"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, April 28, 2005

the alliance

Deron says this:
"nothing in the music business is fair, you just cant weigh your success in numbers. dumb people like dumb things. if the majority of the world is not that smart i'd rather be loved by the minority."

Yeah, seeing the way a majority of this country voted, I'm just fine with most of society liking, or even knowing, my top twenty bands. Hell, most of them are from Europe anyways.

I don't make sense.

i have a headache on fifth avenue

In the midst of my excitement for receiving my purple swingline stapler in the mail, my hair got into my thai noodle dish. Gross.

"And I said, I don't care if they lay me off either, because I told, I told Bill that if they move my desk one more time, then, then I'm, I'm quitting, I'm going to quit. And, and I told Don too, because they've moved my desk four times already this year, and I used to be over by the window, and I could see the squirrels, and they were married, but then, they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn't bind up as much, and I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler and it's not okay because if they take my stapler then I'll set the building on fire... " - Office Space, which gladly isn't my life.

But my purple stapler does rock right next to the latest issue of Rolling Stone and the advance copy of Ryan Adams's "Cold Roses" CD (which I have spun no less than seven times since it found my hands at 11 AM).

rocking work, sprinting across manhattan, and phone calls

The past few days have been jam packed at work – always something to do. And needless to say, since I have also barely been getting any sleep since there is so much going on, I practically have an IV drip of coffee running in my veins. Here I am, on Thursday morning, and I am already on my second cup. I think Laura and I easily polish off a pot before noon every day.

Last night was one of those rare nights where I didn’t have anything to do after work, and since there is always work to be done at work, I stayed at the office late with Rich and Randy. Plus it was also storming, which impelled me to stay indoors. So we ordered Chinese food and answered the phones with “24 Hour Management!” There was also “24 Hour Label” and “24 Hour Booking Agency” last night, since we were all around after hours on the phone getting things done in the office as opposed to cell phone and email out of the office. I would just be doing the same thing just at home, so all is well with staying. Around quarter til 10 pm, I had to FedEx a package so it got to one of our artists by tomorrow morning. Oh hell, the last FedEx pickup around here was at 9:30. Conveniently I had my running shoes in the office, so I tossed my flops, put on my Asics and took off down the streets of Manhattan. It’s ok though since everyone looks weird in the city. People and traffic lights are not conducive to getting anywhere fast. I made it to the west side of the city just short of 10pm and gave it to the truck driver. Whew!

I was all set to shower then go right to bed since I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in days. But no, instead I finally cleaned my room, and put away laundry, then parked myself on the papasan to do more work and research and promotion, this time for certain mirandabands instead of our daytime artists. I relocated myself and my laptop onto bed to start blogging when my phone vibrated across the floor. Mr. Bruno checking in from Kansas, only a few people are worthy enough for me to pick up my phone, let alone me pick up the phone as sleep called.

It’s been a while since we talked since he has been traveling to desolate picturesque places and I have only been free when I go to bed lately. The rest of the band seemed to having been having a grand time in the hotel room with lots of beer. I could hear the chaos six states away. He escaped to the van and conversated (not a word, but a QSJ buzz word that should be used as much as possible) about sex, utter quietness, fuglies, and menu venues. I can’t remember how it came up, but we talked about how we understood each other’s lifestyles. And maybe it was because it was on my mind since too frequently recently I haven’t had time for random acts of fun. I mean, I do, but it’s always scheduled in. Like Monday for example, I had four free hours, so the girls did fondue in Morningside Heights. Again, this is nothing new, but now I am being criticized for it. That is why this blog is here, to tell you all of the things that I would normally tell you in person, this is just more convenient for the both of us J. But I’m portable! Heck, pretty much just tell me when and where and I can be there...but yay for AIM, e-mail, texts, and phone calls to get us all through. It’s not our fault that we lead such busy and exciting lives haha.

I was then schooled on the ranking of venues in order of importance and desire. Menu venues are at the bottom of the list. Surprisingly I have never heard of that term before and now I think it may be my favorite phrase of the moment. An hour and a half after I answered the phone, we hung up and my orange and purple bed yearned for me to use it. Many weird dreams later, I hit my snooze button no less than three times. Uh, morning.

Now here I am on my third cup of coffee, though not as good as the first. Seven more hours then I will be at The Goldhawk for Matt’s short, opening set, then over a few blocks to the left to help Chris pack and load up his car since he has to be out of his place this weekend. An exciting Thursday. But as Lindsey would say, “no more days till we wake up and it’s not Friday!”

I think Friday I will be staying in and getting in a long run since I have only been able to get short ones in, and catching up on sleep. Though Ken did just email me to tell me that he will be going to a jazz club Friday night. That would be cool. Then Saturday, I am taking the train down to Morita’s then we’re heading down to Baltimore for the evening, with a stop in Newark in between. Yay for cheap public transportation, though with many stops. I think I’ll be taking the PATH to Newark, then NJ Transit from Newark to Trenton, then a light rail from Trenton to Pennsauken. It’s less than $10, so who cares. At least maybe then I can catch up on calls, finish my book (“Hitmen”, actually it’s Laura’s book), and rock the iPod. No complaints here. My mom and I are going into NYC on Sunday and galavant around. Maybe we’ll dent that list of “Cheap Good Clean Fun” that the girls and I compiled on Monday night.

a Sunday jaunt to PA, NY, and NJ

“Wishing on what-ifs
Takin' my chances
That was before the day forever died” ~ matt wertz

I love waking up in Philly, hanging out in New York City, and falling asleep in New Jersey.

Sunday morning Tanya and I woke up right before noon. We went downstairs for tea and pancakes and caught each other up on our lives. This time last year we were both spinning in circles being crazy every weekend with the guys and feeling so confident that everything was going to go right for us. We almost made it. She’s teaching in Philly and I am in NYC in the music industry, but we’re still struggling to find what we want and how to get it. Luckily our plans coordinate and she is looking for a teaching job in the city and will be moving up here right when my lease ends. Maryellen found a one bedroom already, but Tanya and I can make a sweet bachelorette pad. Dan may make his way into the city too. How crazy would it be if we all lived together? We’d never go out ever, we’d stay in and have awesome soirees every night. Chris and Carolina can get their place in Manhattan, and we can all be neighbors with Nick and Jesse then they’d have to make a reality show about us all.

My mom picked me up in the afternoon and I filled her in about all the awesome rock happenings of the past two weeks. We also stopped at the Wawa where I picked up Wawa goodies to last me a few days in NYC and also my usually 20 oz of coffee for the road. I drove the rest of the way home and it was fabulous. I only almost got into an accident twice, when I was talking to Dan, then Judy on the phone. I blame the guy in front of me though. Who brakes suddenly when we are crawling at 15 mph?!?!

I made it to Hoboken safe and sound and hopped o the subway into the city to meet up with Judy, Angela, Anna, Bonnie, and Mike. We killed some time and downed some caffeine at Mocca Espresso Lounge before heading down the cold streets to The Knitting Factory. We rocked out to Andy Davis and Matt Wertz. The show was absolutely great. I’ve known Wertz’s stuff for a while, just had never seen him live before. The kid is charismatic and entertained both during and between his songs. And he had stellar vintage Nike shoes.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

it's loud outside

Laura and I are here working in the office and heard a huge boom. Seeing how we work right night to the Empire State Building, you can imagine the look of fear on our faces. Instead, it's just a thunderstorm. It's thundering and lightning like crazy here. Now I don't mind working late because now I won't have to walk a mile and a half home in it.

I also just asked Laura if her dog was inside. She said, "are you kidding me...in Brooklyn?!" I guess it is silly, I am sure she wants to come home to Roxy and not have her stolen.

"Welcome Home": car rides, Wawa, LDE DVD, and rock

Dan and I hit up the Hoboken Dunkin Donuts for our obligatory breakfast, though afternoon, for the stretch down the turnpike to southern NJ. We listened to CKY and The Killers while groggily discussing future rock endeavors and plans of action.

We made it to Morita’s without getting lost – woohoo, everytime I go there I end up on some other road. We hung out there and watched the NFL draft and basketball while Dan dabbled on the acoustic. After Dan left, I attacked Morita’s Real Rhapsody and we listened and critiqued some tuned. Blue Merle sounds like Chris Martin’s evil twin. We likey. I also called my mom to tell her I was alive and she yelled at me for being an alcoholic. She yelled so loud that Morita could hear her, so I have her yelling and him laughing. It’s ok, I am not an alcoholic, I just have a problem with throwing up. She asked how I could drink so much that I ended up in that state. I didn’t drink that much! I just can’t handle it!

Maryann and Nate were coming up from Delaware and so delayed our Wawa trip. So much so that I felt the need to call and text them every fifteen minutes with the word, “wawawawawawawawa” included in the message. They walked in to Chris and I bobbing our heads to some old school MC Hammer. Yay for DE friends! Off to Wawa...we actually walked to Wawa...it was fab.

We grabbed our grub and parked it in the entertainment room to watch the LDE DVD on the big screen with super duper speakers. The poor LDE guys, they had no idea what they were in for...

I laughed so hard, not at the DVD, just because of the company we were in. It hurt to laugh! I couldn’t even get words out! I can’t remember what we were talking about, just that I gazed at Nate and said, “iPod...noooooo”. I’ll keep the DVD critique concise...not in chronological order.
*We think that LDE should tease Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open”
*After talking about various members of the band coming and going, the band wasn’t in the same interview shot for the rest of the DVD
*Doug really doesn’t like music
*Never stand in the front row of a show, we will make fun of you
*If you don’t have arms, we will make fun of you
*If you have man hands, we will make fun of you
*During “Over and Over”, Chris pronounced a word with an odd accent, and we all look at each other and say, “what?!?! He’s not British!!” And of course we watched it multiple times and laughed multiple times.
*Also speaking of Chris, he totally did what we now call “the flamingo” (maybe break dancin’ mike will bust out this move at the LoHo in two weeks...), where he pointed then brought his leg up, it was weird and we laugh and rewound and laughed again
*Rusty and Donnie making interesting gestures because they aren’t allowed to talk in the interview, and once Rusty gets a word in edgewise, he’s silenced by Chris’s singing

Oh man, I know I am forgetting a ton more, help me out guys?

After the DVD we headed out for the Grape. Oh how I love the Grape. I think I almost exploded from all of the excitement. Maryann and I caught up on stories in the back while the guys made fun of us in the front. We almost died I think and I wasn’t the one driving, score! As we pulled up to the Grape, I figured I would get out my ID and money so I wouldn’t have to dig for it at the door. Oh what the fuck, no license!! I tore up my bag to no avail. So I call Mr. John Faye to see if he could get me in, and it went to his voicemail. Dammit. Chris, Nate, and Maryann went into the Grape and we were going to cell it to figure out how to sneak my ass into the venue. While loitering in the front I saw Cliff, who basically told me, “yeah, good luck with that.” John calls, and I meet him at the door. He had told Joe that I am the video shoot girl and how I am definitely of age and in I went...harmless! We saw Cliff inside and he said that he wasn’t even going to try to mess with that. Victory! I meet our crew inside and grab a coke.

We checked out Snoozebox then went onto the patio to talk and make fun of people. I don’t know if we looked familiar or not, but apparently the weirdos felt it necessary to stare down Maryann and me. It was also a Who’s Who of Philly rock there that night, Rob from Pepper’s Ghost and Ben Arnold were in attendance.

IKE took the stage and we forced Nate to stand up front. The band played a lot of new songs, which were full of great indie pop angst. The older new songs sound tighter than ever and the new new ones were great to hear. I got “Welcome Home” so I was content. The crowd seemed into it and it was great to be in attendance with such an awesome home town crowd. We were also graced with “Devil’s Diary” and I love how whenever anything is shouted out, they always look to our crowd first. It wasn’t us! But of course we got the initial glance to prompt the sing along for “Deathbed”. See, what would they do without us? After the last song, the screens went down and the video for “Deathbed” rolled. Oh happiness! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since we filmed it. After the vid, Mike rolled the b-sides to the video shoot. Oh what fun times that was!

The guys were determined to make Maryann and I do a car bomb with them, so off to the bar we went. I nearly died, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even finish it, I only got through a quarter of it. I think my body was still soaked in alcohol from the night before (see the Friday night blog for details). Of course I was made fun of because of that. We then went into the hip hop room where we didn’t belong. The guys played hide and seek and Maryann and I talked with John. Morita then came back to tell us that he almost roughed it up in the hip hop room and there was almost a beat down. On that note, it was time to hit the diner.

Ahhh..the Manyunk Diner... one of the best diners around, good eats, a bar, and live music. The guys had decided that everything tastes good with bacon or cheese wrapped around it. Of course I got an egg salad sandwich since I can’t make them at home. Good conversation and an hour later we hit the road to Tanya’s house via mapquest. See...I know how to get to Tanya’s via I95, but since we were on the other side of the city, I figured it would be short going route 1. Ha. Silly me. So we’re driving and breaking laws and realize that the street we were looking for didn’t exist, so naturally we drive into the ghetto. We knew we were in the right area, because Tanya lives near the ghetto, but nothing looked familiar. Mind you, it’s about 3 AM. So of course Morita pulls up to someone standing on the corner...did I tell you that it was 3 AM in the ghettos of Philly? And asks where Harrison Street was. He didn’t know, so Chris finds another guy, who asks to everyone else standing on the street and they pointed us in the right direction. A few minutes later we pull up to Tanyas, we said our goodbyes, and I tossed Nate the Darth Maul mask for the ride home.

Since it was so late, Tanya and I said our hellos and saved our conversations and stories for Sunday and passed out till noon.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

mid day e-mail

this just got me over the hump of the day:

"we SO need to hit the lottery and start our own venue or music management company............here's to achieving the dream! lol. "

from Morita.

I spoke to Gregg Latterman on the phone yesterday. It took all of my strength to not tell him that he's my hero. :-)

Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday’s take on Friday

I am going to preface this entry with the statement, “but I was too busy to eat!” In which Morita and Nate say that I always say that. It’s true though!

I had to be at work early since a few of our artists were in town, which meant soy milk, a banana, and peanut butter blended together and brought with me since I am a sloth in the morning and had to rush to get out the door. From the moment I sat down until I stayed late, I was extremely busy. The only downtime I had was talking with the girls about our artists who came in, but even that was down while typing up a million things. Most of the day was spent writing out lyrics to an upcoming album and tracking a keyboard. Ohhh new paragraph!

Chris and Dan get major props from me! Needless to say, these two guys are in my favorite people category and always pull through for me when I need it. We have an awesome friendship and despite our miles or blocks apart, we still manage to keep tabs on each other, even though our crazy weekends are sadly missed and too far apart. One of our artists was flying in and needed a keyboard and sustain pedal for his show. Instead of renting it out, I figured I could get Chris some extra spending (drinking) money and also have him earn brownie points with my company. The issue of getting the keyboard to the venue came up, and Dan saved the day. Nothing like teamwork – thanks guys!

Ok, back to the story. Dan and I also have a great plan ahead for the future of rock...so in the midst of my head spinning we were planning that via text messaging. Oh, I also have to apologize for the all the “brb’s” on AIM that I didn’t come right back to and all the one liner e-mail since I was too frantically busy to even formulate complete thoughts. Since I barely had time to get all my work done, I also barely had time to eat lunch, which consisted of half a bowl of rice and vegetables (trust me, this comes up later...both literally and figuratively).

At 7:30, the girls finish up and we head downstairs to grab a cab to no avail, so we hoofed it to the subway then practically ran to the Merc. We call ourselves Hoffman’s Angels due to a comment made while we were moving our office, so we proceeded to walk down Houston with our finger guns and slyly moving about. Poor Laura had on shoes not conducive to fast travels, but she kept up. We get to the Merc, said our hellos, found our artist, and grabbed a damn beer. Chris and Dan made up a keyboard rental receipt on a napkin. Fabulous. I was authorized to sign for it and busted out my signature, which surprised Chris since I wrote completely on the line. I can fool anyone into thinking I went to Catholic grammar school! We gave the receipt to Randy and he laughed, which indicates how the rest of the evening was going to go.

Gran Bel Fisher took the stage and we filtered into the room. Most of the audience was our work crowd plus our friends. I’m so happy of the crowd who came out, you guys are incredibly awesome and I hope you had a great time J (yay to Maryellen, Morita, Steve, Katie, Judy, Angela, Anna, Mary, Nick, Chris, and Dan!). We were all kinda hanging out in the back, then Chris enticed us to step forward. It was hilarious, it was me and my friends who stepped it up, which was like half the crowd. Great. But the show was awesome and everyone seemed to have dug him. Fantastic. Time to celebrate with another beer and chat it up with my friends despite the music playing. After he finished we went back into the bar area. Rich introduced me to some people and I introduced some of my friends to work people. We then decided we would pop over to the Essex to have some quick business social time. I had Dan come with me and we had a long line of our group from Mercury Lounge to the Essex. I think all of us lines up equaled a city block. I wasn’t drunk (count them: two PBRs) but was extremely giddy and happy and kept laughing and losing my flip flops. I was euphoric and Danielle had to be my keeper on the sidewalks.

We get to Essex and have a drink. We all socialize and I had all intention to go back to the Merc after I had popped over to the Essex for some face time. Laura, Danielle, Dan, and I involved ourselves in conversation and I introduced Dan to Randy. All part of the elaborate rock plan...which totally exceeded my expectations. Ok, I just spent the past half hour laughing with the girls in the office about Friday night. Rich also just heard us laughing and brought us all into his office so we could tell him what he missed. But yeah, Dan scored major points because he is an awesome bassist and he is from Philly. Plus he’s hot and will sell records. That is all I can say about that, but the path is looking good.

Danielle also said that I was a happy drunk and loved everyone and started talking to everyone and anyone whether or not they were in our party. I wasn’t plastered, I was just extremely excited and giddy because it was such an awesome evening. I strayed away from the girls and threw myself into the fire. The girls had said that they were trying to stay away from the others, just in case. Danielle said that she was like, “nooooo....I don’t want her to get fired, I want to see her on Monday.” Just in case I ran my mouth or said something dumb. So there I, like jumping off the plank and submerge myself into the crowd. I talked to our artist and made fun of him for drinking a pink drink with a cherry, hopefully he realized I was kidding! We told stories about our pets and I learned GBF’s story in five minutes or less. I then proceeded...to...ask...my bosses...how...much...they...like...me. Thankfully the answer was very affirmative! The conversation just progressed from there. It was like I threw myself to the wolverines and there was no saving me. By this time, Chris and Nick came over to the Essex since we didn’t make it back to the Merc yet. I was talking to Chris and divulged Dan and my secret. Whoops! It was ok, Chris had the reaction that Dan thought and hoped he’d have. It was great to have my work people hang out with my good guy friends from home. It was a fun mix of people.

A huge bar tab later (I swear I only had three drinks, Danielle said I just lost count after three...) I went to the bathroom to regain myself and splash water on my face. Now, I remember most of my conversations from that night, there was just too much to absorb, so I didn’t write them all. Once in the bathroom I felt extremely dizzy and lightheaded. Which I will blame on the lack of food in my system, not the booze. So I come out of the bathroom and decide to get some air since I still felt lightheaded. I go out and trip on my flip flop and the doorman said that I wasn’t allowed back in the bar! What the hell!? So I park my ass on the curb as the doorman tried to talk to me, asking where I am from and what I do. Screw him. I told him my bag and jacket and friends were inside (by this time most of the work crowd, aside from the girls had left, thank god), but he wouldn’t let me back in and called another door guy out there. WHAT THE HELL!?!?! So then my friends came out and we called it a night.

We started walking and I was so light headed and giddy still and Chris literally had to hold me up. Everything was going to be ok if he just had his arms around me so I didn’t collapse. Dan pointed out Teany, which I think I proclaimed something not important but loud. We finally made it back to Dan’s new car, where I got shot gun and Dan and Lauren squeezed into the lone back seat. As soon as the car started moving, the window went down. I hung out the window throwing up from the Lower East Side all the way to New Jersey. I think I even threw up along the state border. It was awful, especially since I hadn’t eaten, I just felt that much worse. I think it’s Dan who is the bad luck since apparently I only do this whole throwing up from moving cars thing in his presence.

Got home and I left a trail of my crap from the door to my bed. I woke up in my pajamas inside out and backwards. I lost my cell phone somehow in the excitement of last night and spent the morning trying to track it down. Talked to Chris and Dan when I woke up and they had it in their possession. Apparently they didn’t fare too much better than I did, Dan slept for about 12 hours and Chris slept in an eight foot section at the base of his bed in the same clothes he went out in.

Dan picked me up at the Dunkin Donuts after we were both situated and off to Morita’s we went...talking about our elaborate plan the entire way. And a new blog is needed for Saturday.


Too zonked to write about Friday, Saturday, and Sunday...so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

I will take this time to inform you of two very important things:

1) I will be going to The Killers & Louis XIV show in Central Park this June. Hell yeah!

2) On the way back to Hoboken (as I drove MY Go Go Cabrio), I pulled into a Wawa and bought an excellent sandwich and Wawa brand lemonade tea because that is the perfect meal (aw, reminds me of editing...Wawa - the meal of champions) and will bring it to work tomorrow. All because Jen says that "smushy Wawa is better than no Wawa at all".

Feeling Anxious - "always an adventure"

As I wait for my laundry to finish, I will take this rare chunk of free time to catch you up on the past few days of awesomeness.

Thursday was the First Annual Feeling Anxous Party at Tribeca. Finally!! This show has been shaping up for a while and it was finally here. Granian and Akiva were slated to play, then Todd Martin was added last minute. Three good reasons to gather up friends and start the weekend early.

After work, I met up with Chip and Brandon and we headed down to Tribeca on the R train. Or so we thought...instead we went to Brooklyn. I had decided to give them the scenic route, honest. Brandon had his video camera and documented some of the trip...including me pointing to the NYC map on the subway showing where we were and where we should be. The two locations weren't that close. The guys had also brought DP Dough up from Newark. JJ was makng fun of me earlier in the day for being so excited for a food delivery from 135 miles away. He just doesn't understand the power of the dough. We tore into the bag on the subway because we couldn't wait any longer. We also almost missed the Tribeca stop because we were so engrossed in our dinner. Finally back in Manhattan, we perched ourselves on the steps on City Hall in front of the giant walking people and ate and talked about the city and random adventures. After we scarfed down dinner on the blustery steps, we headed into the club to meet up with Maryellen, Angela, Judy, and Mary.

We walked in during the middle of Dave Golden's set, who reminded us of Springsteen. I was on the phone with Dan when I realized that the other guy on stage was Akiva...clean shaven and minus his disheveled curly hair. He looked so young and different from afar so we didn't recognize him. Akiva stepped off stage and Chip did the DP Dough pass off. We were going to steal his dough and give him that empty box, but you don't mess with the dough. It's bad karma. We all decided that the hot place to be was downstairs, so we socialized down there. Maryellen claimed Chip as her new BFF and I found Brandon's CD in the free CD box.
Maryellen made sure everyone had at least one, sometimes two, drinks in their hands whether or not they wanted them. :-) A good time was had by all, laughing, talking, singing, dancing.

Granian finally put some energy into the show and played an awesome set. I may have to attribute my career in the music biz to him. Years ago I featured Granian on Center Stage and during some down time, told his bassist my indecision to go with journalism and broadcasting or to find my place in the music industry. After an hour of discussion, he stole my Granian poster and wrote message on it, ending it with "go for the music". Well, I did. Chip thoroughly enjoyed Granian's set and Maryellen and I are awesome back up singers. She also got sassy with a guy who she thought was Akiva who stood in front of us, but by the end of the song, all was well again.

Akiva was next and definitely was the breakout performance of the night. His band joined him and they tore up the stage for almost an hour. Akiva played mostly new songs, but quite a few sounded familiar from certain rooftop parties. Brandon filmed the set while Chip and I sang and danced along. His band is pretty good and they should hit the stage more, they have a great sound and awesome songs that deserved to be heard. Naturally that is my biased opinion. Red Ritalin and Holler Hermosa are still my favorites. We also got Laughing Tuesdays Gone (I shouted out our infamous line) and This is Life. Distant Love sounds wayyyyyy too much like Mayer's Comfortable, but the lyrics were good nonetheless. The energy was high and the room was brought to a whole new level. Yay.

We were going to take off, but decided to stick around for a few of Todd's tunes. Akiva joined Todd on stage for a Ryan Adam's cover and it was probably my favorite four minutes of the whole night. TM and Akiva both know of my infatuation for the Adams' tunes and seeing them both perform NY NY was amazing...though Akiva nailed the tricky section and fumbled through the chorus. Brandon got it on film so hopefully I can share it later. After the stellar performance, we said our goodbyes and the guys and I hit the road.

It took us over an hour to get through the Holland Tunnel!! Damn construction and traffic and stupid drivers. We passed the time by eating chewy sprees, sitting in the middle of the intersection, breaking the law, and barking at cars. Around 2 am, we made it to Hoboken and they dropped me off and I directed them to a Dunkin Donuts which I could have sworn was open 24 hours. Apparently not - sorry guys!

All in all, a wonderful Thursday. I'm glad the guys made the roadtrip up, the girls were able to see and meet Akiva, and lots of smiles were shared. Going to bed at 3 AM and waking up at 7 AM was fueled by a wonderful evening.