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Friday, October 17, 2003

my day because i know you care

Oh what a wonderful Friday :-).
Woke up early to go to the bagel shop down the street before heading in to open the record store. After a few hours of work, I'll be broadcasting on air until 4pm. Then toniiiiiiiighhhhhttttt.......
Baltimore better watch the hell out.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

wait baby wait

I didn't forget about you, Jen. ;-) NYC, B'more, and Philly blogs to come. Come on, I have to have SOMETHING to do at work tomorrow ;-).

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


this just proves that aurora and i are too alike and have to stop thinking the same thoughts....

AuroraSTN (2:19:54 PM): ya know what today is
Galileo358 (2:19:59 PM): a week from boston
Galileo358 (2:20:00 PM): :-D
AuroraSTN (2:20:04 PM): the one-week anniversary of the greatest day on earth
AuroraSTN (2:20:06 PM): hahahahha
AuroraSTN (2:20:08 PM): we're sad
Galileo358 (2:20:13 PM): sad, but happy
Galileo358 (2:20:29 PM): :::moment of silence:::
AuroraSTN (2:20:30 PM): i think that we started to share a brain...and we both got stupider...b/c it's two people and one brain
AuroraSTN (2:20:35 PM): i feel stupider this year
Galileo358 (2:20:45 PM): wouldn't it be "more stupid"...?
AuroraSTN (2:20:50 PM): exactly
AuroraSTN (2:20:52 PM): case in point
Galileo358 (2:21:13 PM): Maybe we left our brain on the road somewhere..
Galileo358 (2:21:19 PM): Virginia maybe...no thats your voice
Galileo358 (2:21:22 PM): NYC was my voice
Galileo358 (2:21:24 PM): hmmm
Galileo358 (2:21:32 PM): maybe we lost our brains going to Maine
AuroraSTN (2:21:32 PM): haha...Maine???
Galileo358 (2:21:35 PM): hahahahahha
AuroraSTN (2:21:37 PM): HAHAHHAA
Galileo358 (2:21:39 PM): yup, thats it
Galileo358 (2:21:42 PM): along with the keys

Boston baby!!

I despise being grounded and find inspiration in randomness. I received an e-mail from PMB about a free intimate show in Boston where they will also be filming for extra footage on their upcoming CD. I had to go. no way I was missing this in one of my favorite cities. If you are reading this blog, you more than likely know me, and if you know me, you know how important PMB has been in my life...
Aurora and I have been long overdue for a road trip to catch up on things, and fortunately we didn't get it out of our systems en route to Virginia. We left around 10 am made our usual trip to Wawa for coffee, pretzels, and cash. Game on.
In the 340 miles it took to get to beantown, we saw over 30 Swift trucks, and no Burger Kings or Dunkin Donuts on the road. What gives. In the player was: Graham Colton, Green to Think, the Virginia Mix CD, Fools & Horses, John Mayer, and crap, I forgot the rest.
So we make it to Boston and I want to kiss the ground, though Aurora wouldn't let me. I grew up in New Hampshire and Boston is one of my favorite cities and I don't get to visit it often enough. As soon as we hit the outskirts of the city, the directions seems to name roads that weren't there. Go go gadget memory. Surprisingly I was able to navigate our way through the town with only a brief distraction at BU. I wanted to get there early to make sure we got in and had a decent spot. If you've ever been to a PMB show with me, you know how I get....
But no one was there, so I gave Aurora a carview tour of the city. Apparently I forogt that it was rush hour. Oh what fun. We went to get gas, we were amazed on the lack of gas stations in the city, and the guy behind me smelled really good. That detail isn't really pertinent to the story, but I wanted to point that out. He was wearing Curve. good god, if you wear Curve, you're done for.
So we park at some BU lot and walk to the Paradise. Yay for Boston. We pass the PMB bus as Chardy and Pat walk out and we all say hello. Chardy said he heard I was coming up....hmmm...I wonder how ;-). We stand in line and meet some people. One of my favorite aspects of PMB shows is just the wonderful people you meet a long the way. The PMB posse definitely has the most diehard and passionate fans and a good time is always had by all. Its like a little family :-)
Jeremy, who we met later, interviewed me in line, so hopefully I didn't sound too much like a dumbass. Here I am working in TV, and once the record button is pressed, I turn into a bumbling idiot. Proves that I belong behind the camera instead of in front of, haha.
So the show was great. GREAT! The whole room was full of such love, heart, and energy. I have never been to a more exciting and passionate show. They played for about 2 hours and forty minutes, with special guest Michael ghegan on keys and sax. Setlist was: Save Me, Lost, Must Have Been, Radar, Runaway, Annabelle, Now, Haven't Seen, Girl from Athens, You & I, Rebecca -> No Woman No Cry -> Rebecca, Where the Streets Have No Name, (ENCORE >> ) Shine, Don't Give Up, You & I (again for audience chorus for cameras), (2nd ENCORE >>) Hero, Passion, She Talks to Angels, Sympathy for the Devil. WOW.
It was an early show that ended around 11:30 pm. Everyone piled out into the sidewalk and watched the Sox / Yanks game on the huge bigscreen TV from the window at the bar next door. Ghegan came up to Aurora and I and we said our hellos, but not goodbyes. We hang with Chardy for a while and try to get Aurora into the bar. No such luck, so off to the bus we go. The bus was parked right in front of the bar, so we go from the bus to the bar throughout the night. pat was plastered and sung karaoke all night. It was great. In the bus, we rocked the Tribe and received city dance lessons from Ghegan. We talked with Jeremy about the video and it should come out pretty nicely. Lots and lots of editing. So yeah, lots of good times in the bar and the bus with the guys, plus new friends J-Mo and Malibu. After the bar closed, everyone was in the van rocking out to Metallica. I'm surprised the bus still has shocks left. It was time for the the bus to roll out, and though Pat was begging me to stay, while Aurora was having some fun of her own..., it was time to see if my car was still there and not towed. Pat followed us out, and as I was trying to figure out how the hell we were getting out of Boston, this guy started giving me directions. During his directions I just look at him and ask if he was Morgan, and then he realized who I was. odd that we have known each other for like 5 years, but never met. See how PMB brings everyone together haha. So we all say our goodbyes and I take Morgan home and we finally hit 95 south around 4ish AM.
Aurora divulges her scandelous behavior and I knock her hat off (she was wearing a Graham Colton hat, who she is infatuated with) and I wouldn't let her listen to the GCB cd. It was the greatest night ever and can't beleive all that had happened and for brevity's sake and to protect the innocent I surely did not write about all that had happened.
We hit traffic around Connecticut and I again, have another bout of road rage. I didn't think I would be able to make it over the Tappenzee, but we did and around 8 am we found a rest stop and slept for a half hour. hit more traffic in Jersey and made it home around noon. Stupid traffic.
So I showered, took, a nap, then went to work at 2pm.

Boom Shaka Laka

In honor of Hump Day, I give you a website...

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Tourin' 'round the nation

Last Wednesday I went to Boston, Friday was NYC. I'm lovin' it. I'll blog about those trips when I get back tonight. Going to Philly. Hey now, I get two days off a week, I am going to enjoy them! ;-)
We're all heading up to the Northstar tonight to film Ari Hest. Another great thing about living in Newark is that I still get to play with the Center Stage and STN kids :-).

Right now I am listening to the *new* Matt Nathanson CD. He is one of my favorite artists, so of course, I have to love it, but this CD is nearly flawless.

This is the song I am listning to now, and by the time I cut and paste, it will be over.

curve of the earth

I tried to come down from you
I tried with your voice in my head
Knocking me back
Every inch I moved
I'm a sucker for a good lie
The way you say you understand
and how you always talk of catching me
but never open up your hand

Tell me does the world revolve the same
Tell me do the people all take care of you
Did you doubt the curve of the earth
And every word..
Every word
I'll bet you heard

I know you hear me catch your breath
But I'm not listening for the right words anymore
I'll take what's left
You're vicious like the blue sky
Right before the rain comes pouring through
Tell me does he look like me at all
Cause they're all an awful lot like you

Tell me does the world revolve the same
Tell me do the people all take care of you
Did you doubt the curve of the earth
And every word..
Every word...

Tell me does the world look all insane
Tell me how the people all just scare you
Did you doubt the curve of the earth
And every word..
Every word... I'll bet you heard

Tell me does the world revolve the same
Tell me do the people all take care of you
Did you doubt the curve of the earth
And every word..
Every word...

Tell me does the world look all insane
Tell me how the people all just scare you
Did you doubt the curve of the earth
And every word..
Every word... I'll bet you heard
Did you doubt the curve of the earth
Did you doubt the curve of the earth

Adventures in apartment living part 4

I think this is part 4, I lost count.

I have no heat. I have radiators, but apparently nothing is coming out of them since I nearly froze last night. I started a tiny inferno with my plethora of candles. That didn't work, so I turned on the oven and opened the door. Is that safe? Worked wonders. My apartment is cold no more.

GCB, times 2

Ha! So I had every intention about the Graham Coltoness enjoyed three times in one week in my previous blog, but I got distracted.

Graham Colton Band and Ike played at the Stone Balloon for mug night on Oct. 2. I always enjoy shows that I can walk to. Key players are myself, Karen, Jen, and Laurie. Talked with Jim Johnson and John Faye before the show then found a decent spot in front of the sound board. It's always comforting to see original bands playing at the Balloon, lets one know that there is still hope and faith in rock n' roll in this town.
It was hard to tell how the crowd would react to an original band taking the stage. There were a ton of people there, who would probably be there regardless on who was on stage due to the essence of mug night. But for the most part, they were into it and respectable. Again, a great show. I lost my friends, but John found me and we checked out the show and made fun of the drunken asshole yelling next to us. I guess others were fed up as well and its the first time I ever saw fans heckling each other at a rock show haha.
Good times.

GCB again... that Saturday, Aurora and I hit up 95 South to see GCB and Jonasay play at the State Theatre. Last time we did this, the trip was 8 hours, 2 hours was much more comforting. We felt bad the entire trip though. Phil, from LDE, always gets on our case for travelling to see bands (such as Graham Colton Band and Jonasay.....) instead of them. LDE isn't very fond of our choices, and we should go and see them more, they treat us the best out of most of the bands we see. Not "treat" us the best, but times spent with them are always enjoyable and entertaining. Though we don't go more than what is accessible to us to support them. So here we are going 100 miles away to see the two very bands that they aren't fond of us seeing, and they are playing 10 miles away. Phil still hasn't returned our phone calls. We'll see on the 17th ;-) We're sorry!!!
So yeah, we get to the venue and catch most of Jonasay's set, except for Wish, we walk out on that one. Nothing personal. Oh oh oh EW! I almost forgot. Apparently some of the Jonasay regulars don't enjoy us, or maybe its me since Aurora hasn't been able to make as many Jonasay shows. What's your deal? If you're going to spend the whole set looking back or over at me then talking about me to someone (yeah yeah yeah whatever, it happens at nearly every show, or else i am being totally paranoid, which i doubt) at least come over and say hi. I don't bite. Or maybe I will. Chomp.
GCB played great as usual. Best GCB show we have seen, surprisingly not many people there. Such an underrated band. I'm sure they'll be another John mayer, where we try to expose everyone we know to this wonderful bamd, and they will ignore us until they actually hear them on the radio. Yeah, because thats a justiable measure on an artist's worth. Fuck you Clear Channel.

Red Fish ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So yeah after a weekend of straight drinking and good times, Karen and I hit up the Red Fish in Fells Point for our usual entertainment of Michael and Mark. How is it that there I have 2 drinks and two shots and become plastered. Yeah, worst ride home ever. Ok, not ever, but in a while.

GCB, times 3

The Sunday that I got back from Dewey, Aurora and I drove up to Philly to see Graham Colton perform at The Fire. The last time we saw the band play was when we went to NC where they played the Cat's Cradle with Jonasay. Basically, way too long ago. GCB played a lot of new songs. The sound was off though, full fledged band playing acoustically. It was The Fire, not them. But a great setlist and happiness haha. We took pictures during and after, I'll post those as soon as I get them in...
I haven't seen or talked to Ryan in months (check him out, www.ryancohen.com) and he and Leah were at the show to see Tom McRae. A pleasant surprise. Odd where time takes you.
After the show, we met up with Chris (who I met at Dewey, a high school friend of Steve's) and debated on what to do next. The show finished early, and here we are ready to take on the city at 11 pm. Does anyone else find it odd that PA liquor stores do not carry beer? WHY WHY WHY? Not that this is an issue, but it is still pondersome.
So we go to Chris's house (on the way... "yo, we're in Jersey...."). After an hour and drinking and music talk, we head back to DE.
I swear after this whole weekind, I am surprised my liver hasn't keeled over and died.