"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, March 06, 2005

working late

another enlightening conversation with morgan. this one occured on Friday after staying at work till almost 9pm, the third day out of five that i have stayed late, though this time it wasn't until 10:30 pm like on wednesday. i don't count being at shows till 3 am work, just office stuff.

mirgoes2eleven: when did i become a slave to the working world?
captn morgster: you love your job
captn morgster: thats why
mirgoes2eleven: i was gonna say "whore to the industry" but those exist
captn morgster: haha
captn morgster: they are called groupies

kitchen-567, miranda-0

I still haven't won a battle with my kitchen. Fuck you kitchen. I haven't had feeling in my left index finger for almost 3 hours now.

Today's menu was a healthy one: coffee from Maryellen and Wawa, Brooklyn pizza, and cupcakes from Magnolia - so I decided the next thing that I ate was going to be healthy. I was making a fruit salad while talking to my mom on the phone when the Great Kitchen Bloodshed of 2005 occured. Here I am chatting away and the knife slipped from my hand while sawing at the grape stem and totally gashed my finger. My stomach turned in knots as my finger stung like a mother fucker and complete sliced open. I honestly thought I cut the tip off. I could feel the blood drain from my face and I told my mom I would call her right back. No need to scare the crap out of her 120 miles away. I dash to my bathroom, gushing blood all over the floor along the way, and grabbed toilet paper, wrapped my finger up and started hyperventilating.

I'm alone in my apartment, I have no feeling in my finger, blood is everywhere, i don't have health insurance from work yet, and I have no idea where the closest clinic is. I start to feel sick and my heart is still racing, so I call my mom and try to gain composure. She keeps asking why I am out of breath - because I am panicking and scared, but I couldn't tell her that or she'd freak. So she told me to keep pressure on it, so I did and I called Maryellen to find out where the clinic was just in case my fingertip did fall off.

I then sat on my floor with my hand held above my head and me head between my knees because I thought I was going to throw up and I was dizzy. This lasted for about 15 minutes then I couldn't sit still anymore and scampered to my computer where I talked to Jay, Morgan, and Maryellen all with one hand and typing very badly.

I just now took the tp off and my finger looks dead. It's all white and purple and completely gashed open diagonally from the top knuckle line to my nail. I seriously must have JUST missed my nail and bone - it's so gross and huge and I still can't feel anything. It's gonna leave one doozy of a scar. I just operated o it compliments of expired neosporin and target bandaids.

Fuck you kitchen.