"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, September 21, 2002

So Melissa's mom caused a state wide bomb scare.

Her mother runs Frightland (www.frightland.com) a huge haunted house shin dig that goes on every fall. She sent preview passes to Delaware media, politicians, and schools. She sent the passes in a box shaped like a casket. With a handwritten label. And no return address.
Schools got let out early...bomb squads were called in....politicans hid under their desk. All because most were sent from the Dover post office. I got my package safe and sound. It came with a severed hand.
Way to cause a ruckus in the entire state of Delaware, Debbie ;-)
But all were amused and all is well.

Today was a great radio show. If you didn't know already, You can hear my show every Friday from 3-5 pm on 91.3fm if you are around New Castle County, DE or on www.wvud.org
Started off with a little Matt Nathanson as the opener. Usually I have the air studio to myself except for Rob and Sean making me laugh, but noooo today there were about 7 different people all at one time. Not that it matters, but it makes me a little shy and nervous haha. Then I had to transmit one of those "this has been a test of the emergency boradcast system..." yeah right smack dab into the Doves. Smart, very smart.
Callers!! I LOVE CALLERS!!! And they called!! Just asking what I was playing and words of encouragement. Wow, everyone rocks. I get more and more callers each week. Thank you thank you thank you.
And I had a person who wanted to chill with me while I did my show. He had awesome taste in music, but unfortunately I don't think I caught his name. So I am sorry, but you know, he did refer to me as Rainbow Girl ;-).
I was going to have an on-air interview around 4, but something happened so I was frantically answering phones and playing music and talking and trying to figure out what was oging on when Rabs and Dennis from the DC area band Flood came in randomly to drop off some flyers about their show tonight. So what the hell, did my first in studio interview and it went pretty well for being so impromptu.
So today defnitely was trying on my DJ skills ;-) It was almost flawless but it was nearly great. Thank you so much.

Friday, September 20, 2002

Apparently I let others down when I do not write frequently, so I apologize. I will catch you up. :-) Why? Because you are great.

Let's seeeeeeeeeeee......
My days blend together so I have no idea what has happened haha.

Karen and I drove up to Baltimore randomly to see Mark & Michael from Jonasay play for a few hours. It was a lot of fun, cute little place. Well worth the speedy drive.

I gave my first public speech for my class yesterday. 3 minutes went by so quickly and I think I sounded like an ass. Oh well.

BUT let's go over a rule of life. if you are a musician, and especially if you don't play in like a year, you keep the damn gig that you booked. YOU JUST NOT SHOW UP!!! Quite sad when you go to a concert and see the usual crowd who has seen a certain band for the past 4 years, a band that practically defines your college life, and gaze at an empty stage. Definitely not cool.

But Melissa, Rick, and I went to East End last night. I lvoe the East End. I think I have said many times before. And I ran into someone who I have not seen or talked to in years....very cool though ;-)
East End has yummy cheese fries.

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Oh what an awesome day. Start at Rainbow Records and end at East End and in between a road trip and a concert.
Work was fun, always is. The Nate and I trekked to Baltimore to see Cinema 8 pmay the Volkswagon festival. They were great. I guess I should start at the rest stop...
So I guess I have this "habit" of misdriving, it's not that I drive inattentively, it's just that I have misadventures. Like not even seeing red lights, for example. Well, I went through the truck part of the rest stop and was trying to figure out how to get my little Cabrio out of the maze of big rigs. Apparently there was an innocent bystander standing in my treacherous path. In slow motion, Nate brought up his arm and pointed at him telling me to watch out. The poor guy was like a deer in headlights and was so startled that he had froze and jumped up. Of course I hadn't, and still haven't been able to get that image out of my mind. Poor guy. I think he shit himself.
Amazingly we made it Johns Hopkins University. Alive. We almost died when I had to cut across oncmoming traffic suddenly onto a road I couldn;t see. there was a guy on the telephone right on the corner. I think he said "Damn that crazy white girl don't know how to drive. I think she tried to kill me." I saw the whites of his fearful eyes. Nate said I am not allowed to drive in unfamiliar places again. Oh, and I hate mapquest. What gives. There is n exit right off 95 for JHU, but noooo they want to take us 15 miles through Baltimore. Regardless we found the place. And Michael rocks and got me a press pass and a VIP ticket to get in, so we enjoyed a very cool show.
On the drive back we missed an accident by minutes and beat the ambulance there. So Nate and his kick ass EMT self went and helped the people. Luckily no one was seriously injured, but it looked like one doozy of an accident. The we were entertained by Radiohead and Wilco.
Hello exit 109. Hellow Newark. Hello East End. So we end the night with 1/2 priced burgers and drinks at East End.
Yawn. I am tired. Good night.

Last night was Nate's 25th birthday. :-) Obviously, we went to East End. It's pretty awesome when you run into people that you haven't seen in months...years even, and nothing really changes. That's the beauty of East End. Always seem to be running into someone....and they have a pretty kickass juke box chock full of good music.
Going to Baltimore this evening to see Cinema 8 play. I'm excited. I get to play photographer.