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Thursday, March 31, 2005

May 14th

Is going to be super fun!

Not only was I going to go home anyways...BUT I just found out that...

Raf's band is playing at Breakers at 9pm...to be followed by Lloyd Dobler Effect at the Logan House around 11 pm.

Maryann, I hope you know what this means... :-)

DC is becoming overpopulated with my friends.

When we all moved away last year...well, I had stayed, but everyone else was moving. They all figured I would be in NYC and I was there enough anyways, that at that point I was consided the NYC point. Aurora was Boston, Brit and Laurie in NJ, Hillary in NH, and Jen and Whitney in DC. We considered this to be the axis of fun that stretches along the east coast and we could just reconvene at certain vectors.

Matt Winn just got accepted into the PhD program at UMD - woohoo!!! Brittany is also now pursuing a double masters at American and Wesley. How freaking awesome are my friends?! And then it dawned on me that the axis of fun was gravitating towards DC. Two Matts, Jen, Hillary, Dave, Whit, Brit, Mark...come on now, who's next?!?! I always thought I would end up n DC working in broadcast journalism, but fate provided me a different path. I still get to live vicariously though Jen because she went after it.

So here I am lately, with my head spinning not knowing who I am or who I want to be and wondering where I should even be when Matt basically says, "move to DC". Ha! How crazy and fun would that be? All of usm like within minutes of each other! Screw roadtrips to the Khyber and Northstar and Tin Angel! We have um...DC 9...and um, the 9:30 Club? Oh well! Matt promises to find a sweet place if I go up there and we would be super cool roommates. Wawa runs five times a day. Stuffed pretzels and rockstar drinks all day looooong.

So here we are. Anyone want to help in the search for a video, journalism, political, or music job down there in DC? I'll just pick a new city each year. Jen - I expect a comment.

gross nyc guys

Stupid stupid stupid boys!

Not all of you guys can be as smooth as Dan when it comes to charming the ladies ;-). Obviously the NYC type need to take some lessons.

I had to pick something up down the street this afternoon and while walking I found myself in the middle of a swarm of guys. Ugh. I could tell they were staring at me, so I didn’t make eye contact and just kept walking. I had to walk pass them again on my way back to the office, so this time they started saying stuff. Excellent, I just ignored them and walked. I’m almost to my office when I hear some guy behind me complimenting me and saying equally raunchy stuff. What the hell. I ignore him, so of course he makes comments about me ignoring him. Luckily I was at my office, so I turn in and he follows and gets in the elevator with me. Creepy! Thankfully someone else was in the elevator and didn’t get off before I did. Before I went into my office I realized I forgot to pick something else up, meaning I had to walk pass those guys again. Yup, same old same old. What did they expect me to do, turn around and thank them for enjoying my ass?! Join them for lunch because walking pass them “made their day”?!? Grrr. This is why I don’t like guys. Haha just kidding. But still, way to have class and be way scary. Before walking pass them a fourth time, I realized I had my cell on me and called Nate because I had to talk to him anyways and figured he would answer if I called him. So he was my saving grace, but only allowed more cat calls since I guess the guys knew I wouldn’t do anything about it. Fuckers. Seriously, next time Maryellen and I are walking in the city, we are soooo gonna be blantant asses. Ok, maybe not, we’re wusses.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

yoinked from jen's blog

Most of us keep track of each other though blogs, xangas, live journals, and road journals... yay for Jen and her DC adventure! For more on Miss Jen, check out her wonderful blog. But I love the below comment, because like Jen - I have a twang of homesickness. The below entry reminded how we all have taken a bit of Newark with us, because even if we are older and are working, we will always wake up early for an adventure or drinking or both ;-).

Ok, and you seriously have to read Jen's whole story about the adventure. I would expect nothing less.


"We meet up outside of CNN by 5. AM. In the morning. Or as my mother would call it, "the Crack" Jessica brings coffee, bagels and cream cheese, Josh brings Crockodile Hunter type hats (Crickey! We're hunting kegs!), Bill brings his wonderful sense of direction. Steve calls in a panic thinking we left without him, when we meet him in Capitol Hill he brings beer and a flask, which, while not the best thing to have in a moving vehicle, it made me quite homesick for Miranda and her trusty flask that came with us to LoHo and spiked Aurora and Marissa's drinks. Ah, the good old days..."

And as per Jen's request (oh geez - a work term!) I will reinstate comments on my blog. Have fun

visitors are fun!

After working late, I had the pleasure of being reunited with friends in the city :-). Maryann is on spring break, as is Emily (who is studying in London) and the two reconvened for the day in the city. The two were shopping with Pete, Emily's boyfriend, when I got off work and conveniently were a block away from me.

We played hide and seek with our cell phones on 34th Street and finally met up between the orange bags and the sparkly flip flops. We popped into Old Navy - in search of a bag, but were distracted while in search for a bag. As Maryann and I shared our dramas, we both agreed that the new bermuda shorts are not hot and should be burned - though Em claimed that they are coming back in style and seemed yay too happy about it.

Have I mentioned how much I love the lower east side? We stopped by Pete's before finding dinner. Apparently he had a cat, but we didn't beleive him since it was missing for two hours. The fridge and freezer were checked and finally Pete found her hidden in a box. Better in the box than frozen. Victory!

We played in the rain and gave up on our hoods and umbrellas as we walked to the pub. We were drenched while eating. We schemed, plotted, planned, shared stories, and acted as if we were Dr. Suess. At least we were the only ones there!

We said our goodbyes and I headed on the PATH to Hoboken as Maryann caught the bus back to Howell. Those three hours went by fast! :-( Aw - next weekend will come soon enough! What a wonderful beginning to the week. Oh, and I also still miss Rainbow.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Lancaster or bust!

captn morgster: im disappointed our im convo didnt make it to the blog
galileo358: haha which part of the convo - you have to be specific :-)
captn morgster: galileo358 (9:36:10 PM): 4/16....pmb...lancaster...
captn morgster (9:36:15 PM): I AM SO THERE
galileo358 (9:36:26 PM): eeek - wanna pick me up on the way?!
captn morgster (9:36:31 PM): i'll see you friday night
captn morgster (9:36:32 PM): around 9 :-)
captn morgster: took me 21 secdonds to deicde i was going
galileo358: took me 3.5 once i saw the dates and realized it was a weekend :-)

Lancaster is always a good time. Big Yuenglings, friends from all around the region, and tour busses. I love my life.

upcoming rock

These are a few things that I am looking forward to. :-) Rock! Let me know if I am leaving anything out or if you want to come... (by the way, I want my fucking Go Go Cabrio)

April 2 - rock show...somewhere...that isn't NJ or NYC...
April 5 - either Todd Martin at Goldhawk - Hoboken, NJ or JJ Appleton at Club 17 - New York, NY
April 8 - Ok Go at Maxwell's - Hoboken, NJ
April 9 - Steve and Gilligan's Housewarming Party (I know, not a show, but they are representing Green to Think and Fake Chapter Records) - Bloomfield, NJ
April 16 - Pat McGee Band at Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA (ROCK FAMILY REUNION!)
April 21 - Akiva at Tribeca - New York, NY
April 30 - Phantom Planet at Knitting Factory - New York, NY
May 1 - Honestly at Princeton, Princeton, NJ
May 6 - Akiva & JJ Appleton at University of Delaware - Newark, DE (hopefully!)
May 14 - Lloyd Dobler Effect at Logan House, Wilmington, DE

white tea and ginger

The scent of white tea and ginger reminds me of when I first moved into my apartment above the record store.

Chris (what the hell is his last name?! I don't think he had one...he was just Chris...from Arizona) left my apartment all scummy so while fixing up the place I would constantly wash my hands - with white tea and ginger soap.

I just washed my hands with white tea and ginger soap and realized it was the same bottle I had in my old apartment. How the fuck do I still have the same bottle of soap after a year and a half? And why the hell did I pack it to Hoboken!?

I miss my old apartment.