"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I'm going to Vegas. Bling bling.

So I finally finished the Green to Think music video, "Sundays Were Meant For This". It kicks major ass. I can't even count how long it took to complete the project...and this is just the music video, the "rockumentary" has been finished. Brace yourself for boring tv speak. I had nine video tracks to work with and four audio tracks to use for sync-ing. All for five minutes and ten seconds. To me, it is comparable to handing me a palette of paints. You have so many choices and so much that you can create with what you have. That was the only obstacle, just having so many visuals and not knowing which was the strongest to use since all of my choices had strong and weak points. The only stifliing factor was that if one clip was off, they were all off at that one part. Well see if anyone can catch my "coorections". And of course, out of all nine video clips, none were at the same tempo as the recorded track that I used for the video. The fun of NOT creating a japanamation music video. Reading lips has become a fine art that I have mastered. And speaking of which, a few thinsg I have noticed while watching the video four hundred times: Steve's lips don't match the word he is saying. Hours later I still don't think he says "side". He says "by his...'something other than side'". And you know how when you concentrate on doing something, it becomes more difficult? Such as breathing, when you think about it, it seems like such a more daunting task than it actually is. take Ken and walking in the video. Again, watching the video nonstop, I noticed how Ken walks a bit stilted as if he is trying too hard to walk. Or then again it could be just the stunt cock that is hindering the graceful walking through the sand.
But the video is complete and though I had bouts of insanity from caffeine and sleep deprivation , I think it came out pretty damn good and I didn't damage anything this time. Nothing exploded and all of the technology in the editing rooms are still intact (see previous blog on how I made the editing cube explode and now deemed inoperable). Yay for survival.

Just because it is free does not mean you should eat it. That is today's lesson. Or Sunday's lesson.
So we have had "Peace A Pizza Day" on the calendar at work for about a week. Whatever you get in, is buy one get one free. Peace A Pizza is the best pizza ever....well, Margherita's is the best pizza ever, but Peace A Pizza is a different breed. So Charise, Max, and I thought it wouldbe a good idea to get 2 pizzas for the three of us. Baaaaaaad idea. Seeing how this pizza is filling after one slive, getting 16 slices really doesn't make sense looking back on it. So we get baked potato pizza and the basil mozzerella pizza with extra tomatoes.
I worked at the record store from open to close and pizza was my breakfast lunch and dinner.
I was in the fetal positon for most of the day when I got home.
Lesson: do not eat more pizza than you can chew. :-X