"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, September 10, 2004

Friday On Air

Here is today's playlist of what was rocked between 2 and 4 pm on WVUD 91.3FM

Jeaousy Curve - Letter For the Lonely
The Postal Service - Against All Odds
Johnathan Rice - Leave the Light On
Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow
The Format - Tune Out
The Honorary Title - Anything Else but the Truth
The Shore - Everything We Are
Not Alone - In Angels Arms
Fools & Horses - In Angel's Arms
Gabe Dixon Band - Experation Date
Jamie Cullum - All At Sea
Joseph Arthur - Let's Embrace
Andy Stochansky - Stutter
Howie Day - Sunday Morning Song
Keaton Simons - Lift Me Up
Marlon Spike - Trick of the Mind's Eye
Quick Step John - Balconies
Oval Opus - Anchorman
Gavin DeGraw - Belief
Ryan Montbleau - Variety
Omnisoul - Twinkle
Pat McGee Band - Must Have Been Love
Todd Martin - She Knows
Charlotte Martin - Up All Night
Death Cab For Cutie - A Movie Script Ending
Teitur -
Jesse Malin -

Thursday, September 09, 2004

the beauty of sleep

Today I had to wake up at 10, which I still consider to be pretty early, especially since I went to bed last night around 4:30.

I remember in high school having to set my alarm for 5:45am. Damn, I usually go to bed around that time! College was no better, my first two years were spent waking up around 5am, or earlier on competition days.

Just thought the shift in sleep was interesting. Especially because I am super tired right now and I know I won't get to bed until another 12 hours.

omnisoul with live

Omnisoul has guitar and bass techs for Sunday's show, I want to be the shaker tech!

don't give up on me

Ooooooohhhhh I forgot to post the theme song of the Boston trip. On so many levels.

Don't give up on me tonight
We've come this far
We made good time
And all the light of the world is somewhere else

We drove all night is this old car
The morning light the faded stars
And everyday I find I'm someone else
Everyday I get closer to myself

The more I make it better
The more I find I don't know
You can ride it to wherever

Go as far as you can see
But don't give up on me
Don't give up on me
You can drive it to wherever
Do whatever makes you free
Don't give up on me
Don't give up on me

Got around and shot of course
And what I found was here before
And all the time was time, that I just spent
And everyday I get closer to myself
And the more I make it better
The more I find I don't know
You can ride it to wherever

Go as far as you can see
But don't give up on me
Don't give up on me
You can drive it to wherever
Do whatever makes you free
Don't give up on me
Don't give up on me
Don't give up on me
Don't give up on me

You can drive it to wherever
Go as far as you can see
Don't give up on me
Don't give up on me

You can ride it to wherever
Do whatever makes you free
Don't give up on me
Don't give up on me
Don't give up on me
Don't give up on me

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Days ago, Akiva told me that he would be playing in Boston with Todd Martin and to tell some people. Not too long after that, I picked up Aurora from work and told her my new found knowledge and to pass it along to Jackman and company. We both didn't sleep well the night before and it was before noon, so we obviously weren't thinking clearly when sometime on route 7 it was decided that we would go to Boston. We decided not to talk about it, because if we talk about it, we would come to our senses and that is never any fun.

I went to Konopkafest on Thursday, with the Cabrio packed and ready to roll. After IKE performesd, Aurora was off of work, so I picked her up and we went to Wawa for the usual: cash, coffee, snacks, and fuel. We made some phone calls, then headed north - at one a.m. Our whole plan was to barge in on Jackman and scare him before he went to work since we'd get into Boston before he left.

On the way, Aurora got a distrubing phone call from him, which made our car ridem ore frantic. I love driving at night and it wasn't too bad. I still need to teach her how to drive stick, but for the most part, everything was good. We had our boys playing on the stereo and the stars guiding the way to Cambridge.

As we rolled into town, we realized that the people driving, we driving to WORK and we were just driving to sleep. People were also running. Ugh. We arrive around 6:30 a.m. and unlock the door. Stupid chain lock!! After trying to open it from the outside, we knock and scare the shit out of Jackman. Went upstairs and crashed.

Woke up around 2pm to find Jackman had escaped work early. Watched some TV and just lounged around before the show. We made it to Inman Square after asking for directions only once. We were craving ice cream, but settled for coffee and chai.

The room was small and we were a bit indimidated by the folding chairs. Trying to find an appropriate time to walk in, we decided midsong was best. Jackman first, then I followed discreetly. Until Aurora accidently stepped on my shoe and I tripped right into the room. Awesome. We found seats and sat quietly. Aurora and I should never ever ever be allowed to sit next to each other ever. I can't remember everything said, but enough that we had to stifle laughter more times than we should. Akiva slid in a little Ashlee Simpson and apparently I made a look. I don't remember. He had one more song left, so after being poked by Aurora, I said "track ten" as Matt, in front of me, said "Faithful" I think. Since great minds think alike, the song was played.

Todd Martin busted out a little Matty, Howie, and Damien, so all was good. For having huge, ancient speakers, the sound was good. Not as familiar with his stuff yet, but that will come in good time.

Afterwards we headed to the Joshua Tree, which was closed for dancing, so we went across the street to eat and watch the Olympics. Guys next to us were talking about Dewey Beach and that made us happy.

Tried to get a few hours of sleep, but noooooooo....my drunk friends had to keep calling and texting me. I couldn't turn my phone off because it was my alarm. So I think I got about an hours worth of sleep.

Hit the Dunkin Donuts for bagels and coffee, and made it home in record time.

Thursday at the Deer Park

Thursday was a long day that ended on a good note.

Started off the day at the TV studio then wandered over to Rainbow to close the store. I was freaking out most of the day due to a ton of stress that I have found myself in, so not only was a tired and frantic, I needed to go out. Dan had called me while at Rainbow and said that the place to meet after band practice was Deer Park. I was so there.

While walking over there, I was checking my vmail and got an awesome message from Rod that made my day. Justin (Jonasay...sigh...) was at the Funk Box and saw Marlon Spike and Stone Gato. I can't beleive it and I am so happy that he was at the venue.

Met up at the Deer Park and I shared my various stories on all the complications in my life that fell on me. The guys reaffirmed me - which made me feel great. We decided that drinking must ensue, and it would happen at McDermott's. Chris told McDermott to pick up Gatorade and watermelon vodka. Awwww yeah!

Chris and I walked to his car down Main Street as he put flyers on cars on the street. I say that cars with their sun roofs open are fair game. Ran into Derek in line at the Balloon.

Chris makes me a drink of the stuff that dehydrates you, and the stuff that hydrates you. Also something really bad for your body, and something good for your body. Gatorade should be mixed with booze all the time. We drank and watched HBO's Taxi Cab Confessions, taking a drink for every stupid thing said. Needless to say, we drank a lot. The quote of the night had to have been "single like Jesus". Chris ended up documenting the quotes, so hopefully they will be posted.

Chris said that he doesn't like it when I call him LoPresto and asked if I knew McDermott's last name. Tough, and yes. Just kidding - there are just so many Dans and Chris' running around! Oliver and Elise stopped by with creamy chocolatey booze in hand. We called it a night and my day was so much better then compared to how it was when I woke up.

Recapping Friday

There are so many things to catch up on, but I decided to just start with this weekend instead.

Started off my morning waking up late and hearing that there may be a murder in the TV studio. I frantically got dressed, grabbed some CDs, and left my place in disarray.

There was no bloodshed at the studio, so I just putzed around the studio trying to get rid of my killer headache. Akiva called saying he was at the Newark exit two hours early. Aw man, my day just got pushed into fast forward! Ran to Rainbow, then headed off the WVUD. I was going to use my free time to actually prep for my show, but that didn't happen.

Darren Flowers & Akiva were featured on my radio show. We had a good time chatting and playing some music. I wished I had more time to prepare, but such is life. Got some nice phone calls and emails. Thank you.

Dan met up with us at the air studio and to solidify plans for our secret mission. We brought Darren and Akiva to the East End as we told stories, stuffed ourselves, and picked out bad classic rock. Stopped into Berts on the way back and Akiva picked up a shaker to rock out with. I dunno....Derek has some phatty shaker skills....can anyone compare?!

Made it back to my apartment and while I was messing around on the 'puter, the guys fell asleep. I was bored and didn't want to make much noise, so I hung out downstairs for an hour. Around 9, it was decided that Coldstone and Garden State were necessities. I feel bad for Akiva and Darren, who were in my backseat, they hadn't experienced my driving before. They also have never heard Ryan Adams' "Rock n Roll". Dan and I had to DJ so they heard the best of the album, also while trying to make it to Peoples Plaza in ten minutes.

The theatre smelled, but the movie was really good. Got home around midnight and the choice was to either sleep or wander. Roam the streets it was!

Of course it was a typical night in Newark. Walked down the block and ran into someone I knew, found out there was stuff going on at his house, so we destinated there. Aurora was at work still, but a bunch of people were on her porch, so we stopped there instead. Talked to Sarah and Mike then hiked to Cleveland for a few more parties. None of us were dressed for going out, but that was ok, it was just good to get out. So odd going to a party now and not knowing almost everyone there. Also odd being at a party without being blitzed. It was fun though.

We all crash around 3 and poor Darren got stuck with the air mattress. I should find out where that leak is :-). 9 am came all too soon.

five more cities!

I opened up the store on Saturday and spent most of the day entertaining Rob and Raf with my random stories of late. Afterwards, I hit up the TV studio, then the road to Philadelphia - it was Damnwells Day!!

The Damnwells are fantastic and one of my top ten bands right now, and I have Ryan to thank for that years ago. Their full length was finally released earlier this year and I love it. The drummer was a part of Whiskeytown, so of course I have some automatic love for the band.

I finally found parking near Walnut and walked to the Khyber - where I was confronted by a vagrant. Now usually I have a high tolerance and understanding, but this guy was relentless and just asked me too many personal questions. He kept wanting me to go inside and have a drink with him. I started getting weirded out, so I start to text Chris telling him to call me, so at least I will have something to do in the resence of this guy. So then he wants to use my phone. I say no, that I am waiting on a call. After inquiring on whether I am meeting some girls, I blurt out that I am meeting some guy friends. Big guy friends. It was probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever said. Chris pulls up, I hop in the car, and we didn't see the guy again. Nice.

We headed up to 6th street to get dinner at Jones. Where else can you get deviled eggs as an appetizer?!??! And a Hound Dog!?! Afterwards, we had a beer at the Philadelphia Fish Market. We were elevated, but I didn't realize it, so I thought everyone who came in were midgets. Whoops.

We got to the Khyber during the second band, Honey Church, and they were decent. Chris would have probably picked up the CD if it wasn't $14. The Damnwells opened up with a full version of "Assholes" and the show just got better from there. The sound was surprisingly good and their energy level was phenomenal. A far better show than their previous gig at the Northstar. They debuted quite a number of new songs that sounded fabulous. The one that I thought sounded the best and was the tightest ended with a guy shouting "five more cities". Though Alex heard "five more times" so he laughed and went into it again. "Electric Harmony" was played and the ender was "Sleepsinging" - one of my favorite tracks on the new CD, but I think it is the single too. Hmmm. Good choice though, I think it is great. They had a pink tank top that had ponies on it, so I also picked up the pony shirt. The pony shirt is my new favorite article of clothing.

Went to the bathroom and stole a poster. Yoink. Threw my shoes off and walked back to my car to find a freaking ticket on it. Oh well.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Visiting Tanya in Philly!

Sunday was spent at the record store from open to close with Rob and Maryann. Good times as always as we filled Maryann in on all of the Rainbow drama and comedy that has occured in the past few months. She also had Taco Bell for the first time with us on Sunday. I can't imagine my life without the fine delicacy of t-bell.

After work I met up with my mom for dinner and to tap the mac of mom. This is getting ridiculous, I work my ass off and still manage to still be semi in debt at the beginning of every month. I keep reminding myself that though life payments are expensive, at least I am fortunate enough to not have any school debt.

Onwards to happier things. After dinner, I stopped by the TV studio then headed of the NJ to pick up Dan en route to Tanya's. Tanya recently relocated to Philly for a year of service through DeSales. She has a job working with underprivileged children and in return gets a stipend and room and board in a sweet house. Glad it isn't Guatemala!! Hopefully it will be what she expects and more and learns a lot from the experience. And she is only a highway away now, not a country!

Tanya's house was hosting a BBQ, so we arrived a bit late, but still in time to enjoy food, drinks, music, and the company of others. We ended up playing Asshole for most of the night as I learned that Dan doesn't like to lose and Tanya gets giddy from gin. Cherry brandy also tastes like cough syrup and I'll add in the Russian guy anytime.

Is just like Christmas if it was Halloween

How freaking great is this Ryan Adams song?!?!

Heart stops beating, all the words worth repeating
She is dancing but not singing, is it maybe that she doesn't know the words?
She's dressed up, but don't worry, she's got friends
Snowflake eating, she is mildly self-defeating
And the secrets that she's keeping they are really only dangerous to her
Ships ain't sinking
We are here to help you sing your songs
We are here to help you sing your songs
Because tomorrow comes and no one calls
She stops grinning when the room it starts spinning
She is losing all her winnings, she's angry but it's just the alcohol
She's all fucked right up, it's okay, man, she's got friends
'Cause we are here to help her sing her songs
We are here to help her sing her songs
Because tomorrow's gonna come
Tomorrow's gonna come, and no one's gonna call

tell me does the world revolve the same

I just sat on the floor of my apartment listening to "Beneath These Fireworks" by Matt Nathanson, mesmerized by the music and unable to move. Feelings and moments from the past few years flooded in and I remembered, though I never really forgot, how amazing this CD and everything in my life that was happening while I was discovering Matt. Four and three years ago, so long ago, yet it could have been yesterday. Sitting outside on the sidewalks of the Point and blaring the CDs through my dorm hallways. It was this, Howie, and that permeated through my head in year 2000 and were my saving grace with the stress of riding, fights with the bf, and I find my solace by finding the road. Stumbling in and out of cafes, late nights on the beach, these are the songs that were our anthems.

And I am a bit jaded. Perhaps it was when Michelle and I sat down during most of a John Mayer show still basking in glory of seeing him in bars. I had that whole scene down. Just years before its time. And though my tastes have expanded and found more niches, I don't think I ever really strayed too far. From Death Cab to Cutie to Soulive to Built to Spill, which I think are all so damn great, I keep discovering that as much as I try to run away from it all, I keep finding the comfortability within the singer-songwriters and whatever band they may bring with them.

This is a fucking great CD.

a victim of fashion

I am probably the least girly girly when it comes to shoes. All of my girlfriends have at least ten pairs, some :::cough cough, Maryellen, cough cough::: have more shoes than I will probably own in my lifetime.

I will even tell you what shoes I own. First off, my trusty Asics - my favorite brand of running show. Second, we have the rocketdogs, which are grey and my mother hates them. I absolutely love them. I picked them up en route the music conference in Harrisburg and have brought me good times ever since. They are the premier shoe for cold weather or when I need to be about an inch taller. Third, I have my purple roos. Also picked up at the same place I got my rocketdogs, but at a different time. The purple roos are the casual shoe of choice. Fourth, you have the black ballet slippers, which are also rocketdogs. The ballet slippers can pretty much be busted out at anytime. But the true love of my life are my black flip flops. They could quite possibly be one of my favorite things that I own. I think I wear them non stop from degree 60 on up and its always a sad day when they are put away. They used to be uniformly one inch high, but since I wear them all of the time, they are now perfectly molded to my foot. Flops are the greatest things ever.

I went out in Philadelphia the other night, and did not wear any of the above shoes. I stumbled up black dressier shoes. They weren't heels (which I think I have only worn about five times before in my life), but were higher and strappier and more girly. OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH!! Why the hell do you girls put yourself in such torture?!?!??!?! I have five bandaids on my feet now and they are all cut an blistered! OWWWWW!!! I didn't even do much walking, only a few blocks here and there and mostly standing at bars or swaying to music. OW! I finally threw them off on the way back to the car and walked barefoot on the cobblestones.

Stupid shoes, back to my flops. They never hurt me.