"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Thursdays full of music, laughter, and beer.

"People always come and people always go, some run scared some never ever know this I tell you cause this I know, they leave footprints all over your soul"

I was all set to actually get some sleep on Thursday after spending another long day at the record store. But nope, Dan texted me to see if I wanted to head over to the Scrounge with him and Tanya and so I knew I wasn't staying in that night.

We got there during Stepanian's set and found a place in the back. It was odd, sitting there watching them reminded me so much of spring of freshman year and just everything that came out of that. From intimate Howie Day shows to Derek and his current projects to Brew Haha and beyond. I looked over at Tanya and Dan, who was fervishly writing on his stack of CD-Rs and I smile, not because of the music thats playing, but because of where I am now. And how much greater now is than in years past.

Derek stopped down to see some of the show after acapella finished. I was surprised he showed up, especially after Stepanian pretty much dicked them over. During the whole set Dan thought of other songs that Stepanian's hinted at, or were a blatant rip off of. It was a pretty amusing game.

After Dan handed out some CDs, we headed over to the Deer Park for some beer and food and conversation.

worst show ever.

Room Raiders is one of the most ridiculous shows broadcasted. Seriously now, who thinks or acts like that?! ew.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

parallel universe

hahahaha so Maryellen just sent me her results and we got the same damn thing (it was longer than what i posted) but she got the "pretty boy" one as well. We agree that its all about the hair haha. So eerily funny. But all in all gross because they were heinous. We're laughing, so I figured I would share it with you.

::::::the shakes::::::

I escaped from the record store for a bit to bother coffee shop Chris at the um...coffee shop. I got a carmel latte and he hooked me up with 4 espresso shots in it. He told me that he didn't want to be there with me when I started throwing up from all of the caffeine. I needed it though, I thought I was going to pass out. But now my heart is beating rapid fast and if I am not typing, my fingers are shaking.

online tests

Chris M. sent Maryellen and I this test, so we're taking it now... the sucker took forever to fill out, and most of the victims were heinous, but here are the results since I promised I'd post them...

Favorite Looks
One of the "looks" that you consistently noticed has been described as "The Boy Next Door." He has an open face, with big eyes, and a big grin. He has a youthful or boyish quality that will follow him throughout his life. Typically this look is associated with light brown hair, a close shave, and blue or hazel eyes. These guys convey a warm, trusting impression, but watch out for that mischievous side! Our studies find that about 1 in 5 women (18%) are especially attracted to this youthful look.

Many of the features you found attractive are common among men described as "Mediterranean Hotties." Their olive complexions and dark hair make them hard to resist. You especially liked the handsome, yet warm and approachable looking men with these features. Men from Italian, Greek, or Continental Spanish descent are popular among over 40% of women.

Favorite Face Type
Faces known scientifically as "Ecto-Mesomorphs" repeatedly caught your eye. Men express this type in two ways. One version has a rectangular face shape that is long and narrow. The other type's face shape is often compared to a diamond, because it is wide at the cheeks and then has a sharply angled jaw. All Ecto-Mesomorph men have striking chins that are prominent and squared-off with a crisp line at the base. This is one of the most idealized male face types and can be found on most movie and music idols.

Music idols. So damn funny. And it caught my penchant for Italian boys. That was entertaining :-P.

comm 370

Hahaha so I was reading Brit's blog...sorry, XANGA...and she put up a picture that Whitney, Liz, Jen, she, and I drew together while pulling an all nighter before the COMM 370 final last year. At least we had pancakes to counteract our insanity. Ew, I just remembered how I got up from studying and walked to the studio from Kent at like 4:30 in the morning just to program STN. Jen understands that pain!

But I am going to steal Britney and take her to a beach :-). She says this and I agree... "i'd rather have a moment of fleeting happiness with you than never experience it at all..."

But Brit...remember this... "If it is in your soul to do it, then fate will just take you there. And everything else was just a test, to see if you're the real thing."

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

don't let it get you down

My friends are so amazingly talented and strong. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful people and consider myself lucky. And perhaps it is because I assimilate myself around super intelligent and/or gifted people regardless of their craft - whether it be art, athletics, music, etc - because that is who I have been around and associated with for most of my life. We understand each other. Kinda like in high school, where you have the cliques of the kids who involved themselves in various things, and those who just went. Life is like that. Its the same now, most of my friends are tremendous musicians, artisans, and pro or almost pro equestrians. We have the same forward mindset.

In addition to being extremely skilled, my friends are incredibly strong. We're used to adversity and overcoming obstacles without a guise of hesistation, its how we do.

What I am leading towards is...
I recently found out that one of my most beautiful artist friend was raped a few years ago. She is so confident and carries herself with such an admirable flair. While talking recently, she told me about her past. Don't worry, I'm not breaching any code of confidence. But it just amazed me on how she dealt with it and how it helped her become who she is today. Granted it does still haunt her, but she shows no sign of weakness or having that unfortunate event block her from anything. Good for her and I smile to know that I am friends with one of the strongest girls I've encountered. Just another person kicking a challenge in the face and prevailing.

"this pitcher of beer costs as much as a drink in nyc!"

Monday morning, while talking with Maryellen, she mentioned how she had Monday and Tuesday off. She joked that she should come down to Delaware to hang out, so that idea snowballed and it was decided that she would spend her Monday evening Newark style. :-)

Maryellen is an awesome person to talk to and dance with and complain to :-). Anywhere from granny panties to drunken text messages to American Idol - we've almost hit it all so I was extremely excited that she was coming down to hang out. :-)

I was at work all day and night so she met up with me afterwards where we immediately became giddy little girls haha. Chris came over and then we were off to Kate's to meet up with Dan. Funny, as soon as we walked into Kate's we saw Anthony and Jason, who I haven't seen since the old Sallies days sophomore year. Awesome.

Grab a table and a pitcher upstairs and tore Chris's credit card to pieces. Literally. Though we got a lot right, we did not come anywhere close to winning Quizzo. But at least Marlon Spike got plugged and we had nachos, both of which you can never deny.

We talk about my blog and I inform them that I don't say anything too blatant in here because I am pretty much a wuss. And when you have one of the shyest people ever having a blog, you don't get too much out of me. Muahaha, but that can change, or not. They said I haven't written anything too bad or exposiing, of course except for the red jacket. But see, I am trying to protect the innocent...or myself!

Maryellen was amazed at the cheapness of the pitchers. And of course no tax, which is always great. Wasn't as crowded as previous Mondays, but still fun. Andrew came out so we didn't need to call him a douchebag or call his cell phone eight hundred times. Chris yawned a lot and wasn't as animated as usual, so I had to call him out on it :-). Dan called out of work so he could go to Quizzo and use Tuesday to do school work instead of the other way around, Maryellen already called out, and then Chris decided that instead of taking a half day he just wasn't going to go in. Damn them, I had to work all damn day today! Dan and Maryellen felt the need to play the hunting game after Quizzo. I think Maryellen kicked his ass, but I may be mistaken...


I scored tickets to 38 Special and Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Bob on Sunday. I have never seen so many leather jackets and mullets in one place before. Scary!! I went with some horsey people and my mom, so it was interesting. While waiting on people, I saw Dave Balseiro in the parking lot so my mom and I caught up with him for a little bit. Strange, now that I think about it, I think I have known him the longest out of everyone I still talk to. Wow. Almost ten years!

I snuck in vodka and my camera past the pat down guys and proceeded to watch the show from some not good seats. The seats weren't bad, but the view was odd. So we see an open 2nd row and just go down there and act confident. That lasted for a few songs till we got caught so we just went to another section in the front. I thought 38 Special was better than Lynyrd Skynryd. Not that I really know their music, but the performance was a lot better.

So it was rock and roll, but I have seen better shows. Definitely not worth what a lot of people paid for the tickets. And my mom who was tipsy was hilarious. She kept saying stuff she shouldn't have been saying. Such as "wal-mart must have closed early..." Not too bright to say in front of the biker men with Confederate flag bandanas.

But I did get to hear Freebird live and the homage they did to the brother was great. But yeah, that was the best part of the show. Its was good, I have just seen better. :-)


You know what is even more awesome then people circulating your email around? When they change what you actually wrote, then circulate. People are cool.

this tour needs a name

Aurora and I hung out on Saturday night contemplating and scheming. Spring Break 2004 needs a name. Last year was good because SB '03 rhymed. I am thinking of something that contains the word "tour" with "four". March is already going to be an incredible month, but the end will be explosive. I can't even imagine what's going to happen. Here's how it looks, and if you want to join in on any of the festivities, please do.

Friday March 19 - WVUD show, then Wawa for the usual and heading up to NYC to meet up with Mark and perhaps see Megg if the timing is right. Maybe sleep in the area, maybe head to Maine, you know how we do.

Saturday March 20 - University of Maine to hang out with Meg, then to Portland to see Ryan Montbleau play at the Ale House.

Sunday March 21 - Down to Boston, with a stop in New Hampshire, to see the cities and pick up Lloyd Dobler Effect.

Monday March 22 - Off to the Wobbly Barn for some snow fun and LDE show resort style in Killington, VT.

Tuesday March 23 - Same as above.

Wednesday March 24 - Back to Boston.

Thursday March 25 - Boston.

Friday March 26 - Lloyd Dobler Effect & Carbondale at Northeastern University, Boston

Saturday March 27 - Lloyd Dobler Effect shows Ivy League how to rock. Princeton, NJ. Weren't we here last Spring break? Or Ryan Montbleau in Allston, MA. Uh oh - scheduling conflict!!

Sunday March 28 - Newark, DE.

All in all, just from city to city, will be 1230 miles. GAME ON.

Rainbow Records Marlon Spike In Store

If you read the blog about the day before the in-store... I went to bed nearly deaf at 4:30 am and woke up at 8:30. This is the fourth day in a row of me doing this, so of course I was pretty damn cranky.

Opened up the store with Raf and Charise and spent most of the morning drowned in coffee and running and jumping off of the stairs. Oh! And I used a drill in reverse and it was the coolest thing at the moment. The customers found it amusing that I was really excited about it, but again at 11 am in the morning you're pretty damn wacky on 4 four hours of sleep.

Dan came to set up a little after noon and told me about their adventures with lesbians the night before. Chris, Todd, and Sark came shortly after.

Marlon Spike performed for Rainbow Records first in-store performance (in um...building 54) because they are badass like that. The turnout was good, but still not as many as the usual Saturday brings in. It was extremely nice out, which pretty much explains it. But it still filled up pretty nicely and it was fun seeing everyone. It sounded really good and it was a decent performance. Sark would randomly walk up to where Raf and I were and just hang out, it was funny. I think it was about an hour and a half all in all. Again, I was really tired so I am not sure. I asked them to play Jade, and they did, and it was enjoyable.

So funny, I was talking to Marissa and introduced her to Raf and told Raf she was a music guru. He left and Marissa told me how she went up asking Raf where Norah Jones was because she was looking in the N's and couldn't find it. She so knew otherwise, but she got even less sleep than I did the night before, so it was excusable, so we explained her lack of music guruness at the moment to Raf and all was better.

They pack up and we head over to Kate's for lunch. Oliver met us there and and much loud talking ensued. Apparently the guy next to us was FAT though not GAY. Again, this was fuzzy as well since I was so tired. I do remember the Candian sign promoting customers to bring Kate's date for ale and tines. I tried to defend the Rod Stewart show to Todd but I don't think he was having it. We left and I don't even remember Oliver leaving.

Go upstairs and pass out till the nighttime.
In store pictures can be found here, thanks Maryanne for bringing her camera!

Sunday, February 29, 2004

once every four years

Happy Leap Year Day!

you've lost your beautiful ways

4:30 am and I amd writing my essay - yes, still, there were some distractions - and I watched the PMB short of the making of Save Me again. If you look closely at the front row on the third part of the video, you may see someone you recognize...

October 8th was nothing short of amazing. Watching it again made me feel all the passion that was encompassed in that night. And everything makes perfect sense.

laughing my ass off

Aurora and I are here chilling in my apartment armed with Wawa. Still 99 days incident free. She's on the phone with Jackman and I nearly choked when she yelled "you don't know where you live?! Call your friends and ask them where you live!"

He said if he passes out he will call back. Haha. Aurora and I are not girlie girls and this is hilarious. Most girls are like "awww..." when they hear the sweet stuff he says to her, but her and I --- "uh oh, he may read this"....ok, blog ended :-).