"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, June 23, 2005

june was meant for craziness

Again, I must write a public apology to those I haven't had time to speak with. Seriously...I have been in absolute overdrive. My anxiety levels have reached new highs, my mind races, I don't have time to eat, let alone sleep.

And I love how Randy calls from the road and asks if I am ready for this wild ride that we are about to embark on. We have office of four people and an intern and we just signed two artists, two artists are in the studios, one we are developing and are about to showcase, another one is embarking on his national tour tomorrow, another one has a CD dropping this week and a tour shaping up. Ready for this wild ride? I was born with the wind blowing in my face.

And that's just my "work" life, there are also those artists that aren't related to my day job...tours, labels, press, photos, cd releases, marketing, promotion, traveling...my heart is racing :-). And I won't even touch upon my personal dramas!

I am so looking forward to the weekend. John Faye and IKE will be up mastering their new disc at Sterling with Greg Calbi (um, hello - awesome!), so I am dodging out of the office early and meeting up with them and perhaps a jaunt over to the Omnisoul studio afterwards and catch up with them. Saturday Judy, Ang, Anna, and I are meeting up with Morgan and Steve in Hartford and catching Lloyd Dobler Effect. After my stressful two weeks I am going to drink the $1 pitchers of beer until I can't feel my face. Then Sunday we have Gran Bel Fisher at the Merc back in NYC. Absolutely stoked. Monday is another GBF show, this time at the Living Room with Grammy Award winner Jesse Harris. Hopefully by then, Dan will have called me to say that his job interview went well. Life's moving too fast and I have nothing to hold on to!

pet peeve #439

I was being a stalker freak and just looking at random blogs and I think 87% of the girls had the same damn post. Seriously now, just save us all the verbose regurgitation of your broken hearts.

More than likely, if you are a twenty something female, you have had at least one serious relationship - he fucked you over emotionally and mentally something awful (more than likely he was just fed up with either your whininess, obsessiveness, jealousy, or anxiety) - and then you went through a period where you couldn't trust anyone, had a wall up, wouldn't let anyone in, blah blah - and now - surprise! you are ready to run through a field of daisies again.

WOW! So boring.

Not to say that I live an amazingly exhilerating life, but shit, I'm bored with reading about others. Sorry, I'm just bitter, but I seriously just read the same post multiple times by different people. Get over it, quit obsessing, find something to focus your energy on, and get at it.

On another note. It's hot as hell in my apartment. Ha - too funny, on Tuesday night my phone started blowing up around 3 AM. I had my phone by my bed, so naturally I thought it was a "I'm riding home from a gig please talk to me and keep me up so i don't drive off the road" call, but no, it was Cheryl (who had hung up before I could pick it up), then Lindsay. Both my roommates and both who were in their rooms. Lindsay's door had flung open, then shut, then she heard footsteps. Obviously the three of us were freaking out in our rooms too afraid to go outside. Finally Cheryl grabbed her curling iron and bursted out into the hallway. She found a box of nail polish on the ground of their bathroom, but other than that - nothing out of the ordinary. Too strange. We're blaming it on the wind and the sudden AC bursts. Yup, that was it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

making out is both fun and scandalicious

and this is what jen and i do while we're both at work and talking about people we know.

[12:32] mirgoes2eleven: so. since high school, i have made out with, in order (and with some overlapping): ***, ***, ****, *****, *****
[12:33] mirgoes2eleven: how is it that i think i have talked to all of those guys at lengths in the past week
[12:33] mirgoes2eleven: i hate my life.
[12:33] Jenabee88: it makes me laugh that *** is in there
[12:33] mirgoes2eleven: (oh god i put in the cd and i am laughing)
[12:33] mirgoes2eleven: so gay.
[12:33] mirgoes2eleven: oh yeah and lets go down the list on who is gay
[12:33] Jenabee88: HA
[12:33] mirgoes2eleven: oh and speaking of which, *****, i forgot about him
[12:34] Jenabee88: wait ***** who?
[12:34] Jenabee88: YES
[12:34] mirgoes2eleven: he goes in between *** and ****
[12:34] mirgoes2eleven: HA
[12:34] Jenabee88: dont forget about regressive candyland!!!
[12:34] Jenabee88: hahahahaha that was too awful
[12:34] mirgoes2eleven: oh no, not hot *****, ***** ********, then one i'll see this weekend
[12:34] mirgoes2eleven: hahahaha
[12:34] Jenabee88: he was like nah, lets not make out anymore, because i have to turn gay[12:34] Jenabee88: OH new years *****
[12:35] Jenabee88: remember on new years we were on the phone and you were driving home and i was at work and neither of us slept like at all and we were like why why is this our lives.
[12:35] Jenabee88: its good to see that absolutely nothing has changed
[12:35] mirgoes2eleven: haha i know i totally love it - and it all went very much not like how we anticipated
[12:36] mirgoes2eleven: i ended up making out in the clear elevator in front of everyone and well, you provided *** with a scandal
[12:36] mirgoes2eleven: hehe
[12:36] Jenabee88: ha!
[12:36] Jenabee88: clear elevator!
[12:36] Jenabee88: we're awesome at sucking at life
[12:39] mirgoes2eleven: seriously, again, we'll be 30 and doing this shit
[12:39] mirgoes2eleven: instead of making tv, we should be on tv
[12:39] Jenabee88: seriously

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

big fat sigh



So right when pretty much everything else is going right and almost everything is copasetic, there is always that one aspect that just throws everything else for a loop.

One on hand there's someone pretty close to me who in a nutshell, said that if I wanted him to be more in my life - then he was there for the taking and I missed it. And not that I wanted to, but it still has me contemplating on what-ifs.

One the other hand, there is another person who pretty much said that I am perfect for him - I think the percentage was a 90% and everything is up in the air. Act on that damn 90% because I am 100% sure he knows what I think. Not that I am really making an effort towards anything because why make an ass out of myself, but some days I am thoroughly confused. And I am beginning to think that he isn't the person I thought he was. So maybe fate is right. Damn you fate!

I don't know why I am complaining. I have so much going for me, I have accomplished way more than people twice my age, I have a million and one things on my plate now - but still, my mind is preoccupied.

You got to love my vagueness. But I am so stressed right now that I had to let it out or I would burst. Ok, time to watch a movie with my roommates.