"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

The whole awkwardness that I mentioned in the previous blog about wanting to fulfill every waking second with something to be remembered was definitely met the days after.
The Tuesday of that week was spent cramming for CHEM. Which was, the worst thing ever. Nothing like taking my last test ever and going out with a bang. the damn thing was 61 pages long. 61 pages LONG!!!!! It was horrendous. Not that I should be complaining though, instead of studying, we decided to bowl in the apartment. Anything that was long, cylander, and plastic was victim to the 12 pound bowling ball that I found in the closet. I think the neighbors downstairs were about to murder us. The best was the filled ketchup bottles we used, those things just wanted to fly.
The day after goes down in history as the best indoor water fight ever. So we get home from East End and Natalie and I were playing jokes on Karen, but payback is a bitch. She used my cellphone and AIM to talk....and yeah, I freaked and water balloons went flying. For about an hour there was water balloons, the kitchen spray nozzle thingy, and even water filled trash cans which soaked the entire apartment and ourselves.
It was definitely great :-)

Melissa keeps getting on my case to update the Blog ;-). Wow, it's been over a month...time to recap. I'll go in chronological order...
May 25-
The Big STN Shebang...
Yeah, a lot went down that day, but we'll begin with the night before.
I think all of us were going crazy towards the end of May, mostly trying to get all that we could out of these last moments together. A lot was left unsaid, due to the fact that none of us wanted to admit that things were ending. But again, like I said before, to quote the band Semisonic, "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"...
The 24th was our final TV crew pizza night. This is where all the TV girls get together at my place, pick up Margherita's pizza, and talk about...um...mostly TV productions. So sad so sad... So inaddition to pizza night, we had to get the goods ready for the party the next night. Karen and I make the best jello shots in the world. Yes, we actually are world champs at it. So we get in the Cabrio and pick up the crew. We stop by Warner to pick up Brittany, but Brittany isn't alone....who is this strange man...? It's candyland man! So he gets in too and we kidnap him to the pizza place then 5208. I really think I scared him. The frightening started with my driving. Apparently they, yes, a collective they, feel that I have too much energy when I am excited be contained in such a bitty vehicle. Yeah. So we go back to the apartment, where we make small talk with candyland man. See, we have all heard of this guy, but apparently all of the info I had garnered should not have been revealed. Such as where he lives, or what high school he went to, or the movie he made. The look on his face when I said "oh, so you live in Claymont" was priceless. that was just part two of the frightening. Then we started making jello shots. Then Aurora came in plastered. Brittany and Candyland Man do not drink, well, he didn't before the next day. I think he thought that being wasted and making shots were an everyday occurence for all of us. So after we had about 100 shots, we have to transport them to Epler's. All five of us pile in Karen's car to drop off trays of jello shots a few blocks away. As I ask the crew if this is driving with an open container and as they count actually how many open containers it would be, we pass a cop. There was so much illegality going on in the car then. We drop of the stuff then figured that since Jen missed the evenings events since she was editing her program, we should go to the White House and scare her (WHICH WHEN IT HAPPENS TO YOU IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!). So Aurora, Karen, and I go to the WH after we drop the kids off at Warner. We had an eloborate plan of throwing things and breaking in. So I find a Snapple bottle and think that that's a good thing to throw up to the second story window. So I toss it up and the girls run inside. We were using our cells phones like walkie-talkies and I couldn't hear a damn thing. jen said soemthing, we started laughing and ran out and hid in the trees. Then she saw us from behind and we were caught :-(. So we go inside and then devise a plan to steal the coke machine that's downstairs. It hasn't been used in years and was last inspected in 1994. We deserve it.
Onto the party.
I had to work for a few hours beforehand, then pick up Jay and Aurora to pregame the party at the apartment. Pretty much EVERYONE from the TV station was at our apartment midafternoon pregaming the actual party. We were about to leave when Andy calls my apartment saying he is the only one at Eplers and where the hell are we. So then he comes over and partakes in the action, then we head over.
Too much to even write...or remember....
Since I am not allowed to mix drinks anymore because I make them lethally strong, I thought I would try my hand at making Jungle Juice. They yelled at me for wanting to use Brita water, seeing how the grain alcohol would kill ANY bacteria in the water. We played the longest beer pong game ever. Did shots with Carlos. Convened in the bathroom....many times. It was a crazy good time.
Then we ended the night at Kates for 80's night with Fin and Marty.
Work the next day absolutely SUCKED.