"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, August 03, 2002

August 3, 2002

Ahhhhh.... I'm still speechless. Miss Juliana was less than 5 feet away from me. Her performance went by too swiftly for me to capture every note that was invoked, I was in utter amazement. It was breathtaking. I hope the pictures came out alright and clear, though the shutter was slow. Check back by tomorrow night...

Today was magazine day. For the past few weeks every magazine subscription of mine have all been delivered to my apartment on the same day. The previous spreading of the periodicals that was once enjoyed is now lost to the inundation of reading that I now endure due to mr. postman. I am now faced with all of these choices. I hate decisions. I cant even decide on what belt to wear between 3, let alone pick what I want to read for the next few hours out of a choice of eight. I like magazines, but I love free magazines. I have perfected the art of the "3 months free" promotion that a lot of online stores or credit cards offer. I have been getting Time, Newsweek, and US & World Report for free for nearly a year now thanks to MBNA. Jane has been appearing in my mailbox as well for about 5 months, but I do not remember ordering it or even filling anything out for it, but it kicks, so i don't wonder. I actually pay for Rolling Stone and CMJ. CMJ's New Music Monthly is my bible. Every issue comes with a compilation cd of different types of artists, from techno to rock to celtic, you never know what you'll get on the cd though the magazine is more rockish. The staff is defnitely the most talented music reviewers I have ever encountered. Plus they're not contradictory (cough cough RS RS) and know their stuff. It's like Christmas once a month. Cosmo and Sports Illustrated also come hither, though not addressed to me. I have kidnapped them and made them my own even though I don't really read them, I never know when I may be bored. Or need to attack a fly. But then the whole swarm of magazines also poses a space issue. I can't throw away RS or CMJ once I am finished with it. So my bathroom has become quite the library of entertaining music knowledge. I just better not find any pages missing...

Friday, August 02, 2002

August 2, 2002

"I don't always have a clear idea of what I want. I have to struggle to find out because it might be important." –Juliana Hatfield

It’s only a few hours after I wrote the last entry, but this is cause for excitement….It’s is now 12:09 am and it is officially JULIANA HATFIELD DAY!!!!!!!! She is the reason for my fascination with music. I first heard of her in 1993 and was just amazed, she was the first musician that I delved myself into, she fascinated me. And 9 years later, I have the opportunity to see her perform. Live. Miss Juliana with be merely feet away from me. Words cannot describe it, so I am not even going to try. It will just belittle the emotion. I will write further on my Juliana tomorrow after the show. The musician that I idolize will be under the same roof tonight at the North Star Bar. Wow.

"I feel like I'm too comfortable being alone. I feel like I should hang out with people more of the time. I feel really guilty about that." - Juliana Hatfield

August 1, 2002

¡§i've never been to mexico
i never learned to see the sky the way you thought i could
listen to the radio they're singing songs about mexico
i'm singing songs you'll never hear¡¨ ¡V vaco

I just got back from Cancun. I can¡¦t believe I went to Cancun. It was all spur of the moment sponteniety, a trip planned in less than 48 hours. Though I have flown a handful of times lately, flying still scares the bejesus out of me. I¡¦ve taken physics, I understand the concept. BUT HOW THE HELL CAN THOSE GIGANTIC METAL BEASTS STAY IN THE AIR!?!??! So I made the 3 hour trip to Mexico a booze cruise. I have to exploit first class to all of it¡¦s potential, so I made use of the free drinks on board and drank the entire trek across the continent. I was a very happy and calm passenger ƒº. Though flying scares me, I am fascinated with the window and love looking down below. The Gulf coast is just amazing. Teal blue water with the white sand was just breathtaking from the air. Late in the evening the sky turns an amazing purple and orange shade complementing the sea grean and white foam, definitely one of the most colorful and vivid images I have ever seen. Tuesday night it stormed and I sat on the balcony and watched the lightning dance across the water. It¡¦s extradinary to imagine what is out there, beyond our small circle of familiarity and what sights we miss by enclosing ourselves. Importance is in the small details. Which reminds me of one of my favorite move quotes in which I will leave you with. Though I don¡¦t eat quarter-pounders or smoke, but you get the idea. I will let you in on more little glimpses later.

¡§I take pleasure in the details. You know... a quarter-pounder with cheese, those are good, the sky about ten minutes before it starts to rain, the moment where your laughter become a cackle... and I, I sit back and I smoke my Camel Straights and I ride my own melt.¡¨ ¡V Reality Bites

July 27, 2002

The Swedes deserve thanks for many things…namely chocolate, good music, and IKEA.

Every so often I have to make the trek to IKEA, and pay homage to the domestic gods. I didn’t need anything, but you always come back with something practical when you visit the blue and gold building that is Mecca. I think half of my apartment is IKEA. For example, today I purchased a frying pan (we have a few, but you can never have enough, especially not 2 of them for $6.95), circular containers (we just love our containers in this apartment…make food to last a week, hide it in the fridge and find it 3 months later), bamboo (why do I keep getting plants, my room is like a forest), and a green neon dish scrubber shaped like a daschund (to match my neon green dragon noodle scooper that I got a few months earlier). Quality. It’s like a bonding experience. All the shoppers frantically carrying their measuring tape and gold and blue oversized bags to each display of kitschy mass produced items of household goodness.