"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

tuesday morning walk

In the past ten days, I have had one small crappy cup of coffee and a large cup of Wawa goodness that my mom brought up from Delaware on Sunday, which is so not even close to my usual 48 ounces of caffeine goodness a day. I needed a pick me up this morning and since I pass a kajillion Starbucks on my 16 block morning walk, I was forced to go in. I don't really like Starbucks, the coffee and the business, but I was left defenseless. Shortly after while walking between 49th and 6th with my Starbucks vanilla soy latte in my left hand and my ipod in my right hand, I realized I was becoming one of THEM. Oh you know who THEY are. Eeeeek.

I also learned this morning that I really do fit in size 6.5 - 7 shoes, not 7.5 and even though they look cute, they still don't fit better with thick socks.

Monday, January 10, 2005

sunday...as told from the office

If you ever want to hear a bunch of European people and gay man and European gay men, go to the 13A IKEA. It was hot and intimidating all at the same time. Now I love IKEA, and I know millions of others do too, but I didn't think we would all go to the same store on the same day. IT WAS INSANE!! But I got some much needed furnishings and everything on my list except for a set of tins, which I had seen online and on a display, but no where in the store. Oh well.

Got home and unpacked more. It seems like I have been doing nothing but unpacking this whole week, but when you have to unpack in 45 minute increments, it takes forever!

I also found out this weekend that I can't have my car here until later on in 2005. Too make a long story short, it will take $$$$. Titles, registration, paying it off, and just a huge hassle. I was pretty bummed out until Jackman enlightened me on the Chinatown bus...$20 roundtrip from NYC to DC and also NYC to Boston. There is also a NYC to Philly and Baltimore bus that runs, but I don't know how much that is. Regardless, it is still cheaper than gas and tolls woohoo! Granted it kinda sucks that I can't visit my friends now as often as I would like, but at least we always reconvene at shows anyways, so it works out in a way.

A half more hour of work then I am heading over to Maryellen's to help her take down her christmas tree and watch The Bachelorette (I swear I never really watched TV before this week, I never had time, now it's an insatiable addiction!). Maryellen is also cooking pasta for dinner. She would make an excellent girlfriend. :-P

Final stretch!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

saturday night fun

So Alex from Phantom Planet reminds me of Steve to Think. I am watching th Phantom Planet DVD now (a must have watching experience, so fucking awesome - i love this band) and it reminds me of many a GTT night. Ahhhh Dewey. Ha. Phantom Planet also put on one of the best shows I had seen in 2004. And it was private at the Khyber. Freaking sweet.

Wow, it's barely after midnight. Maryellen picked my carless ass up around 4:30 and we headed over to our local target and went down like, every aisle oohhhing and ahhhing at things we don't need but bought anyways. I have my new apartment that needs furnishing and she just moved into a studio apartment, so it's all justifiable, I swear. See, my last apartment was small and had a bunch of shelf space. Now I have really large white walls that I have no idea what to do with. But I think I was pretty safe. I bought a black water bottle, a purple monster furry pen (a gag gift for my mom), purple containers for who knows what, and these really cool orange-purple-green box thingies. Maryellen bought a lot more than I did, but again, all was needed.

Afterwards we headed to Pier 1 and Linens & Things. I am dangerous in Pier 1. Maryellen was actually the person who let me in on the candle secret last year. Hands down, Pier 1 has the best smelling candles ever. And they actually smell the way they smell.........like when burned. I bought a candle that was on sale, two candle holders that were on super clearance, and a set of four glass thingies that I am sure will look cool one way or another once I find a use for them. Maryellen bought a cute elephant with a swirly trunk.

We grabbed the cart for Linens & Things, but didn't do as much damage. We raided the clearance section and scored. She got various holiday/wintertime decorations and candles and I found some swizzle sticks. And now that I think about it, my swizzle sticks would look cute in my new glass bowl thingies from Pier 1. Hmmm... I also got some bathroom storage stuff and a travel coffee mug. Seriously now, you don't know how much at a loss I am without all my shelf space from my old apartment.

Afterwards we went to her place and ordered chinese food and watched TLC's Trading Spaces and While You Were Out. Nothing shows was that awesome and we were much better at decorating than they were today. We drank some wine and played Scrabble. It was a great chill night and a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. :-) Next week we may have an outing to Anthropologie. It's great, she lives 4 blocks away from me in Hoboken and works 8 blocks from me in the city. Yay for normal cool girls. We always discuss how hard it is to find girls at our age (that you didn't go to college/high school with) that you click with who are just normal and not trashy or whorish or dumbasses. Yay.

Seriously, can I tell you how great this Phantom Planet DVD is?

Tomorrow I am hitting up IKEA to find a new bedspread and maybe some shelves and drawers. I honestly have no idea how to do my room. I don't know what to do to my skylight. Right now I have my entertainment shelf and my bed. I knwo where my papasan will go once i get it tomorrow, but other than that, my walls are so white and bare. I think I need a shoe organizer as well.

Ok, off to bed. I feel like such an old woman. But that's ok, I am just resting up for this week. Tuesday and Wednesday there are shows in NYC and Hoboken and perhaps Friday I will ride down with LDE to DE...or just go Saturday afternoon until Sundayish. Ohhh...Monday is a holiday and I get real holidays off now. Wow, this is fabulous. So yeah - hopefully by this time next week I will be all situated. Alexander Greenwald could be my best friend if he wanted to be.