"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, August 21, 2004

helllooo from DC

Hi there! How are you?

I'm good - at Jen's DC abode with Laurie and we just dropped Tanya off at her DeSales place. We woke up at 1 pm and spent the afternoon dodging some raindrops and went to lunch and shopped in Georgetown. After cruising around trying to find an open spot, I scored a meter, only to find it was broken. Oh well, their loss, and I parked. On our way to find food, I fell right on my ass on M street. No, sorry, not my ass. My knee. And it is cut and swollen and bruised and it really hurt like a bitch. I think I am fine now. Shopping alleviated the pain.

We are currently eating peanut butter bagels and drinking smirnoffs while getting ready for a night on the town in DC.

Michale Phelps could be really hot if he didn't open his mouth.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

another pet peeve to add to the list

Why does the door for the UPS store pull out? Wouldn't you think that a store where you drop off packages would be a push door? I bet they did that just to see the people struggling with boxes try to hold the box while trying the open the door without causing a scene.

simple pleasures

i love charise and i hope she is having a good day :-)

we agree that nothing beats a bad day better than shopping and sushi. but then when the good vibes stop, we ponder suicide again. ha!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I actually like this picture. Pre-going out dancing at the bar holding on to that chair for dear life.

This is what happens on a Saturday night. After an evening of drinking and chatting it up at the bar, Dave goes and drops a beer. Shortly after I remember trying to get into the wrong car. We also went to Taco Bell, which probably wasn't the best idea ever. I have no idea what I ate. Charise also was in no condition to drive, but apparently we made it home. We really wanted to make it to the East End for last call, but it was already 2 am. Apparently Raf called Charise during our ride home, but none of us can recall a phone call. My body hated me when I made it upstairs.

another lesson in maturity

For the most part, I consider myself a pretty mature person. I never really engage in anything too risky-just the usual fast life and heavy drinking and lack of common sense sometimes...aside from that whole Canada thing...and Vermont thing...and um, Boston thing...and um...yeah...alright, forget that last comment.

I guess I could restate that as being that my sense of humor has never been overly perverse, surprisingly enough since most of my friends my entire life have been guys. Or maybe just recently I have become more carefree and my mouth has been a bit more loose. I pretty much grew up without a childhood and was thrust into maturity at a young age, one in part being that I was involved in a competive sport (equestrian) and two because of most of my living situations...

I just read the word "pianist" and it reminded me of a conversation Rob and I had at work on Sunday (where we are both at the record store from open to close, so we get a little loopy). So I will share:

Sundays are our days to talk so we were telling stories so the day would fly by. I was telling him a Marlon Spike related story, and though I can't remember what we were talking about, Rob used the word "pianist" and I bursted out laughing. He paused, because he had no idea what was so funny. I regained composure, and he said "pianist" again. And again, I laughed, but this time he understood why without me explaining. So of course Rob starts laughing and tells me that its not a funny word. He also informs me that if I am ever sitting at a table with some big time record execs and they say the word "pianist" and I laugh, I would blow it. kWhich made me laugh even more just picturing it.

Afterwards, we decided that we are going to go to Iceland in November to go dancing.

Monday, August 16, 2004

one of my many vices

A few minutes ago, I was sitting on top of my kicthen counter flipping through a magazine. I stop at an ad and realize its for strawberry vodka. Oh yeah, my favorite booze is now in a cheaper variety than Stoli. Smirnoff so rocks the extra saved five dollars.

sidenote: strawberry vodka and wawa lemonade is quite tasty. except when dan drops his glass.