"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Friday night birthday rock awesomeness

I don't even know how to begin this post since I don't remember most of Friday night - though not by choice, but accident. I swear...

It was the usual Friday for the most part - TV studio, radio station, Rainbow, then rock show, but this one was extra special for two reasons: we were celebrating Maryann's 21st birthday and Lloyd Dobler Effect was in town. Double woohoo!

Dan came into the store in the evening and entertained me until I got off. We ended up burning some discs, buying Bright Eyes tickets (we bought two extras if anyone wants to join us!), and making fun of crazy customers. Maryann, Steve, Mel, and Andrew met us at the store and then we were off to the Logan House for an evening of debauchery.

We used cell phones, night vision goggles, and secret code words to sneak Mel into the Logan House. It was pretty damn funny and flawless.

We all hung out with LDE on the fire escape and talked about stickers, porn, booking agents, and DVDs. Phil also tied my shoes. Chris and I are now supposedly going to make a porn tape that rivals the sucky Paris Hilton one. He said he had a video camera in the van. This could be dangerous. I put star stickers on Chris's nipples, then Donnie called him gay and made him take off his decorations. Speaking of decorations, Maryann wore her badass birthday hat and it was hot. Phil was impressed by Mel's wide assortment of multicolored sharpies. She was prepared for whatever the LoHo legal marking was.

We go inside and head straight for the bar. I got two vanilla vodka and cokes, one for myself and one for the birthday girl. The drink was massively big and strong so Maryann kept to her previous drink and Steve wouldn't allow her to drink it...so I did. I hung out at the bar with Phil talking about random things, such as bands and concerts - the usual. Then we got into more personal things and it was borderline embarassing. To make a long story short, most of the evening felt like a 5th grade dance! Such as when Phil calls Chris to come over to talk to us, he places Chris between us, then leaves. Yup, imagine that for the whole evening. I have social anxiety issues!

Maryann is helping me write this blog at Rainbow. She is usually my keeper when we go out, and I honestly can't remember most of the night, and it is alowly coming back to me - so I need her input as I write. Haha. We are both here looking at each other trying to figure out what happened during the show...

I guess they sounded good, I don't really remember. Which is very strange because I had two drinks at this point. Two. TWO. Now, I know I don't have the strongest alcohol tolerance, but hell, i can certainly handle two drinks! Chris Morita apparently gave me a third drink - and I totally don't remember that, he had to tell me this last night. Sighhh...

I think Mel, Maryann, and I caused a scene in the front, no one got on stage, thank god. There were a few Santas there dancing. I can't even tell you what songs they played. Morita and Epler told me that I grabbed the setlight, but who knows.
"Miranda, no...you're wrong, some one was on stage" - Maryann
"Oh no, it wasn't me was it?!?!" - me
"No, it was Mel, she tried to grab you to go on stage, but you were laughing too hard so she went without you. That I do remember." - Maryann
OH GEEZ! I am now shaking my head in shame...

Hmm...what else...what else. Maryann told me today that Chris had sung a Britney Spears song for me. I faintly remember that. Phil had said something how this song was for me and that Chris was going to sing it, then Chris busted out "Hit Me Baby One More Time" in a sweet minor key. Oh fabulous!

Maryann had her first bar shot, compliments of Corey. A Red Headed Slut. Definitely not my first choice! Ew Jager! I just asked her how she felt about it and she made a gagging noise and said it tasted like cough syrup. Nasty! For her 21st, she consumed the aforementioned shot, a very strong rum and coke (those bartenders must have loved us), a quarter of the vodka and coke I had bought her, and that was it. Seriously, we can usually handle more and not black out!

Then comes the end of the night - the part I always fear. I don't even remember everyone leaving. I think I said goodbye. I was engaged in a few conversations that I don't even remember. I do recall talking to Chris and Gabe from the Chris McCarty Band. Chris said that my shoes were cute. Eeeeek. too many Chris's...the story of my life haha.

Oh yeah, then I almost got kicked out by the Logan House. The owner guy told me that I needed to leave. Apparently I didn't agree with that. I don't remember much of this. I think I ignored him and got Maryann's hat that Donnie decided to wear for their last song. Epler said that I was carried outside. Oh to add to the 5th grade drama that was occuring in the Logan House...Donnie and I were also talking about Chris because apparently (yes, I know I have been using this word alot during this blog, but that is the most approprate word since I don't really recall clearly...) it was the hot conversation of the evening. That was pretty embarrassing and who knows how loud we were. Then Donnie comes up behind me, grabs my hands, waves them around and says "hi chris, i'm over here!" To which I respond by freaking out and I think we both fell. Or maybe I just fell. I don't know.

So yeah, back to me being carried downstairs. I was placed on top of some equipment boxes and apparrently babbled as Chris packed up the van. Who knows what the hell I said. Seriously, I only had two and a half drinks. I count two and a half since Maryann drank some of one and I am sure I spilled a lot from my cups. And there was a lot of ice. I swear.

Oh yeah, I also got drum sticks. Who knows how, because I sure don't. Epler and Morita had bets on how many people I would drunk dial on the car ride home. Ha - NONE! I did answer a text from Tanya that was almost jibber jabber. I do remember Epler telling me not to throw up in his car - instead I hiccuped. I never hiccup and it hurt. Ow.

So then I get home, it's around 2:30am. So the next logical thing to do is IM and e-mail. I definitely IMed LoPresto and e-mailed Chris Bruno. Yeah. Yeah. Jesus.

Apparently my IMs to Chris L. were entertaining and fun to decipher, misspellings and all.

Well, that was my Friday, I'll be sure to update with pictures and anything else I may remember. I'll be with LDE on Tuesday and Wednesday in NYC so I will be sure to get their versions. I'm scared. :-)