"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I love the fishes
'Cause they're so delicious
Gone Goldfishin'!

sorry had to do it.....

I found the two greatest food products on Earth. Ever. EVER.
Go Bananas Snapple Juice Beverage & Pop Secret Honey Butter Popcorn.
And you know what the glorious thing about the Snapple is!? That I have only found it in various Wawa's....Philly...Newark...Virginia.
Wawa is wonderful in so many ways. For one...the vast assortment of Snapple. Free ATM. Cheap-o gas. Coffee. Clean bathrooms. Wawa is most definitely the Mecca of every trip. The southern most Wawa is right outside of Rishmond. See, you get a little frightened because for a while, you do not see signs for Wawa off of 95, then right before Richmond, there is one. Then you get back on 95 and once you thought you would be leaving Wawa until your arrving trip, there are three more after Richmond.
You see how often I drive.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Aurora says this:
"I think i'm getting stupider. It's the station; they always said Television kills brain cells....Watching television is like standing near a microwave, and working at a station is like getting into the microwave"
I spent 14 hours today working, for the most part, on television related activity. We ended the night off right by getting our usualy Margherita's pizza and watching tv and talking. Margherita's is hands down the best pizza ever. Screw you corporate pizza. And again, after spending hours at the tv station, we find ourselves still talking about...mostly...television. It's a sick sick cycle.
And it's bitter cold outside. Damn you Spring, get here quicker. We all pile into the car after and sat on my ice cubes of seats. Aurora told Brittany to sit up staright because then it would be as if she was dancing to the music and not really shivering.

Monday, March 10, 2003

Wow, Brittany has been so good about blogging everyday. While I, on the other hand, am not as diligent.
Saturday was exciting. Brittany made a new word....she claimed her arms and back hurt from all this "IKEtasticness". You and your dirty mind, we're talking about filming.
Friday night Brittany and I ordered pizza and watched the U2 Elevation tour DVD and caught up with all of "projects". "I can't live with or without you..." wow.
I have such an awesome crew working on Center Stage. And I bet you are all wondering how Saturday turned out.
We were to film Ike (www.ikeonline.net) at the Northstar bar in Philly for their cd release party. We usually have a van or a Liberty or a Durango to haul all of our gear in. Not this time, I was notified that all vehicles that we usually use were taken, so time to use Aurora's Cherokee again. Last time we packed that thing up was the Lloyd Dobler Effect show. So Aurora and I woke up at the crack of dawn...ok, ok, ten am is really early! We head out of Newark for Murderkill to pick up the Cherokee. Yes, Aurora technically lives in Murderkill ;-).
I swear I need to grab hold of my anxiety. We loaded up with everything we needed and headed over to Wendy's for the ritualistic prefilming dinner. Let me introduce the players...Aurora, Brittany, Eduardo, Epler, Rob, and myself. Jen and Scott were to meet us at the venue. After the slight panic of me not having my glasses...do I ever remember everything...we hit the road to PA. Brit and I listened to U2 on the way up and talked about her bluntness and honesty. I give her so much credit and she has my utmost respect for blatantly telling a certain someone how she feels and what she thinks. So many people are so hesitant. Way to go Brittany.
I think time stopped while we were driving to Philly because we got there in about 30 minutes, a half hour before we needed to be there. I don't think going 95 on 95 had anything to do with it. Got to the venue and loaded in with record time. Things were going all too smoothly for me to be unconcerned haha. Epler stayed at the venue to sleep while the five of us (Rob, Eduardo, Aurora, Birttany, and me) went to find a Wawa. Oh come on, you couldn't expect a roadtrip without a Wawa stop could you?! Coffee and subs later, we were waiting in the Cherokee while we watched Jen and Scott drive past us 5 times. Finally we met up at the venue.
We had about an hour to kill and we were parked on a shady street in Philadelphia. It was too cramped in the Cherokee so we loiter outside on 27th Street. brittany was scared so she stayed inside the vehicle. She decided she wanted to join us, but when she opened the door, the alarm went off, with all of Philly's finest to witness. Nothing like bringing attention to ourselves. So 7 of us are cold and all want to fit inside the Cherokee now so we unflod the seat and climb in. I can't belevie we sat like that for almost an hour. Out of all the random conversations that occured, Eduardo's was the best...
Brittany mentioned that in the Census, Hispanics were considered "caucasion" and were not such a minority anymore and stats show that Hispanics will soon be the majority. Eduardo then pipes in saying he agrees. He said that they are such devout Catholics and do not beleive in birth control. Also the young drinking age and cluture also contribute to the rising Hispanic numbers and that they are slowly taking over and to watch out. He was quite proud. It was hilarious.
So we go and film to a nicely packed Northstar Bar. The production went so very well and I am so proud of everyone working on it. It meant the most when I saw a crowd watching my monitors rather than the stage.
Stuck around for a little bit after the show, then loaded up and headed out. Missed the exit for 95 and took a nice little tour of Philly. A group of guys in tuxedos ran past my car, then turned around and blew kisses at Brittany and I. What was going on?!!? It was oddly strange. Then in Newark, the same thing happened again. It was oddly weird. Not bad, just funny. Aurora calls me up, she is still right behind me, and asks what the heck Brit and I were doing haha. Then I almost hit someone.
Everyone invloved in the production was great, from the crew to the venue to the band to the management. Thank you.