"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, January 23, 2004

"i love going back to mirandas for the after party" -j

ahhh yes, I am so loving these days.

I don't have work until Saturday night, live it up. Yeah so tonights work day was fun, and ny fun i mean not fun. Screw it, i am not talking about work on here.

So after work, I call Aurora and she comes over and we make drinks. Woo. And we talk on how some people have the audacity to be jackasses. Yeah. Then Krabill comes over and we head to Shawn's. Shawn looks like a Tyler, so he is now named Tyler. So we drink up there on Continental. Survivor Flip Cup went underway and Derek held on his own and totally won. ON HIS OWN. We schooled Jamie in some rap and then Matty Ry came in. Ha....an STN wanderer at the Omnisoul party! So then the keg turned out to be vinegar, no seriously, it was. And we were scared that Derek may die, so we all leave to come back here.

Aurora, Jamie, Derek, Karbill, Matty Ry, and I all watched boobs on MTV when Derek wanted to go across the street and get a sandwich. So we took a picture as he sprinted the ten feet. He got there and realized he didn't have any money so he yelled into my window from the DD on where the ATM was. It was rigth behind him. Aurora said that the DD people prolly told him the sandwich was $25 since they saw how plastered he was. It was awesome. Come back here and play with pictures and watch tv and drink. Derek told me that he emailed Phil (LDE) this morning and I told him that they were playing in DE tomorrow night. What a silly small world. I hope those two hook up.

So yeah we just watched some sports center and i am really tired. Damn it is frigid outside. At least Jamie and Krabill drove. Ok, sleep time.

TOMORROW!!! I so need a Friday. Tomorrow I am ditching out of work and heading up to Philly with Aurora. We are meeting up with Maryellen and Chris M. Hitting up some shops (Guacolmole!), then food, the PHANTOM PLANET at and instore on South Street THEN Jonathon Rice and Starsailor at TLA , THEN stopping by the Logan House...THEN initiating the guy into the LDE family and introducing the Omnisoul guys to the LDE crew and whoever else may be up and functioning in the wee hours of the morning. Geez tomorrow is going to RULE.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

no voy a llorar...

Like I stated before January has exhausted me up and down. Though I sensed this was coming from being around, Javi's departure from Lloyd Dobler Effect was official. This band is an awesome group of musicians and people. They were my 22nd birthday present, and Aurora and I immediately started and continued a friendship with all of them. I think the turning point in our relationship was on Feb 13 at the Millenium Music Conference 7 in Harrisburg...

[for a fulll account, hit up http://www.galileo358.blogspot.com/2003_02_16_galileo358_archive.html ]
Haha. Man, such a great great great weekend. We roll up to the Hilton (Kangol Black!) and as we are checking in the desk guy was trying to figure out where to put us. He glances over at the other desk guy and they ask if they should "put them in that wing" , so Aurora and I wondered. It was really great that when you sign up they ask you if you want to loud wings or the quiet wings. So because the desk guys were worried on who we would be next to, we exclaim to put us in the room in question. So we drag our things up to room 521. We go to get our vehicle valeted so I call all of our friends who were there what room we were in. I call up Phil and leave a message syaing we were in 521. He calls back a few minutes later saying that they were in 520!!! OH YEAH, one of the best weekends of 2003 and since the Hilton we have shared many adventures and long talks with these guys so its hard to see LDE become something different than what we have been familiar with.

But I totally understand that this is the time to either step it our or reevaluate. The band is investing a lot of time and money in with Gary Katz and this new recording t be fun and that its time to take it to the next level. And though we all like to drink and have fun and goof off, we must realize that to some, this is their lives and a job and can't always be fun and games. I have listened to the studio tracks in the works and they are awesome. I haven't really been fond of their other studio albums, I pride them in being a live band, but these new recordings make them shine and show their true talent. I am also excited to see Chris Bruno in the band. he used to be a part of Georgia Avenue, who I liked as well. But they need a bassist...any takers? Oh yeah, bassist...so recently after Javi announced his leaving, Rod did as well on the 19th. At least we all get to hang out this weekend :-). I swear....but no more band members leaving ok...? OK!?!??!

And the word loyalty has been tossed around...Loyal or not, this band is more than just a friendship, it is also a business and must find a way to work effeiciently and profitably. 2004 is the next level kids... And this isn't me just jumping on a soap boax now, read my previous entries about LDE and you will see that I have been having a lot more faith in where they are taking this lately.

Its also weird, and Aurora and I have discussed this, that Javi is checking himself in. We all enjoy the booze and hitting up the bottle on any given occasion and we have partied with Javi and lots of occassions. This is just the first time that we have known anyone around our age that is going through this. I'll share with you the Godinez sentiments...

"I want to clear up a few things for all the fans who have questions and I want all LDE fans and friends of mine to know the deal. I am no longer a member of LDE. I was asked to leave after several attempts by the band and myself to clean up my party-lifestyle. Don't think for a second that this decision is a load of crap and that it'sunjust to let me go from the band. The fact of the matter is that I have a drinking problem. I continue to fuel this problem. I'm just owning up to things. There were numerous times (at least 5-6) when the band sat together to discuss how I needed to improve certain things in my performance. Alcohol prevented me from seeing what I needed to do, and it is NO ONE ELSE'S responsibility to tell me how to do my job. That's the way life is, you have to take responsibility to better yourself as a person. I'm not blaming anyone or anything because the only person at fault is ME. I'm sorry if I have let you (The Fans) down, but I promise that I will completely clean up my act. Music is still my passion and I have been workin daily (first time in 4 years) on everything musical (violin, guitar, bass, singing, and composing) that will help me out in the long run. As of right now, I do have the ambition of coming back to LDE, but only time will tell. I'm about to join a 28-day in-patient program to quit alcohol and because of that, I don't know what my attitude towards life will be when I am released. I do know that I will be a successful musician in one way or another. For now, I just have to get my life together, something that I never really have taken the time to do. I hope that clears a lot of doubts, Lloyd-Heads. I definitely owe all of you who have supported us an explanation because you are an extension of the Lloyd Family. For now, just think of me as the drunken uncle who will come back a changed man. Keep supporting LDE. Lots of love to the fans, to my ex-band mates, and to anyone that has supported the band in one-way or another.




This is Rod talking to you, the fans. I would like to say thanks for all the great nights and the undying support and love you have shown for LDE. As Phil mentioned, I gave my two weeks notice on Monday, January 19th 2004 at 1:30 P.M. The past few months there have been changes made in the band and the sound has changed. This was all made to make the band sound full, but it also stirred the band in a different direction-- one that I can't relate to. This is not to say that LDE is a bad band or that they're not going places. To the contrary, I have 100% faith that LDE will be great and is going to accomplish great things in 2004 and beyond. As much as I would like to be a part of this success, fame and glory, I just didn't feel this was the way for me. Having struggled with this decision for over the past month, I finally decided to leave the band and do it my own way, rather than be a pain in the ass to the rest of the guys and be unhappy. Some day in the near future, I will see the guys of LDE at the Grammys-- that's a promise!! Until then, I wish LDE much success... and to the fans... you'll hear from me... soon... and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the great times, support, love, and most of all... thank you for your friendship. Oh, and please continue to support the rest of the guys in LDE, because they totally rock!!!
And from Phil...

It was Rod, LDE's bass player and my long-time friend. He walked into the room and told me that he can't play with the band anymore. Dazed and half asleep, I immediately woke up. I asked why and he said that he feels that he has to persue other interests and he feels that LDE is going in a direction that no longer involves him. I wished him the best and he was on his way.

Over the past couple of months, LDE has changed our sound somewhat. This is a direction that the rest of the band is eager to head in. We are very happy with the way our new recording is going as well as the way the new and final line up of LDE is shaping up. We are constantly thinking about our live show and being able to deliver the best to you, our incredible fans. However, we are also consistantly trying to recreate our music and write new music so that our live show is not the same every night of the week. We feel that this is very important to the band and the fans.

I know in my heart that in a month or two, LDE will be the best it has ever been. We will continue to give 200% at our performances and we will continue to evolve. The new CD, when it is completed, will be the best recording I have ever been lucky enough to be a part of. I feel blessed to have an amazing drummer (Donnie), a show-stopping percussionist (Rusty), a soulful and out-of-wack saxophonist (Doug) and an incredible guitarist/vocalist/songwriter (Chris) in my band. This LDE is the first time I have ever felt absolutly incredible on stage and I promise this will bloom into something 100x better than it is now.

The only thing that gets me is the "my band" instead of "our band"...I have the utmost respect and admiration for Phil and his talents, so undeniably he is going to shine, but still, there is no I in team...(but there is a me!)
So I don't know how to take that statement, but I still fully support the guys and LDE (and the Godinez brothers) in whatever may come

"you can be a bright star..."


Earlier today I realized what the date was and I can't believe we are only three weeks into the new year and how amazingly tumultuous January has become. I don't mean that in the positive or the negative, perhaps a bit of both but it has come to the point where I am frightened to sleep at night because I don't know what the day brings. So much has happened recently, with myself and my relations with people around me and just turn of events, which I am really excited for, but seriously, give me a break once in a while!! I started off the streak by being completely honest and ballsy from the new year till now I strengthened relationships, travelled, made life altering decisions, had familiarity crumble before me, and realized I am stronger than I thought possible, but weaker than ever...

Onto my days events...

Started the day off with an early morning horseback ride and it was freaking cold. I swear I thought I was going to lose my apendages because it was so damn cold. Came back and went straight to the radio station...
Chris R. has a radio show pertaining to local arts stuff and had me on as a guest today regarding the local rock scene. So of course I plugged Ike, Omnisoul, and Marlon Spike and we played their songs and talked about their shows and just the local rock atmosphere around here. We had callers, it flew by and was enjoyable. Afterwards I worked with Dave on some music production in protools and it was saucy.

I come back to my apartment with some unsettling Lloyd Dobler Effect news. I will touch on this whole subject in tomorrows blog (regarding the LDE changes) but can touch on it now. Rod, the bassist, announced he was leaving the band. This transcends so much beyond the music. Come on, who is going to bring us warm PBR outside the Grape?! No, but seriously, I welcome change and I understand it, but it still doesn't make it easier to say goodbye. Not after all the craziness that has been endured with the Godinez brothers. And after talking with Phil on several occasions, I am still fully behind LDE and its alterations, it is just the instability of somethng so familiar that is upsetting, but will be brought up in another blog... So yeah, didn't expect that...this isn't cool right before the Japan & New England tour!! They'll be in DE this weekend, so now the party is really going down.

Spent the afternoon talking with Maryellen and Chris M. via email while they procrastinated at work ;-). I'm glad there are others as insanely connected to their computer as I am. Makes me feel better about my addiction. While talking with them, I realize that I think I definitely have a ghost of some sort in here. When I first moved it I would feel a presence and see a smoke haze, but not a definite figure. And today the smokey haze was chilling in my plant. I felt a sense of calmness, so I feel OK. But now I guess I shouldn't dance around my room naked. Just kidding folks...

My internet died so I went to the store to say hi to Chris C. and to get my mail. As I am laughing at my insanely high credit card bill (i have come to the realization that i will always be in debt and will always have to pay a bill of some sort, so why the hell not just spend away) Chris informs me that we were burglarized again. As he is breaking the news to me, Rusty from LDE is calling me. I CAN'T TAKE THIS!!!! So I am laughing my ass off because there is just simply nothing much more to do. I look at Chris and apologize, and start laughing again. Hell, if you can't explain it and you're a rain cloud, the least you can do is laugh. Why why why why, these is all so boggling because it doesn't make sense - nothing fits. I seriously feel like a target, and I am not just talking about the robbery...I am just way on edge on a few things that can't even be mentioned on here. And the fact that I can't mention them on here says a lot...but I think I can honestly say that I haven't ever been more fearful.

Tanya, Joe, Chris L. (yes, that is four Chris's mentioned in one blog, I oughta through another one in for fun), Dan, Todd, Sark, & I went to McGlynn's for some merriment before the Omnisoul show. Poor Casey Kasem was left defenseless against the ridicule against him. For God's sake, his hair looks like steel wool. Maryellen made me laugh at the table because she texted me about a Damien Rice song being on a TV show. We are such dorks I love it. It reminded me of the time that Nate called me from Cali to have me listen to a song that was playing in the pool hall. We left there without Todd and Sark and with Ben and headed to Kahuna. Met up with Aurora, David, Cooksy, and crew and hung out. Great show by the guys as they played some new stuff, but the sound wasn't as good as other venues, but the effect was still there. And Jamie wails on Bohemian Rhapsody. Aurora and I screamed way loud and were annoying. Oh well. Chris had on saucy cashmere socks that were fuzzy. I'll write more on the show under the show review section.

Ever feel like you thought you knew someone, and then they completely change due to the people they are around? Yeah me too, thanks.

Chris Bruno....um....welcome to LDE and brace yourself for Friday...I just wanted to throw another Chris in there for five.

Goodnight all, wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

clicky clicky!


We just posted the pictures of the drinkiness here a few weeks ago onto my website....this is my favorite picture ever from that night (to see more, check my damn site, fool)


rrrrrrrrrrrrr i'm a piorate!

I decided to let Melissa write this blog...because.....she already told her neighbors she was an alcoholic. I really do think we have problems. No, seriously. We are alcoholics. Its a freaking Tuesday nighT and so far, 2 bottles of wine gone....between the two of us.

We're watching American Idol and laughing at those stupid chumps. Oh but lets go back to her nasty neighbors. She opens the door with a beer in her hand and they say that drinking is always her excuse for not ever moving her car. and so she points to her beer and says DRINKY! After she slams the door on the rude woman's face, she claims that she is an alcoholic and we drink to that. At that time, it was only 7:30. We then drink to everytime someone does somehting stupid on American Idol....so yeah, we're pretty plastered because if you saw tonights show, you wold realize how untalented all these ass clowns are.

Oh yeah, rick was sleeping and he heard melissa yelling at her neighbors so he came downstairs awoken from his slumber to set them in place. we are still waiting for those cops to come that they treatened us with. So rick joined us in some merriment.

Melissa says i am a bad person cuz i make her do things that she would not normally do. i am a bad influence. the bad seed. i can't feel my toes. i went into melissa's work on wednesday before heading out to nyc with aurora and can't recall anyone, but apparently i made a strong enough impression that russell called aurora miranda. he called aurora by my name that should mean. yeah, melissa just mentioned that.

and melissa just admired my swift typing skills and how i have made minimal mistakes while typing inebriated. but then again when i IM people, every other word is misspelled because because because because because. Because of the wonderful things he does - do do do dodo.


HAHAHHA so two wednesday ago, we were over here - when melissa thought she could never drink again and we all emptied out her liquor cabininent - and melissa kept saying the word "drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuunk" and it was really funny and we still laugh.

and we just realize that we refer to people as their IM names as opposed to their real names.

So what's everyone doing for the superbowl - YEAHHAHHSHHASHASH PATRIOTS! "NO PANTHERS" says Melissa shrilly. We're going to have that jello wrestling tournament then too, since apparently we're on opposite sides now. Ohhh i can't feel my face. Oh, what else can we wrestle in? Sour cream dip? Salsa? Guacomole? It will be a nacho dip of sorts.

Rick has now come into the room/.. They are yelling at me. Someone help. THey are drunk and loud, and I fear for my safety...
that was rick, he just left to get a drink to deal with us.

Monday, January 19, 2004

new york university rally time

Alright kids, it's go time. The NYU application will be dropped in the mail tomorrow. Eeeeek!

I wanted to get it in a lot sooner than this - it is due Feb 1, but I am picking up my last recommendation tomorrow. I had to get two recommendations, but opted for three because its a strong number - the strongest most complete number since a plane will fit on any three points in space. Actually, that is another reason I am dropping off my application tomorrow, because it is Jan 20, which is a three day. One plus two plus zero, years don't count. And 21 days of every month is a celebration and though I opted to have my package postmarked on the 21st, I figure I will have it postmarked on the three day, and en route on the 21 day. Double the luck. But yeah, so I chose 3. Hopefully NYU will dig them. I got Steve to do one as a band rec, the station manager of WVUD, and Chris because she has known all of my work with STN and has seen the transformation of my show. So hopefully that will encompass it all.

Tweaking my personal statement now. Its not how I want it, but its all I can fit into three pages. Again, the magic number is three. I feel as though grad school is my only option right now. I've spent the last seven months applying to jobs to no avail. And its not like I am not qualified, in either the music realm or what I actually went to college for (double majored in mass communication (the media aspect) and political science) and there are just no jobs. And granted I love every day, I just can't keep doing what I do because I am broke. Flat ass broke.

I looked into grad school a few months ago due to my desparity and while searching for close schools and looking into the business or political aspect, it dawned on me that i should study something i want to do, not what is available. So there are a few schools in the US that offer a post grad degree in music business and i narrowed it down to TN and NYU. No way in hell I am going to TN, and I find every excuse to go into NYC, so NYU is going to be getting my only grad school application. So I am really nervous because it is really tough to get in. Extremely tough. Super duper freaking hard as hell tough to get in. But what do I have to lose, right?

If I do get in, I am going, no matter what. I am fortunate enough to not have any college loans due to scholarships that equated more than a full ride. So why not go into deeper debt? At least I will have another piece of paper to show for it. Haha, I have no idea where my degree is. I do know where my graduation cap is. Karen, Natalie, and I decorated them the night before graduation with strings of wired stars and puffy glitter paints. Mine said "tempted...fated...looks like we finally made it..." And of course it was a Pat McGee Band quote. Time will tell.

So I am sitting here with my Wawa coffee - geez, it feels like college again - I am writing and finishing this essay until the wee hours of the morning. And by the way, the Wawa has been incident free for 5 days.

Chris made my stereo work finally, hmmm...not supposed to jam the wires in...? So now I can listen to CDs in my room. The following discs are currently playing and will follow me till the end of the writing:
Ryan Adams - Rock N Roll (i love this disc almost more than my roos)
Jeff Buckley - Live at Sin-e' (disc 1)
Green to Think - The Miranda Sessions (rock on)

happy mondays

Haha....someone just called the store... "hi, i'm looking for this really obscure band, maybe you can help me out..."

and incidently its the band that Melissa and I have tattoos of. Ohhhh dangling preposition.

In the store, we are currently listening to Eric Clapton & BB King, Sheryl Crow, Tom Petty, David Bowie, and Albert King. Good stuff, but...yeah....

"Here's the thing. I made that tape special for today. My special Monday morning tape for YOU... SPECIAL!" - Barry, from High Fidelity

i hate these damn things

my friend sent me this to see what i would get, so I took it because I was bored. I am not laughing, it is not funny, i hear it enough that i don't need some quizilla chump to tell me. F it, I'll write a book instead. And it will becaome a movie, and it will be my life.

how will it end and are you in it?

Good. You know your music. You should be able to
work at Championship Vinyl with Rob, Dick and

Do You Know Your Music (Sorry MTV Generation I Doubt You Can Handle This One)
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, January 18, 2004

meet me in london for a drink

I must start out this entry by celebrating the fact that Ames shot his 200th 3 pointer last night and UD Men's Basketball topped ODU. Aurora and I listened to the end of the game on WVUD while driving to Baltimore and we freaking out when Ames' 200th shot with 1.8 seconds left in the game won it for them. We screamed and beeped then put in some Graham Colton.

We battled the snow and ice and stupid drivers on 95 and arrived at the Funk Box shortly after LDE took the stage. We ran late because I got out of work later than expected and the weather sucked. Chris, the new guy - or i mean, "the guy", had to get our approval, and well, he immediately got it. Damn, I don't think we can take it. So yeah, we danced and sang and made fun of the crazy girl dancing in front of us. I don't think this chick had a spine because her body was flailing about all over the place. It got to the point that guys would run up and dance with her just to say they did and people covertly took pictures of her antics, it was great.

I got to hear "Meet Me in London", I was afraid we'd miss it, which is one of their new songs, and my favorite of the new ones out there. I can't even tell you how good this album is going to be. It was so weird to not see Javi on stage, but even worse when LDE played Rabies, which is the song where Javi goes nuts in with his dog hat. But the guys were on it at the Funk Box, though there was some sound difficulties. And Chris definitely fit right in. It will be interesting to see where they will be going with this new sound as they try to make 2004 their year. There are lots of surprises waiting... :-)

After the show, Rusty took us upstairs to the best green room on the east coast. I just love the Funk Box. Seriously, if you are a band, play there. Now. So we sat around and talked I guess. We definitely didn't drink. It was really chill. Ran around the venue sliding down banisters and jumping over baricades playing a game of hide and seek.

The guys will be leaving soon to head out on tour in Japan. I was chosen over Chuck to go, sorry :-P. LDE, Brad, and I will make sure Asia treats them well. Haha, if only I could leave Delaware and the USA for a month, but damn I can't. Unless...

But the LDE New England tour is coming up and that should be like the craziness of MMC7 times 80 million. The last week in March will bring us to Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, a detour in New Hampshire, and New Jersey on the way back. Booya.

love on the rocks with no ice

Another Sunday where I am at the record store from the time we open until we close.

But this is what I am listening to to pass the day:
White Stripes - De Stijl
Jet - Get Born
The Natural History - EP
The Darkness - Permission to Land
Postal Service - Give Up

My day is better than yours.