"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, July 17, 2004

obsessive much?

I have an extremely addictive personality.  Candles - good.  Booze - bad. 
My new insatiable craving is sushi.  There is this new found Japanese restaurant in Newark that has vegetarian sushi and I swear to god its like heaven.  It's like crack, I need to have it.  Its not even noon yet and Charise and Rob called me to see if we can order it when i come down.
Oh yeah.  Sushi time in T-minus 5 minutes.

Playing ketchup once again.  :-)   I think I mentioned before that last Wednesday The Jane Anchor, The Damnwells, and Miss Juliana Hatfield were playing the Northstar.  I majorly crush the Northstar.  
John Faye and I have a deep admiration for Juliana and she has pretty much inspired us throughout our careers, though obviously in different ways.  John guestlisted me so of course this night was just getting better and better.  When I got into the venue, I saw John and he introduced me to Kara, who knew who I was before John even said anything.  She's the lead vocalist for The Jane Anchor.  While they were settng up, I found Chris M. and ran into Cliff and Beth.  They are such cool people.  Which is another post entirely.  
The Jane Anchor rocked.  Towards the end of their set no one was near the stage so I took heed of the opportunity to sit on the side of the stage to take pictures.  This guy standing on the green room stairs kept staring at me and I was afraid he was going to yell at me for being on the stage steps, but then I didn't care so I kept clicking away.  The guy then comes up to me and asks if I know the band.  I said yes, then he asks me to come downstairs.  So I did.  Dude, Juliana could have been down there!  
So he said his name was James and was just having small talk with me, then asks if I want a drink.  Um, sure!  So we go back upstairs through the crowds.  Of course I have been missing for about 15 minutes by this time.  We passed Chris and I just give him a look and I think he shook his head at me.  We grab our drinks then go upstairs.  His name is James and he is the soundman for The Damnwells.  It was just funny because it was so random.  He gts points in my book though because he said that The Jane Anchor is the best band that he has seen open up for The Damnwells.  Oh, and I really like their new song that has the word "venus" in it.  Kara said it will be on the new album.  
Chris and company and I went towards the front for The Damnwells set.  They kinda remind me of a cross between old school Ryan Adams and Wilco.  So damn good.  I think the song "Sleepsinging" is amazing and they played it towards the end.   

Juliana took the stage and it was greatness.  She got a tattoo on her forearm since the last time I saw her.  It is of a tiger.  RAWR!  She played a FANTASTIC mix of old and new Juliana and Some Girls songs.  She fucking rocks, I don't know how else to say it.  

John, Kara, and Joann

Kara and John

Juliana again

Juliana Hatfield

ho hum

I don't enjoy the new Delays album as much as I thought I would.  Right now, I am digging Keane, The Damnwells, Griffin House, and Marc Broussard.  The TV is turned off and I am listening to Modest Mouse right now.  Yummy.
Ohh looky here, fun colors!

Monday, July 12, 2004

the anti-panti!

So my girlfriends and I are addicted to snazzy underwear. I like to call them funderwear.

I happened upon this while reading a magazine. Kinda takes the fun all out of it. Or adds more fun. You decide.

***note - i do not own anti-pantis.***

Sunday, July 11, 2004

a disgrace!

It's 10 pm on a Sunday and Tanya and I are going to the diner sober. I feel so ashamed. We'll report back on how tasty the Eagle Diner is without any added substances.

wow i suck when it comes to stoves

I don't even know if I should write this because I know you all are just going to hang your heads in shame...

My apartment smells like burnt plastic. Which, if you are not familiar with the smell, it is heinous. Why does my apartment smell like burnt plastic? Let me tell you.

For dinner, I decided to make wheat pasta, sliced tomatoes, steamed spinach, and olive oil. So I fire up the stove so I can boil two pots of water. I'm at my computer when I smell something reminescent of something burning - unfortunately an all too familiar scent to me. I look over toward my kitchen, and see smoke. Oh man, NOT AGAIN!!

So I dash into my kitchen and see that I had left some plastic containers on one of the burners and I had turned it on to the top notch. I struggled trying to pry the melted containers off the burner, but I won.

Ok, so I turned two burners on, just one of them was not for the two pot occupied burners. Ok, I want you all to look at your stoves. Of the four burner knobs, do they go front left, front right, top left, top right OR front left, top left, top right, front right? I thought my stove was the first set up, not the second. It just feels natural to have the two front ones first, then the back ones.

Well I sure learned a lesson today.