"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

"i'll have you naked by the end of this song"

Ok, I don't know the Justin Timberlake lyrics, but I think that is right. SO DAMN FUNNY. Thank you Morgan for sending me this: http://www.morgasmic.org/images/janetboob.jpg

We held the Super Bowl festivities at Melissa's this year. The first half of the game blew and the commercials weren't that much better. But Karen and I drank 6 bottles of wine I think. Tequila and Jager shots were taken. We tore into pink elephants.

The half time show sucked worse than the first half. What was it, 1999? Janet Jackson and P. Diddy and Kid Rock's 4 year old single?! But Melissa caught Janet's exposure and it was great.

Rick has a mini keg thingy so I said something about a keg stand on it. Oh and we did, oh we did. I can't beleive we did, but that was also entertaining.

Melissa and I were the only ones yelling at the TV I think. Her for the Panthers and me for the Patriots. And we know who prevailed, it was awesome.

Karen and I have a tendency to play airplane when we are together, so we tried. Operative word being tried. For two years we have been planning a jello wrestling tournament, but something always gets in the way. That was mentioned when Chris came, and so we decided on snow wrestling, though it was just us playing in the snow. I hope we didn't scare him. Jello wrestling will happen at some point. Perhaps the rooftop in the spring...?

We go back in and watch Super Troopers which wasn't that Super. Neither was the bowl.

Pictures will be up shortly and I am sorry I am lacking the detail, perhaps Melis and Karen can fill me in because I am way too tired to think right now.

"Dream while you're still awake there's no need for sleeping"

Omnisoul rocked the Deer Park on Saturday night showing Newark how to do original music. Screw you DJs and cover bands, good original music can pack a house.

After work Aurora and I went to DP to get some nachos and drinks and tried to get her in. Instead, once Tanya, Heidy, Amy, and Andres showed up, she left for Tyler's for Jackman's going away shindig. She figured we would all be hanging out afterwards anyways, that she wil just come back for that.

We go upstairs and meet up with Chris and Dan as Omnisoul started their set. They dedicated "You Say" for Oliver, though he wasn't there. I'll save the full on show review for the Road page of my website.

Chris coerced us to stand in front of the stage and we did, and there were followerers. Tanya reveled in her free beer and gave her seductive look to all she twirled with and it was fabulous. McDermott and Nick showed up shortly into Omnisoul's set as well. I met the infamous Matt who called into WVUD on Friday. Jamie busted out some O-Town and people swooned.

During the set break Jamie schooled me in his religion and I came away from that conversation more educated than before on a subject I knew nothing about. Derek came back on stage and asked the crowd if anyone else beside him had too much to drink during the break. Speaking of quotes, he had also said "if anyone wants to buy us a drink, we're game". Tanya's roommate Heidy thought he said "if anyone wants to buy us a drink, we're gay". HILARIOUS.

They tore into Paranoid Android and it was great. Derek also played solo This Love and grabbed himself, which I heard caused later problems. We agree that "The Greater You" is phenomenal as we sing along. The crowd got crazy for "Waiting" and it was awesome. The energy in the corwd at this point was amazing. I've known Derek for a while as his music has developed and it made me happy to see such excitment and singing along, so I could only imagine how it was from onstage.

Right after they ended, Aurora pulled up so we went back to my place and hung out with my neighbors for a bit before heading over to Chapel. The PBR from Tuesday was consumed as we played with magnetic fridge poetry. Oh great fun and such a dangerous combination. We sang Biz Markie again. Yes, again.

Derek was trashed and it was funny. We all had decided that after Tanya and Dan played beer pong, that we would go to the diner...because that's what we do. We tell Derek that we will be going, but instead he wants to go home but its a long and cold walk. He inquired who was driving and we had three cars to go to the diner. He gave Chris the puppy dog eyes as he asked if he could get a ride home. Someone mentioned Jamie and um, someone else - no idea who, blocked Jamie so that Derek wouldn't see him and ask. I don't know, it was much funnier at 4am. Regardless, we go to the Eagle.

We got our same kickass waitress as last time and she wasn't mad at the PBR cans we left on the table on Tuesday. She had a good memory and was able to recall some of our usual order, including the side of miscellaneous sauce. Aurora and I played "name that band" with Dan's iPod inventory. Jamie just started a job last week and he was telling us how he dozes off at work, but stares at paper and switches the paper so it looks like he is actually doing something. Chris informs him that it will only get worse, and he has only been on the job for two days. Jamie says he actually doesn't mind his cubicle, in which Chris replied with how the cubicle will be welcoming and comfortable, like a womb, in the beginning, but will then become like a prison. Any more quotes from the table...? I think we kept it PG this time!

After the disco fries were torn up, the two sides of miscellaneous sauce were kicked, and Jamie made a mess out of his butter, we called it a night. Aurora said it was 5:12 am and that meant it was time to go. 5 am is the magic number.