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Friday, August 08, 2003

stupid technology


I'll blog at work.

Sadness :-(

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

repeat: i will not use cell phone while drinking beer.

On Sunday I went to the East End. That should pretty much answer your question about the title of this blog.
Adam Brodsky, a Philly folk rock singer, is attempting to get into the Guiness Book of World Records by being the first solo performer to play all fifty states in fifty days. See www.fiftyinfifty.com . He kicked off this feat at the East End right here in good old Newark, so of course I had to go.
Our apartment is usually the number one stop for any pregaming action and Sunday was the last night that any pregaming would occur in 5208 due to Karen and me moving. So the troops gather and the wine is opened. Soon there after, the rum and vodka and a sad attempt at the whiskey. Off to the East End, the happiest place on earth. Or...the happiest place on earth within walking distance.
Ok, let's establish the key players who were present...Karen, Aurora, Nate, Mike Clarke (somehow when you say his name, the first and last name go together), Doug, Marco, Taneeka, and "bitter looking girl" (I don't remember her name, but she was at our table and didn't look to happy to be there). Oh, and Adam Brodsky. Oh, and every freaking person that we called.
So Tim calls to see if we were at the EE, so I tell him to get over there. Apparently Adam didn't appreciate me being on the cell and tells everyone to be quiet and to stare at me. Oh yeah. Embarrassing. So I proceed to tell Adam, in front of a packed venue, that it was ok, I was only trying to get more people to come. So then this little incident becomes his topic of ridicule and everyone at the EE has a hoot at my expense. It's ok though, I was laughing. Then he dedicated a song to me and put me in the lyrics, so all is well now. My little incident was a common theme in Adam's monologue the entire night. I don't think my friends ever laughed so hard at me. haha.
So that should have been my hint on not to touch cell phones. After that little embarassing stint, Aurora, Karen, and I go outside and in the midst of our conversation decide that its a good idea to call nearly everyone in our phone books. Not a good idea. I think its really bad that I have more musicians than not musicians in my phone book. So yeah, lets call EVERYONE. We started with Phil (LDE) and ended with Steve (GTT). Phil was the only one we had a specific message for and he understands and contributes to our randomness (the best on being -> :::in a british accent::: "Tidliwinks...this is Graham from the band Noasis..." and continues for like ten minutes on my v-mail).
Aurora and I also wreaked havok in the bathroom. She broke the paper towel dispenser and I think I threw stuff over the stalls, though we both don't remember how or when or why. Why do they let us roam out together!?!? Hasn't everyone learned already that we disrupt everything we get into??!?!
Mike Clarke drove Aurora and I back to my apartment, which is only two blocks away. I guess he knew better. Besides pregaming, my apartment is also known for its balcony which has been puked off of numerous times. Rick holds the title of master balcony puker, and I wanted to take that crown away from him, but I didn't quite make it that far. Damn.

stupid idiot drivers who almost hit me more than once