"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, January 09, 2004

"and she smiles when she feels like crying"

Today is rock and roll.

Woke up and came down to the record store. Then went right to my radio show until 4. Ran across the street with Becca for dinner, then here again at the store until we close.

But after...the girls will be heading to the Logan House. Marlon Spike is opening for Ike. This should be interesting. And by interesting...I mean I never know how an evening with my twin (jen), the ike crew, premium malts, cameras, the MS crew, and jimmy ends up. Dancing will ensue and I am sure the lesbian card will have to be pulled out.


Here I am wondering why my whole body aches since I haven't done any sort of exercise in about a week.

Yup, then I remembered that we had the brilliant idea of sliding down Melissa's stairs on a papason pillow Wednesday night.

I should stay away from stairs.

two thousand and four

Ok ok ok, I am a week and some change late.

Oddly enough, there were no big shin digs being thrown this year, so Karen and I left DE and cruised to NJ. Steve invited us to Morita's gathering, so why not. Hours before we left - I have no idea how we wasted hours, time gets lost on us - we rocked out to RHCP and talked to her mom. We love putting our parents on edge.
"Don't you girls want jackets?"
"you know, you girls can always stay here and celebrate with us"
"where's your hat, you need your hat, its cold outside"
"don't drink and drive and make sure you sleep at some point"
Oh geez, parents are funny.
We went to the liquor store and realized we forgot to eat dinner, so of course, Wawa was our victim. I swear they have the best mac and cheese ever. You know whats fun? Driving and shifting and eating mac and cheese at the same time. I think shortly after we crossed the DE Memorial bridge my dinner ended up on my shirt. So of course cleaning it up was at the top of my priorities, not driving. And why is it that usually I have everything crucial in my car except for napkins!! So I pulled a Karen and used a receipt. She captured it on film. It looked pretty scandalous, me rubbing myself and all, but it wasn't.
We get to Chris's and start the festivities. Wine for Karen and Cran Vodka and Sprite for me....more on that later. We spent the first half hour talking to Dave and Dareen about how our handwriting sucks and we can't spell anymore due to their convenience of computers. Hey now, unless it has a red line underneath it, it's spelled right! I also have the handwriting of a nine year old boy. Also on how we hate the phone, if you don't have email or AIM, more than likely, I don't talk to you that much. :-)
Apparently I have a problem keeping all of my drink in the cup - hey, at least it was clear. Yeah. And also I guess I was too dangerous with what was in my cup and was informed that Steve dumped it out and added more soda, and it was still too strong. Ha - got ya! Karen drank a whole bottle of wine, all by herself - we know how to do things right. Ew and Steve thought it wouldbe a good idea to do a jager shot, so we did, except for Ken I think. Karen, Katie, and I talked about how much 80's fashion ruled. Hmmm...Dareen, Katie, and I sported New Years Eve hats for the countdown. After midnight we all went outside to light some sparklers, I don't remember ever touching fire, I don't think I was allowed to. Steve stole my sparkler, but came back with it in the shape of an M so it was ok that I couldn't play with fire. This probably sounds choppy - but hey, that is how I remember it.
Hmmmm. This is where it gets fuzzy. But the highlight of the night was Steve and I challenging each other in state capitals. I think we sickened eeryone within hearing distance because we kept getting them right and the game lasted far longer than I think we both expected - I can hold my own. We got stuck on Montana, but it's Helena. Quirky like that.
Around 4 am Morita busted out his guitar and well, yeah, I started singing. Radiohead and Howie Day. I didn't get anything thrown at me, so that is good.
We left shortly after that andhit up a Dunkin Donuts for caffiene and Karen proceeded to make the counter guy feel bad for spending his new years at work. Nah, I am sure she didn't but I teased her about it. Babbling to Karen and having a CD on repeat pretty much describes the drive back. And I hit those "wake up bumps" quite a few times.

Thursday, January 08, 2004


I am feeling as if I have lost stability. A few things that I held as to always be there and true have gone and left me standing here....

Monday, January 05, 2004

close call

The storefront was shot a few times and shattered the glass.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

oh sodium goodness, how i adore you

Does anyone beside me think a whole can of soup is a serving? Seriously now, one can does not feed 2.5 people. Tomato soup is my favorite store soup and goldfish crackers in the soup is even better. Now the geniuses at Campbell's added goldfish shaped cheddar pasta to their tomato soup. Nice. Vegetable soup - does anyone eat all of the vegetables in it? I don't like the green beans. They are squishy - blech.

And spaghetti-o's are so damn delicious.

ow my liver

i think i am still drunk from last night and being here at work is far worse than sleeping in my bed.

charise is down the street buying me a bagel since that is the best thing ever right now.

i can't even think and i am so not drinking anything until the 9th. Maybe not even then. Ow.

No one is in the store, the one guy who came in i think was scared and left since i was explaining to charise why i suck as a person. Yay charise is here, time to eat and suck less as a person.