"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, November 29, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving :-)
I am thankful for a handful of things. And fortunately for you this will be brief because I am sleepy...
I am thankful for the people that are in my life. I am surrounded by the most honest, fun, and lovable people. It's taken years, but I have finally found you. My friends mean the world to me and I am so very glad they are in my life.
I am thankful for being healthy. Both mentally and physically. It's been a while since i have been truly happy. Too long in fact, and this is one holiday season where I really have a clear mind without remorse or fear or depression.
I am thankful for great music. It's really a driving force and this past year has opened up many doors for me and has allowed me to expand so much and appreciate so many different styles. It's a part of my being, not merely entertainment or distraction. Too many people lose sight of that. The beat goes on, whether its the drums or your heart.

"Sometimes, I wish that I was the weather
You'd bring me up in conversations forever
And when it rained, I'd be the talk of the day" - john mayer

I am surrounded by the greatest friends in the world. More on that in the next blog....
It was John Mayer day :-) Brit got a few tickets fro John in Philly and I wasn't going to go. I couldn't deal with the 15 year old girlies after seeing John so intimately previosly. Michelle and I can't recall on how and when we got so jaded, but we have. But Wednesday's performance was nothing short of incredible...
Pick up Brit and Jen and Holly in NJ with no problem. We hit the diner before heading over the river to Philly. I think it is customary for the waitress of any diner to insert the word "honey" into every sentence. Off to Philly, find the venue with no problem. He played in the Temple Basketball court, though it was comparable in size to the FU center. Sold out. Fourth row. Word. But oddly it was the farthest away I have ever been. It was Brit, Jen, and Holly's first time seeing him,so it was exciting :-)
Maroon 5 were really good. I have heard good things about them and i have played their cd in the store, but it was the first time I saw them live.
And John....played acoustically the first few songs with the opener being "Love Soon". I do not want to give the 15 year old girlies any credit so i will not discuss them at all :-) Then the band came out. His setlist was incredible, old songs, new songs, and non album songs. "City Love" right into "Covered in Rain" was amazing. His whle performance and musicl talent was just amazing. I think Brittany and I were the only girls in there staring at his hands instead of his face haha. I did the whole phone thing too, I admit. Only one song though haha. I have never cried at a concert and the people that cry during concerts annoy me. I beleive it was John Mayer where this girl was bawling the whole time nad I just wanted to punch her in the face and give her something to cry about. But during the encore during "Comfortable" I almost shed a tear haha. I held it back though. Just the whole John Mayer/Tom thing and the past few crazy John years got to me. And it was odd because it hadn't before. And I will delve into that more later. Maybe tomorrow. Now the even more fun stuff...
So we parked on the fourth floor of the parking garage. Which means 30 minutes of waiting. Haha, the best thing was when we got into the car and trying to figure out what to listen to and Jen and Brit chose Jonasay which then Jen proceeded to say that if John and Jonasay played together it would "be the bestest concert ever". haha yay for jen. So then I see this guy walking and inform the car of his hotness. They agreed. Then a girl followed him. Boo. But he opened up the door for her and simultaneously we exclaimed "awwww!". The for the next 20 minutes we hypothesized about the hot boy. I let him pull out in front of me. Then we decided to follow him. Jen wrote down his license plate number. Are you scared yet...?
We got bored so we went to McD's.
Now I know why they made me drive in the city. As Jen put it "hey, we're not dead yet, but if I was driving we'd stil be in center city, you're a city driver." See, you just have to be aggressive. Cutting across traffic, cutting people off, it's all about the city life. Some dumb butt stopped in the middle of the lane and waited. I am not going to wait, I am going to get past him. Silly suckers who waited patiently. And yay for go go gadget accelerator. No way I could have gotten my exit (without any warning no less, it just jumps at you) without swiftly driving across three lans of traffic at a turn when the light turned green.
Back to NJ then DE...bed at 3 am.

"I wake up everyday, go through the same routine
Go to work, come home, what does it all really mean?" pmb

Wake up and walk to work. One of the highlights of my day is my walk to work. It's about a half mile and about 3 songs depending on the cd. The familiar sights and sounds and people make it feel like home. Too many people around here either take the town for granted or totally ignore what lies within the streets. In ten minutes I pass the skater kids outside Switch with a flying mermaid on the wall, the tarot card man on the stone fence, and colored chalk drawings on the sidewalk. My favorite aspect of our new store are the fishbowl windows. For hours I can watch the town go past me. People watching, lights changing, time passing. The stores that surround Rainbow are like a family, we all have the same customer base and all know each other. I can't even count how many times we have left one store to go to another while still working. The walk to work reminds me of the secluded bubbles that too many people immerse themselves in. And reminds me where home is.

Couldn't sleep and woke up around 10 am, after going to bed around 6 am. Since I have had the past few Saturdays off, the weekend has become my big shopping day. It's about 20 minutes to the grocery store I usually frequent....really cheap organic, specialty, and foreign food so I make the trek...so I figured what better way to spend my Saturday than flower and food shopping. I am sorry, Pathmark just doesn't have quite a selection in soy, falafel, and thai foods. I also love my grocery store because of the hot older men that also shop there in the early morning. But wait, they are mostly gay and shopping with their partners. Oh well, it's double the looking pleasure at least. And I found red sunflowers to brighten up my room.
After a few fun filled hours back home to enjoy a few more hours of sleep before heading to Baltimore for another Jonasay show. My mom was going to go with me, but had gone to PA instead. Melissa, Rick, and Epler and I braved 95. I don't appreciate the negativety towards my vehicular skills less than five minutes after they get in the car....
So we get to where the venue is but need to find parking. After we passed the adult movie theatre (XXX Adult Film Hits $2) with a hearse (1972 era) in front of it and the Gun & Pawn shop (trade in your bling for a bang...) (hehehe I just came out with that witty remark ;-) ) we found a space. At least we were wearing our neutral gang colors.
I was kinda hesitant to go in, for I was quite uncertain of my previous nights endeavors....but all was well :-) Fiesta Red.
And driving home...no one was on the road, I was going 80, not fast for 95 north. Pass a state cop, I brake. He pulls out, follows me, then lights flare. I'm scared shitless. Charise and I talk about what we would say if we ever got pulled over, but yeah, all of that wen't completely out the window when the cop came over. I got away with a warning. yay. I think it was because I have a clean driving record (shut up, thats not too surprising!) and I was wearing my glasses (i dont have any restrictions), he didn;t smell alcohol, and we all had our seatbelts on. Yay for the little things.
Drive home, go to bed.

Oh geez, I have not blogged in a while....
"I'm writing you to catch you up on places I've been..." -john mayer

I guess I will start in chronological order....I have been horrible at this lately...so a new blog for every exciting day...

Let's go into the time machine to Friday...

Off to Arlington, VA to see another Jonasay show. I'm laughing at myself just thinking about writing the misadventures of that evening. First off, we got lost. Imagine that, me driving and not getting from point A to point B obstacle free. A novelty.
Get to the wonderful Iota and it was packed which was great. Hello vodka and coke. Great great great show, the best one I have seen them put on so far. I really have a lack of color commentary when i write about an event a week later. Bear with me. Aurora was in SC and we did the whole cell ohone thing during a concert. No one did that five years ago and now everytime I go to a show there is at least one person holding up their cell phone during at least one song. It's like an added person at the venue. A call saying "i wish you were here and now you are". Now that I think about it, I beleive I do that a lot. I wonder if I look like a dork. I just sat here for a few minutes trying to recollect the first time I did the phone concert thing and remembered when Nate called me and held up his phone so I could hear the radio in LA. I believe he was in a pool hall and John Mayer was on the radio, well, before he was on the radio now. That was a first. Mobile to mobile radio experience. So yeah a few drinks later....see, I haven't really drink drank drunk a lot lately, one factor being time, the other money. So here is where the embarrassment begins....I don't quite remember all of it, just slight recollections, so here we go....
I had to give Michael two copies of their Center Stage video, but after the show I looked in bag and found no videos. SO I tell him that I have no idea where the videos went. He then informs me that I already gave them to him after the show. After the show? What the hell, it was just after teh show and I defnitely didn't give them to him. But he said I did, so I must have, but where did those minutes go.....? I don't even know how long this ordeal lasted, but I kept showing Justin my striped socks and talked to Mark about various forms of wildlife. Mark told me that he most enjoyed when I staggered towards him saying that I wasn't driving. No, really...? :-) At another point, I handed Aurora my phone where Justin proceeded to tell her that I was "fucked up and never saw that side of me before". Haha. Hmmm I am sure that if anything esle comes back to me, I will inform you....
Onwards to the parking garage! Did you know that parking garages in Arlington close at 2:30 am? Yeah, well we didn't. I told the security gaurd in my drunkeness how we were from Delaware and not there and HAD to get out. I guess he obliged. I remember riding in the elevator and getting off on the wrong floor and running to not my car...
Babbled in the car a lot, I tend to do that, at least it's semi coherent bablle when I am sober, when i am drunk I think its more like aimless sleep talk. Then I pass out.
Hello Newark and the sunrise.