"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, February 13, 2005

distance part 2.

Aw - I am seriously tearing up!! I am talking to Dan right now and he just said this of the Omnisoul show at the Grape this past weekend:

***Dan: by the way, Derek said to me "it just doesn't feel the same to be playing here without miranda being in the crowd..."

I miss this the most.


I just got done giving Brittany directions to my place. She and Jen will be coming to visit this coming weekend and I am so psyched. Brit is driving, Jen is taking the train, and we'll all convene in the afternoon for 24 fun filled hours in Hoboken and NYC. Have I mentioned that I am excited?!? Granted we all talk all the time, but the last time I saw Jen was New Years and Brittany I think was Halloween.

The weekend after that Chris M. will be coming up, followed by Morgan for another weekend galavanting in Hoboken and NYC.

I just had to share my excitement for seeing old friends. Yay for technology and making relationships more managable. For example, I look forward to hearing from Chris B. every day, Maryellen and I update each other constantly, Morgan and I plan long distance roadtrips months in advance, Jen gets promoted and the news is sent to me in a click, and Tanya tells me stories of her wretched students when my late nights intersect her early mornings.

For the most part I don't feel out of the loop at all. I get to see mostly everyone when I go home (sorry Tim - it was a last minute trip - NEXT TIME!) and everyone else can be found right here on my computer screen. Like now, I am blogging to YOU, e-mailing my mom, and IMing with Jen and Jeff. But of course there are those people who I was once really close to that I don't hear from at all and though I am a stones throw from the turnpike or an e-mail and phone call away, it remains that way.


breakfast and valentine's day specials

After getting to bad in the wee hours of the morning, I was awoken by my cell phone with Maryellen on the other end inviting me to rockstar breakfast. I lazily walked over the four blocks and met the posse for some good ol' MYV watching. Maryellen cooked while TM, Brad, and I shouted at the TV at Made. Girls can be such meanies. We so rooted for Ian, the high schooler who lusted for his best friend. He never got her, but as Brad pointed out, Ian probably got more ass because of that TV show. Way to go Ian. Ian also looked like Brian, the drummer in Stephen Kellogg's band. TM took pictures of the TV on his phone for proof.

Maryellen made a great breakfast of every breakfast food imaginable. The boys were sent on the road towards Pittsburgh for their show with full stomachs and Maryellen and I planned our day full of shopping and tv watching.

After the mall, we vegged at her place, complete with pizza and wine and valentine's day specials. The Snoopy valentine's day program was followed by the Winnie the Pooh valentine's day program and we felt oh so retro. We followed that up with Shakespear in Love and called it an early evening.

Oh so fabulous.

Friday night at CBGB's

Friday couldn't come quick enough, ew I can't beleive I am living for my weekends. Though the week is always exciting, nothing says celebration like weekends now.

I got out of work really late because I had to send out and wait for some tour information before the weekend began. I jetted out around 8 and caught the 6 train to CBGB's. I caught up with Maryellen and Todd Martin right before they headed out to dinner at the Poetry Cafe. We were also accompanied by Emily and Bethany, fans who came from the midwest. We all didn't fit in at the cafe at all.

Afterwards we went across the street to the club and started our evening with a Tangaray and tonic and a Raspberry Smirnoff and tonic. Maryellen and I grabbed a table on the side and waited for the rock by pointing out familiar people from Myspace. It's weird not knowing people personally but knowing what they are doing with their lives now.

TM and Brad put on a decent show with old and new songs to a packed venue. All seats were occupied and there were people standing in the back. The mix sounded good from where we were sitting, but apparently their monitor mix sucked. TM had on a shirt that said "holla" and it was fabulous. He had said he thought it had said "hola" then Brad quiped that it was a Spanish kangaroo on his shirt. I'm glad that dorky humor abounds.

After TM finished his set, Maryellen's cousin Brian and his friends Adam, Jen, and Todd met up with us at the club. They are all in the industry, so our conversation were interesting. Todd and I ripped on this one artist so much it was brutal. True though. TM shattered bottles to show us a trailor park ring. Adam got really drunk and made a scene and we were almost kicked out of CBGB's. So punk rock ;-). Brian had been loading up Adam's bag with empty beer bottles and when his bag was checked as we were leaving, we were definitely not allowed back inside!! We were not CBGB's favorite.

TM drove me home on the way to Maryellen's and it totally took me about 10 minutes to get into my apartment. Not because I was drunk, but because we have four locks and more than the main one was locked so it could have been any combination of the four. Then I crashed after downing water, tylenol, and multivitamins. The cocktail of a rockstar.