. The best ever. So damn straight.

After a few hours of sleep, Dave asks if we should get Chinese. Just like last time, nothing beats Chinese food for breakfast. Or I guess technically lunch since it was afternoon. After everyone collectively made fun of my parking job since it was blatantly obvious in broad daylight, we packed up and went to Peking Cuisine. Karen and I don't eat meat, and we ordered the Won Ton soup with our meals. Since I have been sick, I figured I would just have the broth since the soup has meat in it. Karen didn't know that the soup had meat in it and ate it all. So we enlightned her after, though Dave tried to tell her it was tofu. Karen's phone was still dead - oh, just a reminder, she dropped it into a dirty toilet and fetched it - so Steve evaluates the problem. After a few moments I realized that he had protected his hands from the pee phone with napkins - so damn funny. Don't worry, we got a picture. Melissa offered us all gum and Steve declined since he didn't want to use his hands since his hands touched the napkin that touched the pee phone. Instead, he pulled his sleeves over his hands and launched the gum in. I was nearly in tears.

Steve gave me real directions to Hoboken (screw you Mr. Rand McNally) and we were off for another random day in the city. We were all freezing and tired, but the skyscrapers awaited us. First stop was H & M. Oh my it was three floors of clothing goodness. We found crazy pants, modeled freakish accessories, and played in the underwear. Melissa and I found neon leopard print pants though Karen wouldn't let us try them on. She said she was doing her friend duty. We hit up the village next to bar hop. We got off of the NYU exit and I showed the girls some of the buildings that I will hopefully be around next fall (cross your fingers). We found Burrito Loco and started the night off with a shot that was on fire. You drink it through the flames in a straw. Melissa ha promised that it would be good, but the girl also likes tequila. Karen said my look was priceless and I swear to god, I have no more esophagus. We ordered food and more drinks and took crazy pictures. We were the only ones downstairs and felt that we should dance in the aisle since there was Latin music playing. Karen and I attempted to Samba and shook our hips while the whole kitchen watched. Melissa joined and and we were three crazy white girls getting down with the salsa.
After drinks and dancing, we walked down 4th to another bar, The Slaughtered Lamb. Damn I just love the Village. Another awesome bar where we had our drinks while staring out the window creating stories for the passerby. Karen saw a jewelry shop and she thought I would like it so we go in. I have a fascination with large and chunky and glaring bracelets. So I found things that made me happy and left with a slightly heavier bag than before. We found a Moroccan bar, Absolutely 4th, and sat on the stools and enjoyed more drinks. A dark, artsy atmosphere colored with friendly characters. Melissa met Ed, who bought us a round of wine and we all sat and talked like old friends. He was a retired Marine and now just spending his time on the town.
While broadcasting on Friday, this woman - Dina, had called in for information and we ended up talking and knowing the same people. I had told her I was going to NYC to see GTT and hang out and she said that she would be at a club in NYC with another band I had heard of on Saturday night. So we decided to check that out, and spent the rest of the evening at the Acme Underground. Beer was had here. In between sets the club played the Darkness, I swear I don't think any group of kids got more excited over house music then we were. The band Copper Pot took the stage and were really good. Melissa and I danced like crazies and had a great time jumping around. Afterwards I think we took a cab back to the PATH and headed for Hoboken. We took pictures in the subway station and somehow Melissa and I found ourselves on the ground. Stopped in Dunkin Donuts for caffeine for the trek home.
I drove us home from the city in less than two hours, I rule. I could barely keep my eyes open though. Too many consecutive nights of barely sleeping caught up with me on the road. Got home around 2 am and crashed.

The whole trip was euphoric, so amazingly happy with the company. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such whole hearted, positive, and energetic people. Thank you New York, I'll see you soon.

heaven in manayunk

There are a few things I like a lot. And if you know me, you can guess that I am partial to diners, alcohol, and live music. Usually the course of any given night is go see a show, drink some, then hit up a diner. Which is fine by me.
Anne Ashley and Michelle have been going to the Manayunk Diner recently and discovered that one can enjoy the aforementioned things simultaneously. Hallelujah!!!
After work on Tuesday Karen and I drove an hour just to go to this diner with Michelle and AA. Oh but it was worth it. Once again we revisit the eggs and kegs tradition, though this time, a little more refined haha. Martinis with waffles and wine with an egg salad sandwich. And afterwards open mic. Sweet.