"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, September 27, 2002

It is pretty sad that I cannot even recall how many times I have run from the Scrounge to some other part of campus.
Well....we taped the first episode of the THIRD season of Center Stage. I can't beleive it. Thank you to Cinema 8. I can't even conceptualize on how great this season is going to be. So of course when we have to lub hundred of pounds of equipment a quarter mile, it rains. No, it doesn't rain, it pours. Hard. So Dave, Matt, and Aurora took the equipment to the scrounge while I engineered the studio class. Dave calls from a payphone saying that we need more battery. The concert was going to start before i could get there so he said for me to just bring it when i come. No no no no no. SO I have 20 minutes. Countdown begins. I quickly grab all the canon batteries i can, shove them in a trashbag, tell the professor that i am going to run to the bathroom, then I run out of Pearson, and down Academy to the Scrounge. Running like a banshee holding a trashbag. I got beeped at. Twice. But i made it, soaking wet and out of breath, but I made it. Then I ran back. No questions ask. There are no obstacles for Center Stage.
The show went soooo well. Well, besides my loss of hearing......Nothing like standing right in front of the speakers with a headset that only amplified the sound for two hours. Yeah, I cant even hear myself type. It's a wonder that I am not deaf now.But the show was incredible and the guys are great. A thousand thank yous. It will be airing October 9th at 11 pm on STN. Hopefully I will be able to get a short clip or two onto the website.
Oh yeah, and we had to take all the quipment BACK. And the only thing worse than taking the equipment there in the rain and coldness and darkness is that it has been raining for 5 hours since we got there which only means the puddles got bigger. We were soaked, but it was fun. This was great.
So today I gained a few things.....
almost deafness and pnuemonia
oh yeah and a kickass crew and show!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

As a tv/radio person, I live by the clock. Time is very important.
I try to use every available second for all it is worth. I think I have perfected pushing time. In my fourth year as a college student I think I have devised every which way to extend sleeping time. Take this morning for example....
Class is at 9:30am
I have to leave by 9:15 am.
I HAVE to check my email when I wake up, minus 5 minutes....now down to 9:10
I don't wear what I wore to bed, but something equatable...today, a t-shirt and adidas pants (a university uniform if class is held before noon), minuse 3 minutes...now down to 9:07
didn't shower the night before, will save that for AFTER class ;-) 2 minutes.....9:05
No time to brush teeth, mouth wash and a stick of gum will suffice until 11 am.
See, it's almost an art.

I really can't cook. Who ruins pasta!??! Oh yeah, me.
So I didn't know how this whole "having a kitchen" thing would work out last year. Handing my try to ladies in hair nets was so much easier. So was scooping out salad from a big bowl. Burners......oven...heat....what a concept.
I have mastered a few meals that keep me alive and not starving. One, I thought, was pasta. Oh so easy, oh so thought free. Just boil and heat. Oh no....
Lately I have been making a lot of pasta and just fridging it so I can just nuke it later. So this afternoon I was boiling water, then put a whole box of pasta in. Usually it takes about 10 minutes. About 30 minutes later Karen came in telling me that she thinks that my pasta is done. Oh it was done....
Screw it, I drain the wilted water sogged bits of pasta and put it in the fridge. After hours in the TV studio I was starving...
So I take out the pasta container and all the pasta kind of form together into a brick like shape. So I cut myself a square and ate.
How the hell have a survived a year independent?!?! More musings on my "independence" tomorrow with such adventures as laundry and ironing......

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Nate's profile says this:

From Mir Cat's Blog- I guess I have this "habit" of misdriving, it's not that I drive inattentively, it's just that I have misadventures.
Yeah babe, keep telling yourself that. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to clean my pants up from the last time I rode with you.

Oh what a fun filled day yesterday....AND IT WAS A 21 DAY!!! Yes, I still do that....
So at noon I hit the road. In the Cabrio for the trip to VA: The Clarks, Jonasay, Radiohead, Brand New, Wilco, Andy Stochansky.....yes a wide mix.
I love rest stops, they are the highlight of my trip. Free maps free maps free maps.
Hello Virginia. I love Virginia. Arlington was nice, found the club ok and free parking on the weekend. What more could I ask for. Met up with some peopel at the Juliana Hatfield show. Oh she is so beautiful and talented. She played solo and I was a mere five feet away. Oh yes. She pulled out some old favorites and unreleased songs. It was magical. :-)
So then I had a few hours to kill before heading to Centreville for the Jonasay show....
So I found a coffeehouse and read for 2 hours before I discovered a music store. So I hung out there before heading onto I66 once again....
Hi Centerville. Hi lots of deer and horses. Hi wrong way down the highway.
But alas I found the Shark Club :::insert Jaws theme song here::: And Jonasay but on yet another rocking show, despite intial sound difficulties. I hope the pictures came out ok. The highlight of the show was when Justin told some drunk lady "How about this, at night i will come into your place and interrupt you while you are performing". Haha. No, i take it back, the highlight of the show was Mark's setlist on drywall. :-)
And checkout the Excentrics...Technicolor....whatever they are now, if i wasn't so damn tired i could have enjoyed them more, but they really rocked. Thank god for comfy couches.
120 miles later (one hour, forty minutes) i was home.