"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Logan House

I know, I am a slacker, I haven't written. I've been busy....honest! And deathly sick!! I think I have West Nile!!! Well, I braved the plague and trekked to the Logan House to see LDE this past weekend. I survived without dying. I'll write more about that while at work tomorrow, but you can ready what Phil has to say. And you should just go to their website anyways and see when they are playing near you and go and have fun.

August 22nd, 2003: Kelly's Logan House, Wilmington, DE.

Hey hey hey hey! Well, The Logan House has just opened their outside tiki bar. And, there was a thick odor of poop in the air in downtown Wilmington tonight. AND, I just opened a sentence with "and".

Well, here's some big news: OUR BASSIST, ROD GODINEZ, IS ENGAGED! Congratulations, Rod and Susan! Thanks for making the band feel really old (even though we are all in our late teens...Donnie is just now growing his first pubic hairs and my voice is in it's cracking stage). Our two sets tonight were "night and day" for several reasons. The first set was five people watching us (one of them was our favorite exhibitionist, Miss Miranda) and the second set was over a hundred people watching us (and Miranda was still sober).

I don't remember the set list tonight, partially because we didn't make one and the other reason is because Rod fed us some god-awful shot that was 20 ounces. After that terrible shot we kept repeating songs we had performed earlier in the night but that's okay because everyone kept dancing and some dude even went as far as to take his pants off and throw them behind the bar and then run down the stairs.

Interesting night at the Logan House. We'll see you all in Wilmington in a month or so...COME PARTY EARLIER!.