"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Center Stage and Fools and Horses meet up again at the Funk Box

Geez. Friday night was the first Center Stage night of 2004. I had on my away message something to the effect of "who knows what will happen..." because honest to goodness, every single Center Stage taping is an adventure of some sort. Drama just finds us.

Anything from hostile venue management to being stuck in 3 hour traffic to almost getting in accidents in a monsoon to being locked in a vehicle in the ghetto for two hours to our equipment sparking on stage to the awfulness that was Rowan University. Every single taping has NOT gone to plan, granted they have all turned out mostly decent, nothing has been created through smooth sailing. So we always cross our fingers.

I was so excited for last night. Come on, its everything I love - hanging out with great people, having a good time, at a venue, videotaping, and the music. I think thats why CS always has a great crew, and an even better time. To get a feel of this band, check out the entry for the Dewey Beach Music Festival, these guys are the nicest guys in rock and roll. Haha and they always tell the story on how usually its the bands trying to find a place to crash, but in Dewey it was three girls with nowhere to sleep and they WILLINGLY gave up their beds and went home early just so we could stay somewhere. We get back from partying with GTT and James Harvey band and come back to them sleeping and they get up and leave at 5 am instead of 6am just so we can sleep.

We leave ahead of schedule in anticipation of the traffic and hit 95 with Rob and Jay in one van and Ed, Epler, Marissa, and myself in another van. Marissa and I talk most of the time, then find a great staion halfway to Baltimore. We park on the top floor of the garage overlooking the city and have an hour to kill before load-in because the trip there was extremely swift. Oh, six Swift trucks, and one had a green front - bonus points.

Marissa and I decide on the pizza place we went to last time because its cheap, close, and quick. We order two large pizzas and a two-liter bottle of coke. Inside they have two tables, three chairs, and no cups. We hover around the table and talk and perhaps I was the last to know, i have no idea, but I made eye contact with Marissa and she mouthed the words "fight" and glanced over the staff. I look up and this guy and girl are both arguing with the guys at the store. Something about his sister, colorful words were exchanged, physical harm was threatened, things were thrown I think. And we were are just all silent eating all afraid a gun was going to be pulled out. As soon as we left Ed and Epler said it would be best if we left so we head back to the garage. What a wonderful start to our evening that really hasn't begun yet.

We load up one van with all of our equipment and Rob and Marissa drive it to the venue while we stake out the place. The Funk Box is one of our favorite venues, so it was really great to be filming there. See the Fools and Horses guys outside and say hi. Kent thought Jay's name was Jed, which reminded up of the Jed Clampett truck from the first time we rented vehicles for CS and we laughed.

We load in with the band and I find Marissa talking to some guy and I overhear her say assertively that we are supposed to be here. I asked Jay what's up and he says that the venue promoter had no idea the CS would be there and it can't happen. Marissa definitely cleared it with the band and the venue and talked to both on the phone, not email where things could be screwed up. She isn't the type of person to ignore a step in the concert filming process and we know from experience to make sure the venue knows everything. So I totally know she wasn't at fault and I am glad she stood her ground. And unfortunately we just half to take it. More often then not, the venue just gets really intimidated by our equipment then is really impressed with our professionalism. So all in all, we unpacked and set up pretty quickly, but with the portable studio in the fire escape route. I definitely do not think that was legal in any sense. I deemed it Marissa's cave and at least I can see her through the doorway so I could spy on her with the camera haha.

Ed and I were both on the sides of the stage with Rob and Jay on the second level. Marissa and I were talking of Maroon 5 on the way down and the venue played it before the show, sweet, so the boys dealt with us singing over the headsets. We all scouted out the area and spied and talked about people in attendence over the headsets. I started filming Marissa through the door to her cave and Tim and Kent saw this and provided much entertainment for the tape. I'm just glad no one got naked for it.

The guys hit the stage and it was filming time. Went by so quickly and I loved most of the shots I got. Screw the corwd, I get my shots. Unfortunately I had to deal with a moniter in front of me, but it caused fro creativity. And I got awesome shoe shots haha. They played an awesome set and it sounded great. I should know, I was right in front of the speaker. They covered the Darkness for their last song and it was the greatest thing ever.

They were playing with the All Mighty Senators so we couldn't pack up all of our stuff until they were done, so we relaxed in the hallway and did the interview upstairs. The Funk Box's green room is spectacular. Thats the only reason he see bands there, haha jk. I discovered a ladder and FAH tells me it goes out to a balcony...sweet! So Marissa and I go up there and film, then start the interview.

Again, a CS interview is usually more like a runaway train because you never know what the hell is going to come out of it. The best was when Kent discovered his shirt was unbuttoned, his face was priceless. They kept doing do-overs to make themselves sound semi professional. And maybe one day Paul McCartney will open for them, when he gets better. It was a touching moment when they described the atmosphere with Kent being in Boston and them in the Baltimore area. :-). Bill tried to maintain a semblence of normalcy, but that didn't work either. After viewing the tape, I'll post more on the highlights of the interview.

After the interview, the other band was STILL playing and we were all cold and tired and ready to go home since we were exhausted. Ed, Marissa, and I did the only logical thing and walked to 7-11 for sustenence. 7-11 so does NOT compare to Wawa. I haven't had a slurpee in like ten years, and the banana one was enjoyable, though it tasted like yellow. Federal Hill, where the venue is, is this nice area with a bunch of bars, so of course everyone was dressed up decently and drunk, and you have the three of us bundled up in our "we're filming a band" clothes and slurpees and donuts and coffee. What a sight.

Back the venue and the freaking band still was not done. Get to our cave and as soon as I stepped in I look at Ed, Epler, and Jay and say "this hallways so does not smell legal". Someone was participating in some activities downstairs and shots were taken by the band in our cave. Three frekaing encores. COME ON!!!! Usually I wouldnt mind this, but we just wanted to get the hell home. We decided that when they were done, we just rip up our wires and deal with coiling them later.

Finally they were done, and we seriously just went and ripped. Marissa and I didn't even deal with the gaff tape and warned Jay to just bring some scissors tomorrow. Seriously. If you have ever seen our wiring setup, you would understand why we coil. Screw it. We had hundreds of feet of XLR and video cable in a bundle. The bundle was so huge I couldn't carry it out myself so Epler and I did while explaining why there was so much wrong with what we are doing. The two graduates are the ones breaking all the rules. Carlos would have a shit fit if he saw our bundle. Jay wouldn't let us hold it long enough for us to take a picture because it was cold outside.

Marissa came out of the venue beaming and said how pleased the management was and how we're invited back and they want to work with Center Stage "six or seven times". What was that number!!?!? Haha. We lose Rob and Jay en route to 95, but once we hit the highway, I was gone. I never fall asleep in the car, and I passed out.

Friday, February 27, 2004


My eyes are extremely red and my face itches. A sure sign that I am way behind tired. But Fridays are always rock and roll :-).

Work...radio...CENTER STAGE FILMING...sleep...work...Marlon Spike in-store...perhaps a little NYC action

And I didn't finish my essay. I think I may have even fell asleep at the computer. Bringing the laptop with me to the show tonight. Seriously now, I may have to lock myself in the van and get this done. It's almost done. It's written, just not edited. Sheesh. It's not hard, I just need to be more concise.

Record store time.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

armed with my hazlenut coffee with caramel cream

Well, tonights the night, kids. Another one of those glorious "my paper is due tomorrow so I will not go to bed until its done" nights that I knew all too well in college. I never really envied those who got their stuff done either on time or early, because they never had anything else to do in between. The thrill of the approaching deadline is much more exhilerating.

So extremely tired. Another looooong ten hour day at work. Four of those in a row kinda gets to you. Jamie, Raf, Jim, and I have seen way too much of each other lately. I tend to gaze out the window and make comments towards the passerby and its gotten to the point where Jim joins in. Some kid came in today and started hanging things up without even asking us, and Jim is staring at him. The kids leaves and Jim goes to see what he hung up and said he was going to take it down. I say no, that that kid can do whatever he wants because he has cool hair. So of course this goes into a conversation about my penchant for awesome spikey or shaggy hair. He then points out people asking my opinion. I guess it was funnier there just seeing Jim and I talk about this. Nevermind.

Seriously. Don't wear flannel and a washed out Metallica t-shirt and acid wash tight jeans while still sporting the perm with your bangs in that wave thing and flashing your keys with eight of those plastic keychains with stupid quotes on them and be snippy with me because I will NOT order your Fates Warning CD if you have an attitude.

The day was brought to us by the following CDs - we have all been too lazy to even change them out of the player: Burning Spear, Matt Nathanson, Sheryl Crow, Marlon Spike, Norah Jones. I now know all of the words to the Best of Sheryl Crow and I don't think that is a good thing. (sorry guys, i thought the following was funny...) I think Raf and I were eating or something and Marlon Spike is playing and Raf starts singing along. And at the same moment I was thinking "I don't really like this line". So I laugh and tell Raf that I think its an odd line, and he laughs and says "me too, it bothers me every time I hear that one line". This is what happens when you listen to the same five CDs for the past 4 days, you notice the idiosyncrasies with everything.

Our vinyl room is looking better. I also hung up the new Hootie poster with pride in plain view of everyone. My shift was highlighted by visits from Eric, Korweck, the 60 year old stoner who I always forget his name, Randy, Chris, Jason, and some random guy who recognized my voice and said he listens to my radio show. He sold back the Thrills CD, shame on him.

Wrote to some record labels and talked to my usual A & R people. Thursday nights were made for e-mail. Where the hell are my damn Touch & Go LP bags??!! I was not happy when the mailman didn't come in with them today. Sorted some stuff out for the in-store on Saturday. Yay it was listed in some weekly magazine, I forget which one now.

Of course Jamie and I talked the entire night and tried to keep each other awake since we both barely slept last night. It was a pretty low key day. Blah.

I went to Wawa to get the staff of life - coffee and a sweet cream stuffed pretzel (they were out of the mac and cheese!) and noticed that the Wawa is still 99 days incident free.

mid morning ramblings

A good thing about living on Main Street is that i don't think I can ever sleep past 10 am because of all of the truck and people noise. Dammit. Went to bed around 4:30 am and woke up at 9:30 am. I'm really tired right now and I haven't even really started my day yet. Yeehaw, I wrote another paragraph. I should just admit that I will never change and will always perfect the art of procrastination. I actually blame Chris C. for not having a day off this week. He's in Florida so I have been working way over time since he isn't around. He owes me big time.

I inadvertently picked up the stupid Atkins diet version of my usual orange juice at the store and it tastes like crap. Kinda reminscent of Tang, which was a tasty beverage years ago, I don't think I want to jumpstart my day with it.

The Atkins diet pisses me off too. Raf is actually on it and has lost 25 pounds so far. It's pretty entertaining to see what he can and cannot eat. While we were renovating he disappeared for about an hour so we thought he was on the roof sneaking in some carbs. Last night Jamie asked Raf if he could eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich and we thought he may explode just thinking about all that carb goodness. But yeah, my point being is that I don't enjoy the Atkins craze in the grocery store.

fifty two ounces of coffee in the past fifteen hours

Here I am sitting at my laptop dabbling on my essay looking at my bed and realizing I shouldn't.

And as I fiercely contemplate the angle of which I am approaching my topic, I am more aggressive towards what is at the back of my mind.

Most of my close friends know that I would rather have brutal honesty than being coddled. Hahah I think I was actually telling Jamie this the other day, I can't recall. Tell me the truth regardless on how badly it will hurt because covering it up will hurt more in the long run because I would have been deceived in addition to whatever the hurt may be that they are trying to hide. Trust me, I have been through it enough to know which I would rather have. I am strong enough to handle it.

But don't ever ever EVER try to read me. Don't assume. And the more someone tries to kiss my ass, the more I balk away. I don't like it when people do things for me, and I especially shy away from attention. Unless of course when I am drunk and me singing and dancing in front of everyone is perfectly ok.

And whats worse off is when someone tells your friends something that isn't entirely true, making you feel like a fifteen year old girl. Also creating something that was really nothing, and blaming it on anything else than the real issue. Seriously now, I haven't played this game in years. And the more time people spend playing games is the more I am not going to put myself in that position. I have enough real life drama to worry about than this. And people wonder why I am so icy.

Angst is done for right now. Alright, back to this essay so I can get the hell out of here.

hump day at kahuna

Wednesday nights in tropical talk means Kahuna. The club brings in original local music on Wednesdays and tonight John Faye and Marlon Spike rocked Wilmington.

After another excrutiatingly long day at work, Marissa, Aurora, and I went to the show. We have all been so busy the past few weeks so it was great to just chill and hang out. There werent that many people in attendance at the club, but it worked out for us since we just walked in without having to pay. Met up with Chris, Dan, and Todd and John waved to us from the stage. We found a table and some nachos and were set for the night. John played a solo acoustic set with some IKE songs and a lot of new songs. Setlist is on the site, or will be soon - depending on when you read this. He played Welcome Home, the anthem of the Center Stage girls, and of course we sang along. Aurora and I shouted during Deathbed, during which John said my name during the song while I was talking, but Aurora saved me and we carried out the end of the song. Ended with Pyramid and it was great.

Chatted with John and Jim after the show then Chris gave me a full blown tutorial on how to use his camera, then started the show under pretty lights and tv screen. Soon after they started playing, Marissa, Aurora, and I had a dire need to regroup in the bathroom. Come back out and I make full use of Chris's camera, though digitals sometimes bother me in regards to live events because the moment you meant to capture is usually not the one that saves. We'll see how the turn out. After bothering everyone at Kahuna with the flash, I join the table. We end up laughing and talking most of the time, so hopefully we weren't too much of a distraction. Dan had his wireless bass and spun. I even drew a picture of it in my book. Among other pictures. Then I stabbed a picture with my pen.

Sark did something wrong and said "I fucking messed that up! Damn! I gave up cussing and I already messed that up too! Shit!"

Our waitress gave us Mardi Gras beads so Aurora said to the guys, but only loud enough for us to hear, "show us your tits"! In which Chris said soon after, "did you see that, Aurora". Which was odd because they both weren't addressing the same thing.

They ended around 11:45, we said good bye to everyone then headed out. While the car was warming up, we cleaned up the inside a little bit since Aurora's car takes 20 minutes to stop clunking ;-). I take stuff out to the dumpster then meet up with Jim in the parking lot where we talk about music and the scene and our various bands and whatnot. Ideas are formulating.

Get in the car and we head back to Newark singing some Ryan Montbleau and Graham Colton and talk about stupid things we do.

After dropping Marissa off Aurora and I go to Wawa for coffee. The Newark Wawa has been incident free for 99 days. Fallacy! So we drive around Newark just talking about everything since we haven't really talked in weeks. We try to catch each other up on the important stuff, and her and I both talk way too much, so you know we didn't get it all in. She told me about all the developments and I told her how the world around me is falling apart. Aurora is the one person I have complete trust in and know that I can tell her anything, so I told her everything that I haven't been able to tell anyone else. Two of my closest friends have found themselves in situations far worse then anything I could have imagined and its great to know that Aurora understands, rather then people who think that the reason I haven't been around selfishly pertains to them. Instead I am trying to save a life or two from being worse than it is, not worrying about who said what to whom or who likes who or who isn't around or who isn't at home.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

academy and main

Stopped at a red light, I look in my rearview at the car behind me. The driver was singing and looking around here and she looked a little frightened, so I look at her passenger. Yeah, he was swigging a beer. It's funny, because we do that too.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Argh. Jamie and I rule at life. So awesome at it.

First off, the last hour of being open was craziness from odd phone calls and strange visitors. Then whatever could go wrong with our computers did go wrong and they were all fritzed out and some creepy guy was at the window and it was scary and everything blew up on us.

Right now I feel frustrated so I will type this: nfdwiejcfefjewjropermdjdoew

i can't think of a title because my brain is frozen because i have no heat

Last night I could have gone to New York City, or down the street to Kate's for quizzo. But I got out of work late and opted for the library instead to get some more research for this NYU essay. I could have, and would have walked, if it wasn't ten below outside and if Newark wasn't notorious for rapers and creepy guys. The library is a half mile away and between my place and the library I passed two gruesome accidents. This weekend, three teenagers died in nearby accidents. Wasn't it just last week where Dan and I saw that car hit the pole as we were walking home from Kate's?

Monday, February 23, 2004

an evening of miles and music - updated

Six years ago a friend from high school and I had decided that February 21st was the most perfect day of the year. Everything was wonderful that day, and since then, all 21 days of each month are gauranteed to be fabulous and February 21st of each year was always looked forward to.

Green to Think, The Honorary Title, Wheat, and Hey Mercedes at the Mercury Lounge in New York City. Enough said.

I pick up Dan and we went straight for the Wawa for the usual...caffeine, cash, food, gas. That Wawa has been incident free for 213 days, whereas mine is still 69 days. I think during the ride up we both fell in and out of sleep, he was worse off though since he had to work all day and he slept sitting up. Brand New carried us into the city though we sat at the Holland Tunnel for like 25 minutes. We were just in the same area a few days before for the Marlon Spike show at the Knitting Factory, so there was no drama with the driving, for the most part.

We go down a side street and I switch with Dan so that he can parallel park my car. During which, Morita called me and passed me off to Steve so I could tell him where we were. First off, Steve should know my issue with knowing where the hell I am. I never get directions right and I never stay in one place, he should know that pinpointing where I am would not be a good idea. So he keeps asking me...no wait - he YELLED AT ME :-P...where I was, but we were parking so all I could see if a billboard and not any signs. Apparently he also put the phone down while I was talking. So I finally get out of the car and tell him where we were and he yelled at me for being at the wrong place. So we get in and drive to where we were supposed to be. So its great that they called to find out where we were because they know me and my destination issues...but NO YELLING!!

Dan drives my car to the Merc and we found a perfect **free* parking spot right out front. Chris meets us out front and we dodge traffic to get across the street to Nice Guy Eddie's for food and happy hour. Buy one drink get one free - score. Chris ordered a sandwich and it took about 40 minutes for it to arrive. It was a Cuban sandwich, so it arrived on the boat, hence the lateness. We were all throwing daggers at the waitress. She kept getting sidetracked by the table next to us who were from England or Scotland or somewhere. I kept staring at them listening to them talk, then inform Chris and Dan that if I had an accent, I would talk all the time just to hear myself. Chris asked, "like you don't already?". Hey now. Which is when he told me about how mean Steve was by putting down the phone while I was talking. Basketball was on and we were talking about St. Joe's bball. I told them that I used to play basketball and was center. They look at me as if I was crazy since I am a whopping 5'3'' - but I used to be taller then everyone else when I was younger, I just stopped growing haha.
Dan: "If Marlon Spike was a basketball team, I'd be center. Well, we'd need an extra player too."

We get the bill and pay for our food. Dan busted out his wallet, and I noticed it was in two pieces. Chris asked why he doesn't carry just half of his wallet, but Dan needs somewhere to carry his student IDs. His one is practically rubbed off and all you can see is a glowing aura. Chris said it was the man who wasn't there. It took about 5 minutes, but we completely counted the change. Off to the Merc!

The show was sold out before the doors even opened. Get inside and see everyone around the bar. So awesome to see everyone again, lets see...it was (because these names will come up again, so I will do it all at once) - Dan, Chris Morita (have to clarify since there are 80 Chris's), Jodie, Ken, Maryellen, Gilligan, Dareen, Dave, DeRose, Katie, Sarah, and Amy. Oh yeah, and mean Steve. :-) It was cute, they all said they were worried I wouldn't make it haha. I informed Steve on his meanness and he laughed and I didn't. Dan spotted that Pabst was on tap and that was the greatest thing at that moment so we took a picture to document the occassion. He couldn't drink the PBR draft, so we got other liquid fun instead.

Green to Think was about to take the stage so we all moved from the bar to the venue. I have a tendency to stand centerish leftish, usually between the singer and lead guitar during shows when I have a choice on where to stand, but Dan opted for in front of Chris the bassist. Shit -- too many Chris's. I told him that centerish rightish wasn't as exciting because Chris doesn't move, but on occassion he'll wiggle. Dan laughed and he remembered how excited Maryellen, Dareen, and I were in Philly when Chris actually got his move on.

There were some sound issues in the beginning, but by the second song, it was mostly figured out. The last show I saw them play was in Decemeber, but I don't count that since I missed some of it and I was trapped in a sea of teenagers. But the show at the Merc was awesome. Such a talented and great band. I don't get to see them perform that often and the performances I do see are either short opening acts, or at places like Desmonds, or acoustic stuff. So I guess the last full on GTT rock show that I saw was the one at Philly. Hmmm... But yeah, back to the subject. The show was energetic and the new songs sounded awesome and they keep getting better. Kenny always makes me smile because he stands up alot while he plays. (He's the drummer). Dave is rocking out with his legs spread open and I started laughing because it reminded me of the Dewey festival last April. I realized I was laughing to myself at the show and Dareen was behind me so we laughed together. Then they played Sundays, yay. So then I scamper to Maryellen. Let's see, what else was played...1-2-3, We Are Stars, Rockin', Nineteen, And You Dream, a new song (the third song on the setlist), I Don't Think She'll Ever Let Me Be, hmmmm anything else? Steve had some interesting segways between the songs. And he swore on stage when he couldn't get his guitar strap on. Hehe. Strap on. Anyways...

The Honorary Title came on next. So good. This was one show where every single band was extremely talented and each brought something unique to the stage. Dan mentioned how reminiscent they were of Bright Eyes, so I liked. I don't remember much about their set aside from the fact that I liked it because I had to pee a lot since I drank a lot of beer. I kept meeting Katie in the bathroom, so it was ok. Dan said he had to buy their CD and I agreed with him. He also got hooked up since he helped carry their keyboard off of the stage. Chris mentioned he was bloated from the Guinness and I was afraid that he ight have exploded. Maryellen and I also made fun of the woman next to has who was wearing a zebra shirt, a mini back pack, and a scrunchie. Dude.

WHEAT!! WOOOOO!!!! Have I mentioned how much I love Wheat before? I have to thank Ryan for getting me into this band a while ago. Their new CD is amazing. Everyone came back up for this portion of the night and we were all front and center. And of course Maryellen and I were the dorks who sang along to every word. So the lead singer of Wheat has a staring problem. No wait, its not a problem. But damn, he was fixated on the front for the WHOLE DAMN SHOW. We all kept hitting each other, like "is this really happening?". Not that we are new to this whole thing, but it was WHEAT! I was so into this set. Of course when they played Closer to Mercury I turn to Dave and ask if this is the song he doesn't like. Of course it gets quiet when I say that. ARGH! They also played "don't i hold you" and I was smitten.

Heeeeeeeyyyy Mercedes were the last to play and the highlight of Dan's night. Of course we didn't move and Dan, Chris, and I were right in front of the stage. Dan, Tanya, and I had listened to both of their albums on the way to NYC the Monday before and I had played "Lets Go Blue" on my radio show on Friday, and I know thats Dan's favorite song of theirs, so of course we shouted it out. Their performance was awesome. The set flew by and it was great to sing and dance to, and looking around, I think Dan and I were the most into it. We kept shouting out and they said that that was not the right answer, and they played it. Woohoo. They told Dan later that they haven't played that song in months, that rocks.

Hang out for a bit after. Steve told me to hold on because he needed his ear plugs to talk to me because I am a loud mouth. That was mean comment #496 from him that night. I am a very quiet person. I was just excited, and the venue was loud. It wasn't me at all. He also bought a kids shirt. This part gets choppy because that is how I remember it. Dan went to get a shirt as well and hands his jacket to Maryellen in which she exclaims "i'm holding marlon spike coat, i'm holding marlon spike coat!". It was humorous :-). Talking talking talking...then we leave. Next thing I know Maryellen has my keys and we leave for Hoboken with Amy and we talk about fashion in the backseat.

Go to bed sometime and wake up at 7:30 am. Ugh. Dan and I hit up the Dunkin Donuts and discover that the egg and cheese sandwich is $.99 and that was the perfect breakfast meal when you have only slept a few hours and you are about to drive some more. I got from exit 14C to 1 in an hour. I was so sleepy that I think my foot just fell on the pedal. We listened to the Postal Service and Dan mentioned how it sounded like getting coins in a video game.

I am sure I will add more later. But for now, I am tired. And cold. My heat isn't on again.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

birthdays and beer, funky beats and shots, ectobooze and diners

"Give me Friday night apartments with red-faced tears of laughter.
Jumping up and down, drinking happy ever-after
Build a wall of good people and you can't beat a young man's pride
So I'll be one of them, I'll be one of them this time." rb

Aurora and I were going to see Ryan play at the Point, but nooooo it sold out before we got our tickets. It all worked out though because there was plenty to do in DE. I was talking to Michelle, Tim, Chris, Derek, Dan, and Tanya and before I could even tell Aurora how we weren't going to Manayunk, the evenings plans were made.

Before heading out, I met up with Rainbow Chris behind the store. So much drama happens in that lot, from throwing furniture to people throwing up to arguments to rejoicing and this time we tried to sort some things out. Chris is a great person to talk to and because we work so much together and gripe about similar things, it helps to bounce stuff off of him. Its hard for me to trust people, and its the same with him, so I am glad that we're both around for each other during this very odd time we found ourselves in. I apologize for the vagueness, but that is how its going to be until some things get settled and so I can protect the innocent and not so innocent.

Obviously a lot has been on my mind, the past few weeks have found me in some odd circumstances. I've learned a lot about some friends of mine and it ways heavy on the soul.

I haven't had a chance to hang out with Tim in a while, though I have been seeing more of Nina lately since she has been stopping in the store. She told me about how they are going out to celebrate at Iron Hill so I went there first. Jason and Michelle were also there and it was great to see them again. Even though Jason just watched the basketball game while we all talked nonstop. Michelle is enjoying Drexel a lot more this semester, so I am glad she decided to stick it out for another semester. You should also pick up the latest copy of the Bystander (a monthly DE mag), Michelle's articles in there are always intriguing! :-)

"Like eating jello with a knife." -tanya, on certain circumstances...

Left Iron Hill around midnight and went to meet up with Tanya, Chris, Dan, & Ali at the Logan House. Milo Z was performing and it was definitely awesome. Guaranteed to make you dance. So Tanya and I took some shots, I say shots plural because the bartender hooked us up and gave us like 3, and danced away. Chris enjoyed some Jameson and Dan was served a tasty concoction of coke and vanilla goodness. Ali, Tanya, and I pulled out the save me card a few times with the skeevy guys around. Seriously now - stop it. Shawn was having a party at his place, so we leave the LH around 1 and head to Newark.

Ali, Dan, and I park at Pearson and see some interesting guys in the lot with some nitro. They said something that was funny, but I can't remember what it is now, but laugh anyways. Another packed house at 137 and we find our way into the kitchen. Dan told me he was going to get me a drink, so Derek prompted him to get the um...Drunk Turtle? Green Turtle...? Something Turtle. Dan comes back with two cups filled to the brim with a neon green beverage. It reminded me of the Hi-C Ecto Cooler drink fifteen years ago. But it was tasty and we all know that that is all that matters. Derek wasn't drinking because he has been sick for weeks and everything on the full length is done except for his vocals - I am sure if he had a cup of the ectobooze, it would kill any infection he has in his system.

I went up to the second floor to go to the bathroom and come out and meet these people in the hallways. So then it was decided that we'd shotgun Keystone. Yeah, I am so not good at that and made a mess. So Dan got us another round of ectobooze, this time much stronger than the last and though my cup was strong, his made my mouth numb. Tanya and Chris show up shortly after to join in on the kitchen festivities. I met someone else and we talked about stuff that I can't remember now, I just remember we were blocking the fridge.

Haha, I just asked Tanya if anything noteworthy happened at the party and all she said was "ectobooze". Hahaha.

Then we went to the diner. But we denied our usual Eagle Diner outing for the Korner Diner because it was only two blocks away and we could walk to it. We get a table for ten and cause a ruckus in the corner of the Korner. Dan got his miscellaneous sauce, chocolate chip pancakes were had, and Jenna and I split some fries because that is the best food ever at 4 am. Dan busted his cell phone and apparently it was "the black thing" that was somewhere on the floor. Which was the antenna, but "black thing" is the technological term. Our waitress...or waiter...? I can't remember if it was a guy or girl, wasn't as awesome as our Eagle one either.

We leave and head over to Ali's because she lives across the street. So Tanya has this red jacket. And Chris wore the red jacket. I can't even describe it. He even struck a pose in this sexy red jacket. I think we were all speechless because it was great. Dan and I later wondered how long he has been waiting to seize the opportunity to wear the fuzzy warmness that is the red jacket. We find Ali's Felicity DVDs and put in the first show. I think we made it through one show before we all crashed. I live a block away so I just went home to my own bed since that sounded a lot better then sleeping sitting up on a couch. Did that a few weekends ago and it was amazingly comfortable, or not.

"operation live my life in a sea of never beens"

I don't usually get nervous for my radio show, but on Friday, I was on edge. Ryan Montbleau was going to stop on by for some songs and to chat on air. I have interviewed dozens of musicians and have been broadcasting on the radio for over two years, but I was jittery this time because I have a deep respect for Ryan and think he is amazingly talented and I didn't want to screw anything up. His music is incredible and more people need to hear it. Their lives will become better. :-) The only other time I was this nervous was when I interviewed Teitur, but Marissa didn't give me enough time to be nervous ;-).

Ryan arrived at the station a little before three and the last hour of my show flew by. He is so easy to talk to and has so many intriguing stories that it made for a good show. And I actually remembered to sleep the night before, so I didn't make as many stupid mistakes as I usually do. Just technological ones.

Ryan played Honeymoon Eyes, Variety, Stretch, and Just Perfect and by the amount of phone calls I received during the show, I assume it sounded great over the air waves. In his spare time he enjoys drinking tea and walking. I was almost a dumbass when I almost said "i like tea too". Haha, my friends tease me because I have like 8 boxes of different types of tea on my counter on any given day. But I didn't, it was just what I thought of.

I'll listen to the mini disc this week and update you on the interesting parts of the interview so you can see why I think he is an amazing musician.