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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Lloyd Dobler Effect and Game 7

Lloyd Dobler Effect played an important show for a charity at the Funk Box on Wednesday, so what better way to spend a Wednesday evening than rocking?

I picked up Aurora from the TV studio and we were on our way to Baltimore. Baltimore and Philly are perfect distances away to just listen to favorite songs from CDs. We caught up on stories from the past week as we listened to our old school picks.

Got to Federal Hill and met up with Epler and only missed one song. It was probably the sparsest crowd I have ever seen at an LDE show, but I am blame it on the Sox.

They played all of their staples and of course the new stuff. I really think “The Story” is going to be a great solid song. Rockstar Chris broke a string, then fell and rolled into the amp. Can’t blame it on the drinking, so he must have been super pumped. I’m surprised he didn’t fall through the stage with all of his jumping.

Doug seemed to have had a little fan club in the front. Aurora and I stayed to the side to avoid any injuries. There were even Jonaboots. We thought we had escaped the over 30 crowd wearing sex boots, but no, some chic decided they were cool enough to wear to a rock show. Sigh…some things will never not be funny.

Some guy also had a boner while dancing with this ugly chic. Elizabeth was on the second level and apparently saw it as well so she decided to throw things at it. Hilarious!

Chatted a bit after the show then announced we were heading to Mother’s (local bar owned by the same people as the venue) to watch the rest of the game. Aurora, Epler, and I were all rooting for the Sox. Absolute insanity, and a great title series. We all whooped and hollered then went back to the Funk Box.

Talked some more then headed out to face the rain on 95, which made driving an unfamiliar car awesome. We listened to most of the Virginia Mix. Ohhh…I need to make a NYC Mix for tomorrow…

Got home around 1:15 and just in time for a phone call from the road, which is always a good way to end the night.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

you are not british.

Another pet peeve of mine is when people type words out the british way. Such as "colour" and "favourite". The only person who can do that is Tanya, because she is British. And she has a green card.