"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, March 26, 2005

spur of the moment road trip to PA

Danielle thinks I am wacky anyways, but she says that working Fridays with me is especially interesting since I am usually in higher spirits. I accredit that to more often that not, I am traveling during the weekend, so I have something to look forward to that is almost there. Yesterday was no different, Maryellen and I were onwards to PA after work.

“I need you to follow me
I’m wanting you to stay
I need you to fall into
This love that’s been waiting at bay” ~ todd martin

I met Maryellen outside of the PATH and we tore it up down 78. I made two CDs for the road trip, which provided a wonderful soundtrack to our random ramblings and thoughts. We were doing pretty good navigating through the countryside until the directions didn’t match up. I had to go to the bathroom, so after we passed the town of Virginville (in which we totally lost it) we found a gas station where we also asked for directions. Maryellen asked for directions, I scoured the convenience store for something that could pass as dinner. Another Friday night meal of Reese cups and coffee instead of chocolate milk – also in PA and not MD. We rule at directions - the road we were on just ended. so we knew we missed the turn, because apparently "right turn on penn street" means "right turn on state street". After a few misnamed roads, rights instead of slight rights, we found the only building within a 5 mile radius to be lit up, which was also our destination.

We go inside this bar, in which immediately we realize that everyone here probably all lives within a stones throw of this place and all probably went to elementary school together. And now the NYC girls disrupted the place. We so did not belong. I mean, our clothes matched! And we didn’t have bad perms! And we don’t have elastic on our pants! Ok, it wasn’t that bad and not everyone was like that, but still. We found Brad and said our hellos then found the bar. “Two Yuenglings, please!” “We’re all out.” How they hell are they “all out”?!?! Pottstown is 20 miles away from here, I’m sure there is like a Yuengling River that distributes the fine beer to all local bars. We settled for a not so tasty German beer. The bar had all imported bottles for only $2. Not a bad deal – I barely finished two. Todd didn’t partake in the international beverages and settled for a domestic twisted tea. We all chatted before the show and during Sauerwine. We also checked out the band bulletin board, most of the local bands being in the harder rock/metal/screamo category. Yeah, I can totally see all that angst growing up in…farm…country…in Pennsylvania…yeah.

Todd was accompanied by a band, an interesting and great alternative to the usual Todd and Brad shows. They played everything that Maryellen and I wanted to hear - she got Follow Me and Mission…wait – no, they teased Mission and it wasn’t played! I was content after She Knows and Feeling Infinite. Some of the Sauerwine guys joined them up on stage for a few songs as well. Midway during the set, the Pretty Girls entered the venue. We decided that they were probably the high school cheerleaders of the lot, and are now in the mid twenties hanging out at the bar in the town they grew up in. They looked nice and weren’t stage whores and bought three cds, so Maryellen and I assumed that we would like them. Oh! So some of the girls had this weird hair thing going on, including one of the Pretty Girls. They took half their hair, twisted in the back with a clippie claw thingy and had a fountain of hair coming out of the top. Not hot. I tried to mimic the look, to much success, and oddly enough, I then fit in. Near the end of the set played Karma Police, in which Maryellen and I also sang along and realized that no one else in the bar probably knew the words. So funny.

After the set, Maryelllen, Brad, Todd, Bill, and I socialized near the bar as Bill shared high school stories of Todd and Brad challenged my musical knowledge. The bartender, who reminded me of the wizard in the Wizard of Oz, kept talking to Todd as Todd looked interested in the fact The Wizard’s mom was the cook and how there was a good turnout. The Wizard had a look of amazement on his face when Brad informed him that Todd was indeed on tour and grew up not too far from there. I wonder if The Wizard has ever left Fleetwood, PA. He did have a cute bar though – neatly decorated and with a fireplace. Like the Northstar, it would make a cool apartment. After hanging out by the van, we left for… WAWA! Maryellen even let me drive her car to the Wawa. We got coffee, sandwiches, and chips. The Wawa was packed at 2am…but I guess aside from the bar we were at, there is nothing else to do in Fleetwood except hang out at the Wawa. We braved the guys whistling at us and ate dinner in the car then proceeded back on 222 and 78 without getting lost. We kept each other up by playing disc 2 of the roadtrip mix and chatting non stop. Two hours later we were back in Hoboken and realized we spent more time in the car than at the show. So great.

“I’ve so much to say
But no way to write it
I’m losing a step
I’ve fallen behind
This life we call love” ~ tm

Friday, March 25, 2005

Three Cheers for STN PDs!!!

Oh heeeelllllllllllll yeah!!

So how freaking awesome are current and former STN Program Directors!?!?

Miranda, reigning August 2002-May 2003: currently working for one of the best music management companies in the industry
Jen, reigning August 2003 - May 2004: currently working for CNN, the world's leading news source
and now...
Jay, reigning August 2004 - May 2005: just got a freaking incredible internship working with NFL Films for the summer

We rule at life - congratulations Jay!

a distraction during my morning commute

My morning commute on the PATH is always a groggy juggle. I have my bag packed and slung over my shoulder, the daily newspapers under one arm, a large coffee in one hand, and my iPod and PATH ticket in the other hand. I must say I look pretty damn hot looking like a vagrant on a mission. I grab my usual end seat in the first subway car I get too, properly position the papers in my bag, put my coffee between my knees, change songs, and grab a book. It’s an art all while staying confined in my two foot area. I could feel someone watching me during my ordeal so I look up and across from me was the hottest guy I have seen on the PATH from Hoboken yet. He had on kickass brown shoes, weathered jeans, a hoodie, and some sort of plaidish hat, but I couldn’t really tell since his hoodie was over his hat. Best of all, he wore sunglasses on the PATH. Stellar. Maybe he didn’t think I could see him stare from behind his shades, but they were translucent and could easily see his eyes on me. So I continue about, switch to Starsailor, and open up my book. The whole time I could feel his gaze and each time I looked up he was watching me then looking away. Argh. He was hot, but now it was borderline creepy. I wonder where he was going and hoped he got off at my stop, and even better yet, walk right into my building. I bet he has good music tastes. He had cool shoes, which is almost directly proportional to music tastes. He got off at 23rd, so I watched him as he left. He had a bag with him, the only marking on it was a Phantom Planet patch. Be still my heart!! I should have ran after him and told him that we should make out, but I didn’t. Four to the Floor was on and that kept me planted until the next stop.


My conservative friends are probably going to blast me, but I don’t care. I can see an early morning rant from Pittenger brewing ;-). So yeah, if I am ever clinging to life in a hospital bed for YEARS having a tube siphon sustenance into me, PULL IT. There, it is public. I don’t ever want to be sitting in a hospital bed for years in a consistent vegetative state. Pull it pull it pull it pull it!

That isn’t living.

Take all of that extra money that would have been used to keep me hanging on a string and donate to education so that others can live a life and flourish.

I think her parents are selfish. Their daughter has been like that for more than a decade, what more do you think can happen? I’m not being cruel - I know how hard it is, a good friend of mine was in a gruesome accident and was on life support. She died two days later. She hasn’t gotten better, only worse. She is hardly responsive. She’s alive yes, but merely a shell not living a life, but being conscious.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

ride home from the city

After battling with the PATH ticket machine, I missed the train that was awaiting me, and had to wait for the next. The only good thing about waiting an additional ten minutes was the promise that I would get a seat.

I grabbed an end seat so I would only have to sit next to one person and so I could prop myself on the bar, thus exerting as little strength as possible. A girl sat next to me who reeked of some type of perfume, I have no idea what, I don’t think I could actually distinguish any scent. She then busted out her iPod, so I peered over my book to see what she was going to spin. I am way too nosy – I spy on everyone’s digital collections and what they select for the 15 minute PATH ride. What four songs would be so worthy to be listened to pretty much undistracted? Smelly chick totally took forever to pick out her first song. What was it going to be, what was it going to be??!? At that time, I was listening to The Honorary Title.

“Dodging armpit stench aromatic
Wrapped up in my own self-induced stress panic
I think I am the only one in this shifting through
They'll collaborate in months against me.” ~ the honorary title

She finally stopped – on Hillary Duff. Oh good god, this girl was older than me. Hillary lasted about a minute – song switch. Please God let her redeem herself. Jessica Simpson. Simpson lasted for about 5 minutes, during which I scootched away from her pressing myself against the bar as if this girl had cooties and the slightest brush of her against me may plague me forever. Read my book read my book read my book and ignore her. She switched songs…please let it be something good, oh come on – I will even settle for something generic like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, something that mostly everyone has, but just play it so you rock just a little and we can all pretend it was a joke before and your brain would be saved from rotting. Kylie Minogue!!!! This has got to be the most boring person I have ever sat next to. I look across from me and this woman looks just like Susan Sarandon and I desperately wanted to sit next to her instead. I am now onto Red House Painters and wanted to hurl myself off the subway. This girl so should have just saved $400 and bought a radio instead.

“she comes apart at the seams
cause she never dreams
as she lays up awake
cause her feelings ache” ~ red house painters

We’re turning the corner and the girl chooses another song – Beyonce. That’s it, I can’t take it. I turn to the menu and spin around randomly till it lands on…The Jane Anchor. I needed anything to cleanse my eyes – kinda like when you eat something bad and you rush for the Listerine and swish it around for 30 seconds because brushing for 2 minutes isn’t immediate enough to get rid of all the yuckiness.

I don’t know why I care so much. Maybe it’s because the girl had a chance to be original and she lost it. She’ll never have that moment back, and in the meantime – I will listen to my friends through my earphones as I trudge fifteen blocks to my apartment.

“i'm caught in the rays and spinning around
in this frequency i can't slow down
you may be the only one that can see me as i am” ~ the jane anchor

Freakout of the Month

Wow – you just missed the Freakout of the Month. I think…yeah, I am pretty sure my last major freakout was in February.

It all started when I came home and checked my bank account online since the PATH machine wouldn’t accept my debit card for a $24 transit card. I just figured it was because I have a weird bank in DE, not because my account was virtually empty.

Oh I was wrong. Since I have moved here, every month I have had to borrow money from my mom. This is mostly because I get paid on the 1st and 15th, and my rent is due the 1st of the month, and I mail my checks home since I don’t have a bank here, so pretty much the bank of mom deposits money into my account and she just gets the checks. So somewhere along the line, where I have needed advances for my rent, utilities, and car payment, $300 was miscalculated on my part and I totally bounced my credit card payment. Of course that’s the short story. So as I look at the insufficient funds fee in my account and the $17.02 glaring back at me, I freak out. I start hyperventilating and crying and pacing. I hadn’t spent frivolously here in a while, so I couldn’t even get mad at myself for doing anything stupid. When I travel, I travel cheap, and lord knows I haven’t bought anything for myself aside from a book or two. So many thoughts ran through my mind, the first being that I should just move back home, the second being that I should find somewhere cheaper to live. Thinking was exhausted so I just flopped on my bed, grabbed my pillow, and cried. Then I called my mom again.

I am talking to Jen and Maryellen about my freakout and situation. Maryellen went through the same thing, and Jen is still adjusting to Washington DC life. Jen and I keep finding ourselves facing the same obstacles, so it is great that we both have each other to help one another out. Jen shared the following on aim, and all made me smile. Yay for Jen. Freakout now over.

Jenabee**: we sure rock at this adult thing
Jenabee**: don’t get down little one, it'll pick up someday
Jenabee**: how many other people live in the biggest city in the world working in the music industry, not many
galileo358: hahaha yay thank you for letting me vent :-Jenabee**: i bet a lot of people in your shoes are stuck managing the band next door in iowa or something, and they’ll never get to advance, you’re prime for moving up

Smiles again.
And of course Ryan and I are texting back and forth. He’s on a dinner date and says he pretends it was me instead and that Delaware isn’t the same without me. He drove past my apartment. So we’re talking because the girl is boring and I have decided that her underwear matches and she picks her nose and he laughed out loud in front of her. We decided that we’re moving into a dirty apartment in the city and he’ll make his music and I’ll spend the nights painting and all will be well in the world.

There are Wawas in Colonial Williamsburg

Haha - I have seriously been laughing for the past five minutes. I am work and Akiva had just called my cell. He called to let me know that there is a Wawa in Colonial Williamsburg. We pondered if the colonists had Wawa's back then and Wawa isn't that historical or important to American history (my history - yes). He wondered if it had the wonderful sandwich machine and I informed him that the meat will probably be fresh since Wawa probably has a farm out back since it is Colonial Williamsburg. Akiva also told me he was lost. I am his personal compass, nothing changes and I love it haha.

Indian food and Rheingold in the lower east side

"i'm trying to read but i can't concentrate
turn up the music to drown out my head
with the lights out awake in bed" ~ ryan link

Last night I accompanied Angela and her friend Jen to the Lower East Side for Indian food and some rock music and it was fabulous.

I correctly navigated myself to the subway, got off on the right stop, and picked the right direction to walk to find 1st Ave - YAY! We ate at this hole in the wall where all the taxi drivers go, but it had AMAZING Indian food. I love Indian food. And you can never deny a full meal for $2.75! The Indian place was small and we ate on a counter top. My heart skipped a beat when this guy who looked like Ryan Adams strutted in. Perhaps because Laura and I were just talking about him, but he did bare a striking resemblance. It wasn't him, or else this blog would have started out differently. After dinner, we braved the sleet to 3rd St.

Yeah - the sleet. What the hell! It was like 55 degree the other day and now it was totally nasty out. Cold, windy, wet, painful! We found the Apocalypse Lounge and a table. What an awesome little bar - now this is my type of place! This is the first place that I have been at in the city, since I have been here that I truly enjoy. Well, aside from Tribeca, but I have been going there for years, so that doesn't count. It was so dirty and artsy and stellar. Boys in white belts are hot. And the music was great - Angela and Jen are into Ryan Link and I have heard good reviews, and the performance lived up to the expectations.

After the show we trekked through the slushy city sidewalks to our respective subways and called it a night. I was absolutely frozen and drenched when I came home fifteen blocks after emerging from the PATH.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

our weekend starts on wednesdaaaaaay

I reaaaaaallllyy want to go outside and get a cup - or vat - of coffee but NYC is currently disgusting and wet. A mixture of rain, sleet, and snow. Wasn't the first day of spring this week?!?! Spring isn't supposed to be nasty. I love spring. Not cold anymore, and not tormentally hot. Is tormentally a word? It is now. Booya. And plus I love wearing flip flops, jeans, and tank tops more than anything in the world. Maybe not more than the coffee that I am craving right now though.

So a certain friend who will remain nameless, but who reads this religiously ;-), is sad (and who also will remain nameless since I do not know who ELSE reads this haha). A lot of our friends spend their time on the road, playing gigs around the country - a lifestyle we are all to familiar with and love. Trying to find pockets of cell phone service, a coffee shop with free internet, a nearby city to meet up with friends...we all understand each other's lifestyles and we adapt to it - but sometimes it does suck when it is inconvenient, not by anyone's own fault, just circumstances. Not too long ago we went to the mall and I said that it's ok, because we can always bring our friends with us - they are portable. We can pop them into the CD player and everything is almost fine again.

Tonight I will be accompanying Angela to Apocolypse to check out Ryan Link. Ken said he is great, as was his indie band. Ken also informed me that Mike Dinneen worked on his old band's album at Q records. How fantastically excited am I?!?!? And how sad is it that this kind of shit gets me excited?! Mike does great work and his bands are awesome. It's an added bonus that Jay Barclay will be present. Oh my!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

minutes before midnight

I have a headache that hurts so badly I am delirious in pain.

I started writing again towards my work in progress. It is going to be the Great American Novel. Mr. Savage, my tenth grade creative writing teacher and track coach (and my most favorite teacher/mentor of all time) told me that he expects the Great American Novel out of me. So I started writing towards it when I was 16 and have sporadically wrote towards it, though most of my thoughts could be expressed through pictures, concert tickets, and notes left on doors. After this weekend, I picked up my trusty black journal again. No one will probably ever read it - but it's always there. Just so you know. Some people have fallen off the pages, some never made it, others follow throughout.

new pictures

I added new pictures to the DC to DE road journal below. Enjoy the ruckus.

another random convo with morgan

"so tonight, as usual, miranda and i had a very enlighting conversation on the fact that we’re both all growed up with real jobs and not in college anymore. our biggest problems aren’t how we’re gonna get drunk this weekend, or who’s this weekends hook up. its like realtionship stuff that old people talk about. except this time we’re old. but we’re not all growed up, becuase after all, we still travel hundreds of miles on a whim to hang out with our freinds and take in some live music, somewhere in the country, on any given weekend."

captn morgster: serioulsy what is there to loose if everyone sees that its there
captn morgster: and you both want it to happen
galileo358: stupid growing up
captn morgster: dont you miss the nights of going to a kegger getting it on and leaving in the morning with no hard feelings?!
galileo358: i was talking to (someone) about it and he was like "what if something bad happens" i was like "if something bad happens it happens, but you cant avoidsomething based on what ifs, because it could be the one that actually works"
captn morgster: wow that was very grown up of you :-)
galileo358: I KNOW!! i miss those days where i would make out with a random boy on a futon in a basement
galileo358: what can i say, i got health insurance today
captn morgster: YAY
captn morgster: we're offically old
galileo358: so very grown up of me! I KNOW!
captn morgster: both have health insurace and are bitching about relationships to each other
galileo358: the day that i celebrate getting benefits is very sad. i was actually enjoying looking for doctors and specialists. yeah and relationships, not random hookups. when the fuck did we grow up? but we aren;t totally grown up because we still hit the road hard haha
captn morgster: that's true. i mean we were at a diner 150 miles away from home at 4am on a thrusday ngiht
captn morgster: that explains everyting
galileo358: and it means everything
captn morgster: yup :-)
galileo358: boring people suck
captn morgster: hahah yeah
galileo358: this is totally blogworthy
captn morgster: that it is

Monday, March 21, 2005

moving to manhattan

I am talking with Dan and Tanya online now and seperately they both told me that they are applying for a job at the same school in Manhattan. How fun and crazy would it be if in a few months Tanya, Dan, Chris, Nick, and I were here near the city? Johnny Appleseeds part three.

Tanya is looking to get into the city - how fabulous would it be if we were roommates haha. I could have my car, maybe we could get a dog! You know we would so eat easy mac and eat off of cardboard boxes for tables.

So yeah, that's the idea - I don't have to move home...everyone can just relocate up north. NYC is the rock capital of the US, so it all makes perfect sense. Just agree.

march 21

March 21 is one of my favorite days of the year. 21 days of each month are my favorite days of the month, and March just makes it better because its a 3. As is 21. 2+1 = 3. But August 21st tops them all.

I really want another cup of coffee. It's 4:30 in the afternoon and it feels like 11 am.

Razzles is first a candy, then a gum.

Jay and I are planning a roadtrip, and now everyone wants in. Right now life is good. :-)

DC - DE LDE Roadtrip

“Hold on…hold on to yourself
for this is gonna hurt like hell…”

The above Sarah McLachlan quote pretty much sums up this past weekend. The song has been in my head since Phil and I were discussing it last weekend in Vermont. I’m in my bed in Hoboken wearing my Delaware sweatshirt, my candles lit, tea beside me, Flaming Lips on iTunes, and staring at the only poster on my wall – an Omnisoul poster, and I want to go back home. I will try to be brief, yet entertaining – but I am sure that you know that I have troubles with being concise…

I got up super early on Friday so I could pack and get to work early since I was leaving early. Early mornings and I don’t get along too well, but at least Starbucks assisted me. Got to work and started the countdown till when my train left at 7. I was completely stoked for the weekend – to film, to see old and new friends, to see LDE rock out, to go home, to get away. I was completely giddy and it was a wonder I got anything done. Laura and Danielle, in the office, said that my excitement was oozing out of me and they hadn’t seen me like this before. Haha so funny. Danielle went out to Starbucks for Randy and brought us soy mochas. Yay caffeine. Finally 6:30 and I sprinted to Penn Station – passing a brawl in Herald Square and a video shoot on 34th – stupid tourists, out of my way – I have a train to catch!

I find my train and a window seat. I can’t sit still for fifteen minutes, let alone three hours. I was torn between my book (High Fidelity by Nick Hornby), my iPod, or my cell phone. Cell phone won out and I chatted with Jen (she decided to come out and meet me at Union Station – yay!), my mom, then Maryellen till Philadelphia. From Philly to Baltimore I alternated between flipping pages of a book reminiscent of my life and gazing out the window at the familiar scenery that I knew all to well from constant treks on 95 north and southbound. I talked to Dave around Baltimore then put on my headphones to calm down for my final twenty minutes.

I arrived shortly before 10 and called Jen. We found out other in the station and ran towards each other and hugged – people stared. Found Dave and off we went to the 9:30 Club to Center Stage it!! We pull up to the club and there was a line out the door. Absolutely fabulous! We get inside and immediately find the CS crew. I don’t think the bouncer guy appreciated our squeals. We then hit up the bar and had beer in hand. I had my phone dangling from the wrist that was also holding my cup. Jay was calling me so as I tried to grab my phone, the rope thingy got stuck on my clippy and I ended up spilling my beer then almost slipping on it. That was when I was cut off – but it wasn’t my fault!! Avi and I go to the green room and catch the last part of the CS interview. Aw – Marissa had her rockstar clip board!

I grabbed a camera and went on stage trying to make a spot for myself amidst cables. Avi tried to pull down my pants while I was on stage. I wasn’t laughing. Instead I filmed some older couple in the front who were making out. The show was the best I have ever seen LDE perform. And I have seen them play a lot! And I didn’t even see the whole show since I was paying attention to my shots. The set flew by and there wasn’t one song that didn’t stand out. The energy, presence, and passion definitely went to eleven. “Until I’m With You”, “Over and Over”, “Our Countries”, “Meet Me in London”, and “With a Little Help From My Friends” were stand out tracks. Avi and I got our dance on to London and sang loudly during the encore. While filming it was incredible to see the crowds’ reactions and just how much fun the guys had on stage. They need to play venues like this more often. Shows like this make me proud of them.

After the show I quickly took Jen around to meet the LDE guys before she caught her train home. The Kominski’s were hosting an after party so I rode with Avi to good old Silver Spring, MD (hey, remember that time where we all were going to move to Silver Spring MD and we called it “the happiest place on earth”?!?! yay college). The cars that passed us gave us, or me, funny looks because I was wearing a Dunkin Donuts knit hat. Fuck them. We stopped at a McDonalds, but apparently they don’t stock food at 3 am. Fuck them too. 7-11 it was for a healthy meal of all peanut butter reese cups and chocolate milk.

We get to Amy’s and hang out with friends and the band. Rusty took me to the backyard and we saw a deer. Phil, Judy, and Angela played Twister so I was beer bitch feeding Phil his beer whenever they spun green. I think I walked in on the wrong part of the game. Avi and I both were wearing polka dotted underwear. I stayed up talking with Rusty till about 5:30 am about the show, my future, their future, music trends…then called it a night and said goodnight to the girls who noticed that the sun was about to rise. Thank you to Amy for letting us shower and crash – it was greatly appreciated!! Chris and I were going to go out for coffee during the day, but he over slept. The girls decided to go to DC for the day, so sightseeing it was! Judy, Angela, Anna, and I followed Amy out and were welcomed with bagels and coffee while the normal people got lunch at this normal lunch hour. Since we were tourists for the day, we took silly pictures inside Panera. We had good conversation then headed to Laurel to pick up Rusty. We totally got lost, but that’s ok because we listened to Honestly like a million times and totally sang out loud and off key. We passed the Target five times, but that’s only because we love Target…we totally knew where we were going. Angela got a picture of a cool sign in Rusty’s neighborhood. It said humps and that Jack Johnson was some city executive. I’ll be sure to post. We got to Rusty’s where we stopped for a bathroom break and a piano lesson. Onwards to DC!

We took the scenic route via Michigan car in the district (ya like that Jen? I didn’t say “city”) and then parked and walked around the White House and towards the Washington Monument. It was a gorgeous day to be walking around being tourists. We tried to find cheesy DC shirts to sport, but none were gaudy enough. A coffee stop for the road then we headed to Delaware. As we were leaving DC, we totally called LDE’s next cover song. It’s an R. Kelly song. We were rolling on the ground of the car from laughter of the lyrics and it could so easily be covered. And Doug can even bust out the flute for it. The lyrics were ridiculous and can be found here: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/rkelly/snakeremix.html

We spent the time from DC to B’more talking and laughing and singing till we spotted to LDE van ahead of us. Go go Michigan car! We caught up to them in the tunnel. Johnny, Phil, and Rusty were on those walkie talkie thingies and proceeded just to make random noises at each other. Apparently Chris mooned us, but they have tinted windows, so we didn’t see. We did, however, see Johnny bare his ass then stick it and shake it out the window. We all convened at the rest stop so Rusty could get back in the van, then Phil climbed into the back of our car, and Chris on my lap as we drove to the other end of the rest stop to drop the guys off at the Starbucks…can you not tell that we all have serious caffeine addictions? We got the pleasure of seeing Chris moon us yet again as he got out of the car. Fifteen minutes later we were in Newark.

YAY HOME!!! I took the girls to Rainbow first and said hello to Stef and Max. Oh happiness, it was home! I dropped off some CDs and then we headed over to Grottos so they could enjoy some “fine Delaware eatin”. I found a random outlet near the games in Grottos and charged my phone, all while yelling at the kids who were near my phone. Chris Morita, Maryann, Mel, and Andrew met us at Grottos where we downed iced tea, pizza, and $2 beers. Again we took fun touristy pictures to document the roadtrip. We chatted nonstop then headed back to Rainbow to do some shopping until Max kicked us out. I love how certain decorations are the bathroom wall still ;-). The girls were craving ice cream, so we walked down Main Street and stopped at Café Gelato where we sampled almost every flavor. Headed back to the car then to 7-11 to stock up on water, gum, and gas then we caravanned to Wilmington.

We all convened in the parking lot and devised a game plan to sneaking Mel in. We are so stealth. Got in and the first person I saw was Nate. So I ran up and hugged him and I am sure we were loud, but oh well, Nate’s my boy ;-) haha. Chris and I snuck into the bathroom and had hot wild sex against the dirty walls. Oh no, we didn’t. I just did his rockstar hair. I have to admit, it was the best rockstar hair ever and it didn’t fall flat during the first note. I have the touch. Doug, Phil, and I talked about how we (Phil and I) were “karmalized” (since we were both out of it and that will bounce off each other while they were playing and I was watching) not be confused with “carmalized”.

The guys took the stage and Tim Farrow came through the door. Holy hell, Tim Farrow! Tim’s about to leave for Iraq – we were great friends in high school, kinda lost touch, then saw each other around the holidays right before I left for NYC. We’ve communicated through texting during the past few months, and it was really cool to see him at the Logan House. He says he met the “love of his life”, Jill, who I also met last night. Kid’s got it rough, as long as I’ve known him his heart as always been true. Good luck overseas and stay strong.

I also ran into some college friends who I hadn’t seen in a while. Dan Lyons also met up with us, QSJ flyers in hand. Oh so sad – memories!! Just like old times. I miss this so freaking much – I was so damn happy to be back at the Logan House and to be around so many awesome friends, old and new. I know coming back home was going to be great, but I didn’t realize I much I missed it. I started tearing up, especially while talking to Tim. Makes me wonder if leaving everything I never knew I always wanted was worth the adventure of isolation. That is a whole new blog altogether, but being there for those short hours and standing outside with Nate on the balcony and him looking at me just saying “I miss you,” made me reevaluate everything. I walked back into the club, looked at LDE to my left, and my friends right in front of me inside a room with so many memories and it made me want to come home. I want to be like Jim, manage bands and base myself where they are or nearby.

I grabbed my drink and stood in the front with Morita and Maryann and took even more silly pictures – for now we will live in the moment and celebrate we will for life is short but sweet for certain. Phil told me that he would bare my children if I got him the wussiest drink ever. So I did, it was pink and had lots of garnishes. I guess Donnie saw that as an open invitation for me to grab him a drink, so he asked for a random shot. I got him Jager. When did I become beer bitch?! Speaking of which, Phil introduced me to people during the set break and said that I was a street team member. When the hell did that happen!?!? Does he not realize that I don’t DO street teams?!?!? I’ll correct him later. There’s always some dancing freaks at the Logan House. This time it was some guy who thought it was 1993 and certainly gave Napoleon a run for his money. He even did the cabbage patch and thought he was hot shit. I really had to go to the bathroom but couldn’t leave because I was afraid of missing something. I honestly thought I was going to die from laughter. Morita and Maryann named him “break dancing Mike”. Yeah, he totally break danced.

After the show we hung out as usual. I swear that sound guy hates us. I shared my idea of rock star porn with Chris and we decided to make a venture of it. He said I could film and produce it and he would provide the sound track while we starred in it. He said I could direct, but I will leave that feat up to him since I didn’t know what half the positions were from diner discussions the other night. It was also decided that I could just go on the road with them and be a personal groomer since I am the best at rockstar hair. A stylist is very important! We said our goodbyes and I didn’t want to go. I think Johnny accused me of being drunk, but I wasn’t – just elated and tired, a dangerous combination. I’m even too tired now to remember much that happened past 1 pm…I think mentally I was already asleep! We emerged into the rain where I complained that I wanted to stay and didn’t want to go back to Hoboken. Playing in the rain is worth catching cold…

I rode with Maryann, Mel, and Andrew back to Newark where we totally stayed up even longer and talked. I slept on the tiniest most uncomfortable couch ever, but it was the best sleep I had gotten in days. In the morning we went to Newark Bagels for breakfast then shopped on Main Street. My mom picked me up in the afternoon and now here I am back in Hoboken. My bags are still packed on my floor and now I am onto Spoon on iTunes.

“Hold on…hold on to yourselfyou know that only time will tell
what is it in me that refuses to believe
this isn't easier than the real thing…”

"Until I'm with you...." LDE at the 9:30 Club. Great moment, but I saw it from the side of the stage :-(

The girls drove all the way from Michigan! ;-)

An interesting game of Twister

"This is what I doooo" ~ Rhett Miller

Breakfast at lunchtime at Panera

Rusty and I play a mean piano

Best sign ever...humping and Jack Johnson

Anna, Angela, Rusty, me, & Judy outside of the White House

Scaggsville! My favorite I95 sign!

Johnny's ass hanging out the window on 95 North

Miranda, Anna, Angela, & Judy at Grottos

This is the way to get to Starbucks

Us at Cafe Gelato in Newark

The DC guys meet the NYC girls in DE

Johnny shaking his ass on stage at the Logan House...pants on...

Phil's girly drink

me and maryann at logan house

Angela caught our "karmalized" conversation

LDE at Logan House

Doug shows what we feel after the LoHo show

"it's sitting on a lonely stage as the room filters out and the begin to fade...it's standing fourth row center knowing that this is the way my life's going to be forever" ~amanda kaletsky