"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, January 31, 2004

"I just want a normal life not one in black and white"

Friday's WVUD show was awesome. Derek joined me for the two hours as we invaded the airwaves with Omnisoul. This is going to be a good year for them, its been way too long.

It was funny because Derek and I started talking on air and I was befuddled because he answered five of my questions all in one breath. What can I do, it's not his fault. He said "Miranda, you know me, I'm a talker". It was hilarious.

So we promoted their Deer Park show and Derek played some acoustic tunes in the air studio. We had lots of callers and some radio colleagues of mine spoke highly of the show afterwards, so yay!

It was also funny, during one of his answers, he's like, "you know all this!". That's always a little bump in interviewing people you know well haha. But of course, that makes the best interviews as well. :::cough cough cough::: (that could go for several in 2003)

But yeah, Omnisoul will be rocking the Deer Park, and I will be there after work. Then who knows where after.

Friday, January 30, 2004

fuzzy fuzzy everywhere

I swear I am a freaking idiot.

Don't ever wash your burgandy sweater with your black sweaters because your black sweaters will emerge with burgandy balls of fuzziness all over them. ALL OVER THEM!

I will deal with them and my lint brush in the morning. Seriously now, I've washed them together before and they got along nicely before. :-/

If anyone ever wants to buy me anything - aside from getting my dumpster dent out of my car, my car payments, my never ending credit card debt due to gas and concert tickets, my hopefully upcoming grad school debt, or even health insurance, health insurance would be fun to have - you can buy me black long sleeved shirts because i wear them more than anything else and apparently i can't take care of them.

are you ready for some football?

Shmooper Bowl is this Sunday. Woohoo, I am rooting for the Pats.

HAHHAHA. So the past few years the Super Bowl festivities were always held at my old apartment. And I absolutely love this story, one of the highlights of last year.

So of course, jello shots were the snack of choice anytime any gathering was had at 5208 (super secret special recipe) and so we had the fun idea of taking a shot everytime the team we were rooting for screwed up. Yeah well, I was cheering on the Raiders and if you noted Rich Gannon's performance you will realize that I was plastered. We made a ton of shots and we had a ton of food. This detail will come in handy later.

After the game, Dave (Karen's ex) came over with a friend and Jesse stopped by. The five of us were hanging out in the dining room with 5 jello shots left on the table. We figured we ought to finish them off, but karen tells us she can't - that she is too full from jello and junk food.

So of course Dave and I get into this rant on how there is always room for jello and i think Dave even busted out the cosby voice. Regardless, we convince her to take it.

And well, sometimes there ISN'T enough room for jello.

:-) She knows we love her hehe. I swear we are all only here to provide amusement to others, but still one of my favorite stories of 5208, and trust me, we have plenty. The year before that we heard bitching and whining the whole time because someone had to student teach the next day. Oh THAT was enjoyable. Wonder what this years super bowl will bring.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

"we sailed upon the sea wrapped up in a thousand dreams"

So I recently discovered why a close friend of mine was acting pretty strange lately and now I feel awful that I took it personally and it had nothing to do with me at all. I wish I could have been more involved. But everything makes sense and the world is now right.

Reminds me of a Forever Moon lyric...

It's bigger than you
It's bigger than me
It's bigger than anything, that it started out to be

(which also made me think of Brittany who will be back in Newark in a little over a week. As with everyone else, aw yeah.)

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

magic disappearing trick

What the hell did I just do!?! I am setting up my Outlook and POOF!!! All of my emails disappeared from my inbox from my webmail. Granted, they are now cozy in my snazzy Outlook inbox. But why did they import over?!!?! So if I have my Outlook closed, will I be able to check my webmail from anywhere? Stupid comcast.


I would just like to add that a side of miscellaneous sauce costs 35 cents.

"life measured in bottles given up to spirits untold"

Sheets of ice and fluttering snowflakes covered the Delaware region causing the Grape Street to cancel their concert festivities for the evening. Marlon Spike was a featured artist for the Y100 Tuesday Night Music Club and we had the caravans all ready for a night of good music and good times. So instead, we headed over to the Omniapartment for a variance of our expected nights activity.

Derek and Jamie live within walking distance, so after Aurora and I contemplated on whether to walk or drive thru the tundra, we opted for driving, and the park job in the snow bank was fantastic. We came armed with Raspberry vodka and Sprite. It was funny that when I put it on the table, Chris and Dan said that they got the same thing because, well, because that's how we do...

We listen to the Omnisoul edition of the SPF VII, which included the Jamie Orlando sessions and the Marlon Spike take on The Greater You (Omnisoul song). It was so damn great - we laughed and cried. Shortly after the boys - Chris, Derek, Dan, & Jamie - pick up an assortment of instruments and start playing away. The Chris and Derek rendition of The Greater You was awesome. We also talk about how we are displacing the DE music scene and taking it to NYC. Yoink!

Chris informed me of his hemi-blindness and his allergies and though I feel his pain, he does not beleive I do. The conversation turned to drinking a lot and getting sick when Tanya mentioned how brutal last weekend was to her. Aurora and I were just talking about how we were alcoholic bulimics. Or beer bulimics...there was a term used. I told Tanya that she hasn't been sick from drinking until she utters the words "i'm never drinking again". And that was the synopsis of the others. Which I guess isn't a good thing to strive for, but ehhh that's how we do. And she brought great stuff that rivals the honey liquor. I am not even going to try to spell it, but its from South Africa and it is tasty on ice. The girl knows her booze ;-).

Derek inquired about going to the diner. We all know that if we drink at the Omniapartment, we make a stop at the diner across the street. Derek also informed us that he only goes when we're all there hahaha. While Chris was dabbling with the synthesizer, Dan said we need a reason to come back to drink some more afterwards, and though we didn't come up with one, we headed out anyways. Somehow swearing came up and Chris never swears, unless he is drunk. And yeah, he was drunk and it was humorous.

Aurora and Derek went out to smoke while we were bundling up and greeted us with snowballs. I think I missed Chris by a longshot but we ended up drenching each other in snow by the time we got to the diner. Tanya put snow down Dan's back and that was just mean ;-). I mean not mean...just chilling. We were the only ones at the diner and had a super cool waitress. Dan bought a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon - since there was no us going to the Grape Street, he brought the Grape Street to us - and brought two PBR's for us to consume at the diner. So we sit down and Chris starts off the conversation (and the best quote in a while):

chris: Does anyone else think the ozone layer is a wuss? It's a big pussy.
tanya: I don't like that word
chris: Neither does the ozone layer.

So damn funny. I don't remember much more from the diner. Oh, I do remember Chris giving me a lesson on his snazzy new flash for his camera. And that the lens cover was ok to break instead of the lens because the lens cover was "not that many dollars" and the camera itself was "much more many dollars".

We come back and not really sure what we do. The Dewey Beach Music Conference came up. This April is going to be more insane than it usually is. Seriously. We sang Biz Markie again. Jamie didn't know that one either. We're going to have to teach him the ways of the classic hip hop. Once Chris and Derek pass out we figured it was time to call it a night.

Monday, January 26, 2004

I'm spinning round the room in awe

Just in case you forgot...Ryan Adams is f*&king amazing.

Seriously now. By far, my favorite songwriter/musician. Listened to Gold all day today and now I am following it up with some Rock N Roll as I do some work up here.


***well, you all know my love for the pat mcgee band, but that is just in a whole different realm. and i will not explain what realm it is. just different.


I guess I haven't changed much since the 8th grade.

My old guidance counselor of sorts from the Bedford days stopped in the store today to buy the new Yes DVD. He looked at me and told me he knew me and recalled my name. I had to be prompted, because unlike myself, he had changed over the years, looking more like a hippie rocker than the man I knew in the suit behind a desk.

Do I seriously still look like I am thirteen, haha? And its still very cool he remembered who I am a decade later.

:::shakedown on 9th street:::

During the middle of the night - or I guess 7:33 am is early morning for some, I felt my neighbor come into my room, say my name, and shake me telling me that we have the get out of here. She kept shaking me harder because I wouldn't wake. So I open my eyes, and no one is there. Scariest feelirng. And of course it took me about an hour to get back to sleep since I was freaked and I heard the continuous scrape of the shovels on the sidewalks below.

If you had to leave, what would you take with you?

Glancing around, I see that there is nothing that I would really need to go on. So I guess I would grab my laptop, CD books, camera, and box of musical goodness over the years (the PMB bongo top, various laminants, pictures, etc). All those can be easily grabbed out the door.

under the nets

I am watching the Maryland - Clemson basketball game and it made me think of U of DE basketball and how much I miss it. My past three winters were spent either shooting the games under the nets or up top or in the stands waving those silly balloons and in any situation having a blast. Man I miss Fisher.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

i just sat here for five minutes trying to think of an appropriate title and i can't think of one

Right now I am listening to the new Starsailor, The Postal Service, and Johnathan Rice on random and I don't think I can take such brilliance.

And the snow is falling outside, I wish I had a digital camera so I could share it with you right now. I absolutely love the snow. Last I heard, we are expected to get 6-8 inches, woohoo!

I am such a gross and nasty person. I have had these eggs in my fridge since August and just now threw them out. So gross. I am not that crafty in the kitchen so I have a tendency to forget about things in my fridge until it gross fur. Ew grossest story ever... during my soph year in college my mom brought me spaghetti in a platic container in the fall. When I was moving out I discovered a container full of black stuff. I had no idea what it was until I opened it and saw crustified black spaghetti. The smell was atrocious and I nearly threw up. Yeah, I'm gross.

"if life is a carnival can i stay here for a while...?"

After partying late and sleeping not enough, Aurora and I were groggy beginning our Friday. At our customary Wawa stop for coffee - our stomachs DID NOT want anything else in it, but we needed the caffeine to actually function - we ponder why this is our lives. We wonder what it would be like to have 9-5pm jobs, come home to eat dinner, then watch TV till ten. Then we laugh and smile because we're too tired and sick to formulate words.

On of the many good things about the drive to Philly is that the trip is short enough that we can just play our favorite tracks on the CD player. I don't think we said anything on the way there because any sort of movement beyond my VERY safe and careful driving may make us throw up. We get to the parking lot and head off in the cold to South Street.

After our disappointing stop at Guacomole, I call Maryellen to see where she is. Oddly enough, Lisa and she were parking their car right in front of us. We go to meet Chris in front of the TLA and run into him at a different intersection. Convenient. We grab dinner at Copabanana and hit the used CD store because it was way too frigid to be walking outside.

Phantom Planet was playing an in-store at Tower, and I thought it was the South Street Tower. I was wrong. But that's ok because we spent that hour at the listening booths and Maryellen smartly bought Elefant and Earlimart. We ducked into Manny Browns for happy hour to talk and pass the time and Chris and Maryellen owned the jukebox.

Aurora and I headed out to the TLA because I am a big dork and want to be up close for Johnathan Rice and Starsailor, woohoo! Johnathan was great. I heard his EP at the radio station a few months ago, but hadn't had the opportunity to see him live yet. Such an awesome lyricist. I highly recommend him. There was cute beanie man to our left and overbearing big guy that kept inching over to Aurora and stupid PDA couple who kept touching me to the left of me. I wondered if people look at us and says "whoa, check out those scarf girls" and spy on us the whole night. After the longest break ever between sets - where Morita, Aurora, and I complained very loudly and obnoxiously - Starsailor finally came on. I almost forgot how awesome they are. So incredibly great. Their live show is phenomal. If you couldn't tell by my lack of words, I was nearly speechless. Their new material was fantastic. Unfortunately, Aurora and I had to head out of the show a little early to meet up with LDE in Delaware. So here we are contemplating on when we should actually leave, the whole time having James stare at us for most of the freaking show bypassing the girls in front of us. Maybe he could read lips I don't know. So here we are saying, ok, one more song, we'll leave after one more song. Then James says for the crowd to sing, stares at Aurora and I and puts the mic to us.
I was born again I was born again
Not into the world they put me in
She was born again she was born again
Not into the world they put her in

"What a f-ing kick in the balls" says Aurora. Yup, that pretty much sums it up. Why are we us? Why do we have to make the choice on leaving one show to meet up with other band friends. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

Also, why does it start snowing anytime we drive home from a major city? New York City last Wednesday, Baltimore on Friday, and now Philly. WTF. I think we curse the weather gods and they spite us by making it heavily snow during our travels.

We search for a Wawa in Wilmington, A+ just doesn't cut it, and meet the LDE boys outside of the Logan House, where we proceeded to play Graham Colton very loudly and though snowballs and write things on their van in the snow. Help them load up the van and shoot the breeze whole Phil informs me of all the area bands that broke up recently. We drove back to Newark going 30 MPH in the snow awaiting the guy driven van and trailor to actually catch up.

Some of us laugh, some us cry
Some of us smoke, some of us lie
But it's all just a way that we cope with our lives
~ starsailor